Video: PS5 features in the new Hogwarts Legacy RPG trailer

Publisher Warner Bros. Games and developer Avalanche Software have unveiled a trailer for their fantasy role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy, dedicated to the features of the PS5 version. Image Source: Warner Bros. Games The released video is called “Next-Gen Immersion”, is... Read more

The authors of the stealth action game The Lord of the Rings: Gollum named the exact release date and released new screenshots

Publisher Nacon and developer Daedalic Entertainment have announced the exact release date for their stealth action adventure The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is September 1 this year. Image Source: Nacon Information about the release date appeared on Steam and... Read more

Resident Evil 3 remake update to PS5 appears on PS Store, but it's not working yet

A Twitter user under the pseudonym BSAAEurope noticed that in the console version of the digital store PlayStation Store on PS5 there was a mention of an improved version of the Resident Evil 3 remake . Image Source: Capcom The... Read more

Role-playing roguelike For The King will receive a sequel next year

Publisher Curve Games and Canadian developer IronOak Games have announced For The King II, the sequel to their turn-based RPG with board game and roguelike elements. Image Source: Steam For The King II takes place in the fantasy world of... Read more

The developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 revealed the release date, but the game was not shown

Activision and developer Infinity Ward have revealed the key art, main characters, and release date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Image Source: Activision Recall that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a sequel to Call of Duty:... Read more

Multiplayer adventure Temtem will break out of Early Access and arrive on new consoles in September

Publisher Humble Games and developers from the Spanish studio Crema have announced the exact release date for the release version of their multiplayer creature-collecting game Temtem on PC and consoles. Image Source: Humble Games Recall that Temtem debuted in early... Read more

The creators of Battlefield 2042 announced the end of active support for the Hazard Zone mode and promised all sorts of improvements

The developers of the military shooter Battlefield 2042 from the DICE studio, as part of a special video, told what changes and improvements await the game in the near future and, in particular, during the first content season. Image Source:... Read more

Microsoft Store will learn how to automatically restore all previously installed apps on a new Windows 11 PC

Microsoft continues to work on improving its proprietary app store, making it more convenient and useful for users. This time , a feature was announced for Windows 11 that will make it easy to restore applications that were installed on... Read more

Windows 11 will receive support for third-party widgets before the end of 2022

At the annual Microsoft Build 2022 developer conference taking place these days, it was announced that support for widgets from third-party developers will appear in Windows 11 this year. Developers will reportedly be able to create widgets as an extension... Read more

Microsoft introduced Dev Box – a workstation on Windows in the cloud

Last year, Microsoft launched the Windows 365 cloud service , which allows you to access virtual desktops with Windows 11 and Windows 10. Now, at the annual Build 2022 conference, the software giant announced a new Dev Box cloud service,... Read more

Image search with Google Lens in Chrome browser will be more convenient

Google Lens technology is a powerful image recognition software solution that is available as a standalone tool and is also integrated into other products of the search giant, such as the Chrome browser. It will soon become more convenient to... Read more

The Microsoft Store is now available for all Win32 apps

As part of the annual Microsoft Build 2022 conference taking place these days, many interesting announcements took place, including the Arm version of Visual Studio 2022 and the Dev Box cloud service . Along with this, it was announced that... Read more

Psychonauts 2 received Russian localization on Steam and earned on macOS and Linux

Microsoft-owned studio Double Fine Productions announced the release of an update that adds Russian localization to the Steam version of the action-adventure platformer Psychonauts 2 . Image Source: Steam (-West-/) Recall that the text translation into Russian in Psychonauts 2... Read more

The creators of the dating sim Dream Daddy will release a psychological horror movie Homebody

Publisher Rogue Games and developer Game Grumps (Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator) have announced a psychological horror game with elements of puzzles Homebody, inspired by 80s slasher films. Image Source: Rogue Games In the story, Emily and her friends... Read more

Apple will change the mechanism for deleting user-initiated data in the App Store from June 30

During last year’s WWDC 2021 event, Apple announced numerous changes to its App Store policy. With WWDC 2022 approaching, starting June 6, the tech giant reminded developers of the imminent and important changes that have been repeatedly postponed in the... Read more

Procedurally generated RPG Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy is coming to Xbox consoles

Publisher Big Sugar and developer Ludomotion announced the imminent expansion of the platform geography of their procedurally generated role-playing game Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy. Image Source: Big Sugar Recall that since May 20, 2021, Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy... Read more

Leak reveals Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 editions and pre-order bonuses

The CharlieIntel portal, citing dataminers, reported that with the release of the May 24 update in the military shooter Call of Duty: Vanguard , information about the editions and beta testing of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2... Read more

Closed demonstration of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum did not impress journalists

Following yesterday’s announcement of the release date for the adventure stealth action The Lord of the Rings: Gollum by Daedalic Entertainment, Western journalists began to share their impressions of the closed demonstration of the game. Image Source: Nacon Employees of... Read more

Tech Corporation Management Sim Good Company Coming Out of Early Access Workshop Next Month

Publisher The Irregular Corporation and developers from the German studio Chasing Carrots have announced the exact date for the release of their Good Company technology corporation management simulator from early access. Image Source: The Irregular Corporation Recall that the pre-release... Read more

Social media stocks down $135 billion after Snap's downbeat earnings outlook

Social media stocks collectively lost more than $135 billion in value on Tuesday after Snap, which owns the popular social service Snapchat, said the company’s earnings and earnings fell short of previously predicted numbers. This has had a negative effect... Read more

Vampire Survival V Rising surpasses 1M copies in a week in Early Access

The independent Swedish studio Stunlock (Battlerite) in the official microblog of its vampire action game with elements of MMO and survival V Risingspoke about the game taking a new peak in sales. Image Source: Stunlock Studios Recall that last week... Read more

Looks like Dino Crisis is adding to the PlayStation Plus catalog of classic games

Several Twitter users at once, subscribed to the updated PlayStation Plus service in Asia, reported seeing a banner with operative Regina from the Dino Crisis action horror series in the service. Image Source: Capcom Regina can be seen on the... Read more

The authors of Bus Simulator will release a gardening sandbox Garden Life

The French publishing house Nacon and the developers from the Austrian stillalive studios (Bus Simulator series) in a fresh press release announced a joint project – the gardening sandbox Garden Life. Image Source: Nacon Garden Life will offer users to... Read more

Major music labels and online cinemas opposed special ruble accounts to pay for content in Russia

Representatives of major music labels and online movie theaters have approached the Russian authorities. In their opinion, if a decree is signed on the forced opening of ruble accounts, right holders will not be able to get timely access to... Read more

The Russian Android app store RuStore has launched. True, while in beta

VK announced the launch of a beta version of the RuStore app store for users of mobile devices running the Android operating system. The service was created with the support of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development and is intended... Read more