Almost half of teachers forced to cover for absent colleagues amid Covid schools chaos

Almost half of teachers have been forced to cover for absent colleagues as remote learning hit its highest level since lockdown, a survey has found. Almost one in four schools also admitted that staff absences due to Covid-19 were having... Read more

It’s not sexist that Eton and Harrow only admit boys

The concept of social justice and Britain’s most exclusive schools may not seem like obvious bedfellows. For decades, these institutions have been seen as bastions of unearned and undeserved advantage. For many, they remain potent symbols of exclusion in what... Read more

Cut Covid isolation for schoolchildren to five days to minimise lost learning, Government urged

The Prime Minister has been urged to cut isolation for schoolchildren to five days, to minimise lost learning. The Government is accused of “perpetuating a cycle of disruption” in schools by continuing to advocate a mass Covid testing regime for... Read more

Absenteeism is crippling Britain

With Christmas and New Year falling at a weekend, the festive break has been extended a few days into January but today should see a mass return to the office. However, because of the rapid spread of the omicron variant,... Read more

Masks in schools are as pointless as they are cruel

Happy new year! I’m afraid I didn’t come down with omicron this Christmas, despite my best efforts (what I’d give to be banned from the office, preferably for life). From the accounts of friends, the disease is now about as... Read more

Our Covid measures are incoherent

Two years ago today, the first news reports emerged in the West of the detection in Wuhan, China, of 44 cases of pneumonia of an unknown cause. The World Health Organisation, which had been alerted a few days earlier, said... Read more