In a blue dress and with a yellow handbag: Tilda Swinton supported Ukraine at the Cannes Film Festival

British actress, star of “Doctor Strange” appeared in Cannes in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Tilda Swinton attended the press conference of the science fiction film “Three Thousand Years of Wishes” at the Cannes Film Festival, in which she... Read more

"The task is to turn stress and pain into strength and inspiration": Zelenskaya spoke at the World Health Assembly

According to the First Lady of Ukraine, we must integrate psychological support into all spheres of life. In Ukraine, a psychological assistance service will be created to support survivors of the war. This was announced by Elena Zelenskaya, speaking at... Read more

The stars of the action movie "Jurassic World 3" came to the premiere in dresses in the colors of the Ukrainian flag

Wearing blue and yellow images is now in trend. During the premiere of the film “Jurassic World 3: Domination” in Mexico City, two actresses decided to show their support for Ukraine, which is suffering from Russian occupiers. So, the stars... Read more

"There are no other people's children": Tina Karol in a blue and yellow jumper took to the March of Mothers in London

The artist went to a rally to support Ukrainian mothers and draw attention to the war in Ukraine. Tina Karol took part in the March of Mothers in London calling “Save children of Ukraine”. Tina Karol/Press Service There she gave... Read more

Ivanka Trump met with Ukrainian refugees in Poland

The daughter of the ex-president of the United States visited Krakow and Warsaw, where she supported the Ukrainians. Ivanka Trump arrived in Poland, where she met with Ukrainian families who had fled the war. She talked to adults and children... Read more

"My soul, Ukraine": Anna Trincher performed at a charity concert in Cyprus

The artist performed her new song “Don’t Crush”, in which she conveys the suffering and stories of millions of Ukrainian women. Anna Trincher took part in the charity concert “My Soul, Ukraine”, which took place in Cyprus. It gathered more... Read more

Nastya Kamensky presented an insightful song-message to the world community about the war in Ukraine

NK asks people all over the world not to keep silent about the cruel actions of the Russian occupiers in Ukraine. Nastya Kamensky presented a new song – You crying. This English-language message track is an echo of millions of... Read more

Autographed projectile: Dasha Astafieva showed a surprise from the military

The artist supports our defenders. To cheer up, she shares interesting pictures with them. Dasha Astafieva boasted to followers on Instagram about the surprise that the Ukrainian military made for her – this is an autograph on a projectile. The... Read more

“I wanted to show the will of our country”: Mika Newton presented a video for the song she sang at the Grammy Awards

The artist released a video work for the composition “Vilni”, which she dedicated to Ukraine. Mika Newton released a song and a video for it for the first time in several years. The artist presented the Ukrainian-language composition “Vilni”, which... Read more

Ivanka Trump showed humanitarian aid with medical supplies sent to Ukraine

The daughter of the ex-president of the United States reported on medical humanitarian assistance for Ukrainians. Ivanka Trump , like many other politicians, actively supports Ukraine, which is defending its lands from the Russian invader. The daughter of the ex-president... Read more

She did not stand aside: Jennifer Lopez will perform on an Italian island to raise money for Ukrainians

The pop star will take part in a charity event in support of Ukraine. Jennifer Lopez will perform at the Luisa Via Roma Charity Gala, sponsored by UNICEF, on the Italian island of Capri. The event is scheduled for July... Read more

Biden: continue to strengthen Ukraine and exacerbate Putin's suffering

The American President spoke with the Ukrainian counterpart and the leaders of the G7 The United States of America has promised to continue to strengthen Ukraine in the war against the Russian Federation. This was stated by US President Joe... Read more

Large-scale air alert in Ukraine and agreements between countries on sanctions against the Russian Federation: main events of the night of May 8, 2022 offers to find out the main events of the night that you could oversleep. The main events of the night of May 8, 2022: On the night of May 8, an air alert was announced in almost all regions... Read more

Canada assures that it will continue to support the Ukrainian economy

The state budget of Canada provides 1 billion dollars. for a loan to Ukraine through the IMF mechanism. Canada will continue to provide Ukraine with all kinds of humanitarian and financial assistance. This was discussed during a telephone conversation between... Read more

“They say they will find my family”: Ekaterina Buzhinskaya is threatened by pro-Russian Bulgarians

The artist is being threatened on social media. Ekaterina Buzhinskaya actively supports Ukrainians and attends all rallies in Bulgaria in support of Ukraine. In an interview with local television and radio, she tells the whole truth about the war that... Read more

Beauty for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Lesya Nikityuk with blue and yellow colors launched a flash mob to support our defenders

The host and star of Instagram encourages girls to take care of themselves and delight with their beautiful photos of our military. Lesya Nikityuk launched an interesting flash mob. She encourages girls to cheer up our defenders with their beautiful... Read more

Following Angelina Jolie: Jill Biden flew to meet with Ukrainian refugees

The First Lady of the United States continues to support Ukraine. Yesterday, May 5, Jill Biden traveled to Romania and Slovakia, where she will meet with Ukrainian refugees. Her visit will last 4 days. The paparazzi photographed her before leaving... Read more

It suits her: May Mask put on a jacket and a blouse with beautiful embroidery from Ukrainian brands

Elon Musk’s mother again supported Ukrainian manufacturers. May Musk has been actively supporting our country since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. She popularizes clothes from Ukrainian brands, regularly going out in them. Today, the businesswoman attended a... Read more

Cheered up the fighting spirit: Anna Dobrydneva sang for the Ukrainian military

The artist brought gifts to our defenders and sang for them. Anna Dobrydneva visited the Ukrainian military and supported their morale. She sang songs for them. In addition to the concert, the singer brought humanitarian aid for the defenders: food... Read more

"Heroes of Mariupol must return home alive": Zlata Ognevich published a poignant post

The singer calls to save people from Mariupol. Zlata Ognevich was photographed on the alley of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred in Kiev and posted a picture on Instagram. She holds a Ukrainian flag with the inscription Save Mariupol in... Read more

"Road home": Svetlana Tarabarova dedicated a song to all Ukrainians

The artist delighted fans with a new song about how, after the victory, most Ukrainians will return home. Svetlana Tarabarova presented a new composition called “The Road to Home”. Her artist dedicated to all Ukrainians: mothers, Armed Forces of Ukraine,... Read more

Don't Fuck with Ukraine: Max Barskikh dedicated a new song to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and popular resistance

According to the artist, the new track will show the whole world the strength of Ukrainians. Max Barskikh presented the song Don’t fuck with Ukraine – a soundtrack to support the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people, which became the... Read more

With a blue and yellow flag on his chest: Speaker of the US House of Representatives at the opening of a photo exhibition dedicated to Ukraine

Nancy Pelosi appeared at the event with the Ukrainian flag on her chest. Yesterday, April 28, a photo exhibition dedicated to the war in Ukraine opened near the Congress building in Washington. The exposition includes photographs of Ukrainian cities and... Read more

"Heart breaks": Irina Fedyshyn published an audio message from a friend from Mariupol and urged to save people

The singer asks to save the defenders, defenders and people from Mariupol. Irina Fedyshyn posted a message on Instagram, in which an audio recording was heard from her friend from the Azov regiment, who spoke about the situation there and... Read more

"What fate!": Natalya Mogilevskaya met with elderly people whose houses were destroyed by the Russians

The artist supported the elderly. Natalya Mogilevskaya recently visited elderly people whose houses were destroyed by the Russian invaders. The artist had a nice conversation with them. One of the grandmothers admitted that in June she will have a venerable... Read more