Traditionalists, rejoice! Speaker Bernard Weatherill’s wig has been found

Good news for traditionalists who want to see the Commons Speaker in a full-bottomed wig for the state opening of Parliament. Sir Lindsay Hoyle promised to consider sporting the horsehair wig last worn by former Speaker Bernard Weatherill in the... Read more

Liz Truss’s days of emulating Margaret Thatcher are over

She became known in Westminster as the Minister for Instagram after posting elaborate photo opportunities on social media. But Liz Truss’s PR antics are being dialled down in favour of more “natural” shots. Spies in the Foreign Office and Downing... Read more

Prince Michael is cutting ties with Russia

Prince Michael of Kent has spent much of the past 20 years strengthening business, cultural and charity ties with Russia. On his frequent visits to the country, I have seen for myself how locals have gasped at the sight of... Read more

Ben Wallace is tipped for one heck of a promotion

The Church of England’s canon law dictates that clergy must retire at 75, even if they are fit and well, which Willis says is “a deep disappointment”. He says: “We are now faced with the fact that when the clock... Read more

Meet Somaliland’s unlikely hero… Gavin Williamson

Gavin Williamson has been attracting envious glances on the Tory backbenches after he was hailed as a hero on a visit to Somaliland last weekend. The former education secretary has won enthusiastic support in Somaliland for championing its long-running campaign... Read more

Now Parliament comes for the woke National Trust

The woke mob who run the National Trust are about to feel the heat of more scrutiny. Conservative MP Andrew Murrison is launching a new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on the National Trust next week in light of “the... Read more

Nigel Farage: ‘I failed Dry January – and it’s all Novak Djokovic’s fault’

It was too much to hope for. Days after telling me for last week’s Peterborough column that he was giving up booze for “Dry January”, Nigel Farage has fallen off the wagon. The ex-Ukip leader’s misstep occurred when he went... Read more

Was Prince Philip to thank for blocking Tony Blair’s knighthood for so long?

No WhatsApp for Maggie It’s not hard to find differences between Boris Johnson and Margaret Thatcher – but Caroline Slocock, Mrs Thatcher’s private secretary between 1989 and 1991, may have found a new one. In the wake of the row... Read more

The Red Wall Tories with a taste for truffle oil and vegan cottage pie

Tories have been showing their touchy-feely sides in a new cookbook issued by Conservative Central Office to raise funds for the next general election campaign. Corridors of Flour, priced at a weighty £24.95, gives culinary suggestions on how to get... Read more

Were the Cambridges sending Harry and Meghan a barbed Christmas message?

Glad tidings of comfort and joy this week as William and Kate returned to Westminster Abbey to record a carol service to be broadcast on ITV on Christmas Eve. The Abbey was, of course, the scene of the last major... Read more

Wanted: a club that will let Nigel Farage smoke

Lighting up in St James’s Nigel Farage is looking for a new London club after the East India, his home for the past 30 years, wouldn’t give him a place to smoke. “I have resigned from the club because they... Read more

Crying ministers spark a backlash against ‘the new Tory wets’

Nicky Haslam, the Eton-educated society interior designer, has made a name for himself as the arbiter of good taste. Examples on his exhaustive list of things that are “common” include signet rings, award ceremonies, heli-skiing and Richard Branson. There is... Read more