Questor: the potential to grow margins makes Reckitt stand out. Keep buying

The company’s online sales have grown by more than 85pc over the past two years and now account for 12pc of the total. They are expected to double as a proportion of total revenue within five years. As a result,... Read more

Questor: as inflation soars to 30-year high, how has our Wealth Preserver portfolio done?

The highest rate of inflation for 30 years has the potential to destroy a lot of investors’ wealth. And things could get worse before they improve. According to the Bank of England, global inflationary pressures “will strengthen considerably” over the... Read more

Questor: this healthcare trust has taken a pounding but is now turning the corner – buy

Similarly, Worldwide Healthcare itself looks cheap on a 4.3pc discount; it has typically traded at a premium over the past five years. Although performance has disappointed in recent times, its long-term record remains intact: shareholders have benefited from a 332pc... Read more

Questor: Britvic’s growth and income potential gives soft drinks maker room to sparkle

Some of its products have also gained market share during the pandemic. This positions them for growth as the wider industry recovers. And, with innovative packaging and the launch of new flavours, the company may be in a stronger position... Read more

Questor: simplifying can pay off – but what about spending cash on your own shares?

Comment: Share buybacks With nearly £33bn of share buybacks already announced by 29 of its members, the FTSE 100 is comfortably on track to surpass 2018’s record of £34.9bn in buybacks. The programmes already announced equate to 1.6pc of the... Read more

Questor: rampant inflation is no impediment to this FTSE 100 stock’s growth

Meanwhile, the performance of its underlying business could be enhanced by continued investment in digital opportunities. The proportion of the company’s customers ordering products online increased by eight percentage points to 67pc between 2018 and 2021. Digital sales reduce its... Read more

Questor: we’re sticking with Young’s despite an uncertain outlook for consumer spending

Indeed, the biggest difficulty to face the company is overcoming the effects of a decline in real incomes prompted by rising inflation. This could cause a further worsening in consumer confidence, which has already declined to its lowest level in... Read more

Questor: this diversified, conservative trust made 28pc last year. So why the perennial discount?

While there is no clear catalyst for the discount to narrow in the near term, Matthews advises investors to focus on Caledonia’s prospective returns in the meantime. “NAV growth has to be the primary reason to hold the trust,” he... Read more

Inflation forcing investors into ‘risky’ stocks

DIY investors have also bet on high-growth technology companies, even as they fall out of favour with the wider market. The electric car maker Tesla ranked among the top 10 most-popular buys this week by AJ Bell customers, despite the... Read more

Questor: Aviva’s asset disposals pave the way for better performance and a rising dividend

Aviva’s stronger financial outlook means that its plan to raise dividends at a low-to-mid single-digit rate over the coming years is likely to become more realistic. When combined with its forecast dividend yield for the 2022 financial year of about 7pc,... Read more

Questor: Pressure Technologies has halved in size but growth is now back on the agenda

Environmental campaigners will gnash their teeth but higher hydrocarbon prices and the prospect of limited or sanctioned Russian supply are prompting fresh spending on drilling and production.  This cash is flowing from the major oil firms down through to equipment... Read more

Top tips on how to beat inflation rising with your investments in 2022

The increased cost of energy bills and rising inflation has led to us all look to alternative ways to help combat the ever-escalating cost of living crisis – and this includes taking a closer look at investments. With savings rates... Read more

Questor: uncertain economic outlook creates an opportunity to buy this cyclical mid-cap

The firm benefits from a wide spread of operations: it has exposure to 20 sectors across 33 different countries. It also focuses on temporary positions, which have historically proved less cyclical than permanent roles. While this could provide a degree of... Read more

Questor: our VCTs continue to offer valuable diversification in a tough environment

Notable realisations included Pho, the chain of Vietnamese restaurants, whose sale generated an investment return of two and a half times its initial cost, and online teaching specialist Wey Education, which returned the trust’s highest ever multiple of 13.6 times... Read more

Questor: this trust’s charges appear eye-watering, but impressive returns make it worth keeping

As the trust was set up to manage the Rothschild family’s wealth – they still have more than £800m invested – capital preservation remains front of mind for the management team. We see no reason for this to change. Charges... Read more

Questor: this hotels group is well placed to capitalise on a global Covid-19 recovery

Separately, its offering is likely to remain appealing in an era when lower industry profits may naturally prompt reduced investment. For example, it undertook a major review of its core Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza brands in 2021 that resulted... Read more

The best shares and apps if you’re investing in 2022

Drax says it wants to be the leading provider of “power system stability” in Britain. On top of that Mr Bennison said it was aiming to become carbon negative by 2030 by using technologies such as carbon capture and storage,... Read more

Questor: a lender the banks won’t compete with at a valuation that catches the eye

However, S&U manages risk in a disciplined manner, as you would expect of a company that dates to 1938 and can point to three generations of management by the founding family, which still has a major shareholding. Moreover, the market... Read more

Questor: Upstart has been a thorough disappointment but deserves more time to come good

It has also made progress in expanding the size of its total addressable market by moving into car loans. That market offers significant opportunities for growth because it is more than seven times larger than the personal loan market, on... Read more

Inflation-proof stocks are letting you down – buy these ones instead

Joe Walters, manager of the Royal London UK Equity fund, warned that inflation was causing problems not just for these companies’ customers but also within their own supply chains. “In the past year inflation has risen much higher and the... Read more

Questor: inflation shows little sign of falling but commodities, gold and property should hold up

The Bank of England’s assertion that this period of high inflation would prove transitory is being severely tested. The consumer prices index rose by 6.2pc in the year to February 2022, compared with 5.5pc in January. Inflation has now been... Read more

‘Am I crackers for investing £600k into risky stocks for fun?’

Rob Burgeman, investment manager at Brewin Dolphin, said: Portfolios invested in shares can be like gardens. They need regular pruning, and highly successful plants can quickly dominate their overall appearance.  Mrs Craggs’ portfolio is dominated by Empyrean Energy, which accounts... Read more

Questor: two trusts that have sailed through past market turmoil and belong in any portfolio

Around 46pc of the trust is in other investment trusts, exchange-traded funds and listed property companies.  These include infrastructure trusts, specific discount opportunities and residential property landlord Grainger.  Finally, Capital Gearing has 25pc in “dry powder” (short-dated bonds and cash),... Read more

Questor: United Utilities offers relative safety amid soaring inflation and war in Ukraine. Buy

This could further strengthen the appeal of defensive firms that are less affected by the economic outlook. Utility companies could be viewed as a safe haven during periods of extreme stock market volatility. United Utilities is also attractive from an income... Read more

Questor: we’ve made easy money on this property developer – now is the right time to sell

A strong balance sheet, which carries very little debt, and increased borrowing capacity at its banks mean that Harworth has the wherewithal to pursue its plan. All of this may persuade truly patient, long-term investors to stick with the company,... Read more