‘You’ll help us find others’: Ukrainian rape victim ordered to help Russian troops hunt for women

Russians are believed to have burnt the corpses of many their victims, in turn destroying evidence of rape. “For Russians, it is a routine tactic,” Ms Pavlichenko said. “We saw them use similar tactics in Chechnya and Syria. Russians rape... Read more

Alexei Navalny: a riveting spectacle of Putin’s arch enemy solving his own attempted murder

For 20 years, Vladimir Putin has refused to say the name of his arch-enemy in Russian politics, the opposition leader Alexei Navalny. “That citizen”, “a certain person” – as Putin tends to get around the issue in press conferences –... Read more

World War Three now a ‘real’ danger, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov warns

Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, has warned there is a “real” danger of a third world war breaking out after a day of apparent Ukrainian attacks on Russian soil. In an interview with Russian news agencies, he criticised Kyiv’s approach... Read more

Watch: Video tour of Azovstal’s interminable tunnels shielding civilians from Russian fire

Iryna Vereshchuk, the Ukrainian deputy prime minister, wrote on the Telegram messaging app: “Today, the Russian side once again announced the existence of a corridor for civilians to leave Azovstal. This could be believed if the Russians had not destroyed... Read more

Ukraine’s struggle makes the West look decadent

I am writing from Ukraine, only please don’t tell my mother. She thinks I’m at a stag do in Krakow. I came to report on Easter in war, but I’ve also felt a need since the fighting started to be... Read more

Ukraine evening briefing: Five developments as Russia strikes railway stations and fuel depots

4. UK to send Stormer armoured vehicles to Ukraine Britain will send Stormer armoured vehicles fitted with anti-aircraft missile launchers to Ukraine, Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary, announced on Monday. “I can now announce to the House that we will... Read more

Around 15,000 Russian troops have died since Ukraine invasion began, says Ben Wallace

The Alvis Stormer is a lightly armoured, tracked vehicle that first came into service with the British Army in the 1970s. It can be used in a variety of roles, including to engage ground targets, lay mines or retrieve disabled... Read more

‘In Russia, brutality is part of everyday life’: meet Face, the rapper exiled by Putin

The music videos by this fearless rising artist have over 75 million views on YouTube and more than one million monthly listeners on Spotify, despite the streaming platform not being particularly popular in his homeland. From Ufa, the capital of... Read more

US offers more than $300m in military financing as Antony Blinken visits Ukraine

The European Union is preparing “smart sanctions” against Russian oil imports, possibly some form of oil embargo, The Times reported on Monday, citing Valdis Dombrovskis, the executive vice-president of the European Commission. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, said... Read more

Watch: Azovstal’s long and winding tunnels shielding civilians from Russian fire

Iryna Vereshchuk, the Ukrainian deputy prime minister, wrote on the Telegram messaging app: “Today, the Russian side once again announced the existence of a corridor for civilians to leave Azovstal. This could be believed if the Russians had not destroyed... Read more

Ukraine urges Johnson to ensure ‘not a drop’ of Russian oil reaches the UK

Ukraine’s government has urged the UK to ensure “not a single drop of Russian oil enters the country”, as it pushed for a “total and immediate” boycott on Russian fossil fuels.  Oleg Ustenko, economic adviser to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said... Read more

Arrogant, incompetent and corrupt: war is shattering our delusions of the German elite

The tentacles of the Kremlin reach much more widely into the German economy than just the energy industry, however. Until the invasion of the Crimea in 2014 forced Angela Merkel to impose limited sanctions and Putin turned to Xi Jinping’s... Read more

Ukraine’s Orthodox worshippers turn away from Moscow as they mark first Easter of war

But if Putin wishes to reunite “ancient Rus” around a strengthened Orthodox communion, the way he’s gone about doing it has backfired horribly. In the past weeks, hundreds of Ukrainian priests have demanded that Mr Kirill be tried by a... Read more

Vladimir Putin sets up Stalin-esque network of state informers

Officially the so-called “special operation” is widely supported by the Russian government, but the Kremlin is still worried about dissent. Open criticism of the war, which Putin has said was necessary to defeat Nazis, is banned and talk of casualties is suppressed.   The... Read more

Russia’s ‘Satan II’ nuclear missile will be ready by autumn, warns country’s space chief

Russia’s new nuclear missile, which is capable of striking the UK and the US, will be ready to fire by the autumn, the head of the country’s space programme said on Saturday. “In the autumn of this year, after the... Read more

Ukrainian refugee, 12, reaches UK after hosts finally overcome Home Office hurdles

Sitting beside Milana, her mother Marina, who now plans to return to Ukraine, said she was relieved her daughter is now in “a safe country and a safe, beautiful house”. She added that the process of getting her to safety,... Read more

Ukraine evening briefing: Five developments as Russia claims to have destroyed Odesa terminal storing foreign weapons

Good evening. Russia has turned its missiles on the southern port city of Odesa today, with a three-month-old baby among its victims.  Meanwhile, Russian forces are reported to have restarted attacks on the besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. A... Read more

With exhausted troops and low morale, Vladimir Putin’s gamble in the Donbas could backfire

The logistic lines, stretched and harried from the flanks by Ukrainian raiding parties, are in no shape to open an axis west as well as push into the Donbas. Maybe the latest comments from Moscow about wanting to take all... Read more

Friday evening news briefing: Vladimir Putin expands war goals

Meanwhile, it also emerged that Slovenia will give tanks to the Ukrainians after Germany agreed in turn to pay for the country’s new armoured vehicles. See a graphic showing the battle tank losses so far.  Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor,... Read more

Russia seeks to capture all of southern Ukraine in major expansion of war goals

Russia now aims to occupy all of southern Ukraine as well as taking the Donbas in the east, a top Russian commander said on Friday, indicating an expansion of Moscow’s war goals. Maj Gen Rustam Minnekayev, the deputy commander of... Read more

UK set to provide Poland with Challenger II tanks in Ukraine arms drive

Britain is planning to send tanks to Poland so more can be provided to Ukraine, Boris Johnson has announced as he warned Russia could still win the war. The Prime Minister said that he wanted to “backfill” supplies of Soviet-era... Read more

Exclusive: France and Germany evaded arms embargo to sell weapons to Russia

France and Germany armed Russia with €273 million (£230 million) of military hardware now likely being used in Ukraine, an EU analysis shared with The Telegraph has revealed. They sent equipment, which included bombs, rockets, missiles and guns, to Moscow... Read more

‘We will fight to the last bullet’, declare Ukrainian fighters trapped in Azovstal steel plant

Before the war, Vladislav was a kickboxer from the Zaporizhzhia region and joined the military aged 19. Now his family fear for his life. “But who will defend Ukraine, if not us? You always need to sacrifice something, for the... Read more

Ukraine morning briefing: Five developments as Russia strikes 58 military targets overnight

Good morning. The devastated city of Mariupol “continues to resist” despite Russian claims to have captured it, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday as he welcomed fresh US aid to help confront Moscow’s eastern offensive. Russia said on Thursday... Read more

Russia is no longer the dominant power in Eastern Europe

Bolstered by the Red Army’s fearsome reputation in World War Two, many analysts believed that the Russian military was comfortably Eastern Europe’s premier military power. This conjecture is now being seriously challenged.  Yes, Russia has a formidable nuclear arsenal, but... Read more