Ukravtodor reported how much money is needed to restore roads in Ukraine

The restoration of roads and structures destroyed during the war in Ukraine, according to Ukravtodor, requires at least 900 billion hryvnia, as well as three to four years, if funding is available. It is reported by Forbes. According to the... Read more

Devices to stop drivers speeding could be mandatory in all new cars

Manufacturers can choose from a range of responses, from an alarm system similar to seatbelt alerts to mechanisms that reduce engine power or push back on the pedal when drivers break the speed limit. Drivers can override the system, but... Read more

Council apologises after wrongly boasting that low traffic neighbourhoods reduced pollution

A council which boasted that low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) saw a reduction in poisonous car fumes has apologised after it was forced to admit pollution had in fact increased. Islington Council has been accused of “misleading” residents after a report... Read more

The problem of ‘blinding’ car headlights – and how to stay safe on the road

LEDs give off a very directional light, which means if one is pointing straight at you it will appear far brighter than a halogen lamp. But the colour tone is much more like natural light so when you’re driving a... Read more

Pictured: A mysterious ripped-up road in Wiltshire

Local residents claim the subsidence has been getting worse over the last year and a landslip was inevitable. Wiltshire Council said it is now waiting for a report from geotechnical specialists before taking further action. Dr Mark McClelland, Wiltshire Council... Read more

The problem of ‘blinding’ car headlights – and what you can do about it

LEDs give off a very directional light, which means if one is pointing straight at you it will appear far brighter than a halogen lamp. But the colour tone is much more like natural light so when you’re driving a... Read more

Highway Code changes make rear-end crashes more likely, warns AA

The revamped Highways Code is also introducing new guidelines to improve safety for cyclists. For instance, bike-riders are now advised to cycle in the centre of lanes on quieter roads, in slower-moving traffic, and when approaching junctions, to make themselves... Read more

Don’t be caught out by Highway Code changes that give cyclists priority over drivers

And the RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes added: “A concerted effort must now be made to communicate the changes to drivers because as we know, many do not read the Highway Code for long periods after passing their... Read more

How to claim for pothole damage to your car

If the pothole was on a minor road, however, it will be the responsibility of the county, city or borough council that manages the roads in the area of the pothole. If you can safely take a photograph of the... Read more

Widow whose husband died on smart motorway told ‘dangerous’ hard shoulders won’t be reinstated

The roads minister has told a widow whose husband was killed on a smart motorway that the Government will not reinstate hard shoulders because it would put motorists’ lives at risk. Baroness Vere wrote to Claire Mercer, whose husband was... Read more

The Highway Code is changing – and cyclists get even more priority over drivers

AA president Edmund King said: “By making mobile phone use as socially unacceptable as drink driving, we are taking big steps to making our roads safer.” Newer drivers can tow heavier trailers Prior to 16 December 2021, the rules governing... Read more

Eight ways to make a breakdown safe and bearable

Vehicle breakdowns can be disruptive and dangerous. With road traffic accidents accounting for 13% of all deaths in the UK – 60% of which occur on country roads – and with the much-debated “smart” motorways tragically taking 38 lives in... Read more

How to stay safe when driving through flood water in the UK

Yet more persistent and prolonged rainfall has led to widespread localised flooding in many areas, while standing water after heavy downpours on already sodden ground is also a major hazard to drivers – and one that should not be underestimated.  We... Read more

Hybrid cars explained – and should you be worried about a ban in 2035?

As a result, some manufacturers refer to them as ‘self-charging’ hybrids, though this term has caused plenty of controversy, with some critics believing it’s misleading to buyers who might think these cars can charge up by themselves while parked.  It’s... Read more

Inside the £105,000 luxury taxi that’s equipped like a private jet

Should you wish to travel in the lap of luxury but don’t fancy driving, the chauffeur-driven limousine is the usual choice of businessmen the world over. But there is a quicker – yet equally sumptuous – way to get to... Read more