Rambert defies gravity in an unforgettable evening at Tate Modern

“Is that it?” So I was asked by one of two impossibly chic French women seated to my right on Saturday, at the abrupt end of Set and Reset. I replied that, after a mere 24 minutes, the show was... Read more

An A to Z of Surrealism: not a style, but a state of mind

C is for Cairo In the mid-1930s, the Egyptian surrealist Georges Henein began using the pages of the journal he edited, Un effort, to reflect the ideas of Andre Breton and fellow surrealists in Paris.  Henein was in regular correspondence... Read more

Tate Modern in trans rights row as women protest against ‘one-sided’ film

The Tate rejected the activists’ criticisms, telling The Telegraph: “We have chosen to screen a work that does not propose one perspective on the question of womanhood, but instead considers multiple perspectives. “It is presented at the Tate Late as... Read more

Surrealism Beyond Borders, Tate Modern, review: a visionary celebration of Surrealism’s overlooked artists

Forget about Paris: according to Tate Modern’s visionary and surprising new exhibition, there was no single centre of Surrealism, which, it suggests, was a “transnational” phenomenon, but many. Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and Seoul are just three of its locations; in-depth... Read more

Robot artists, group-think and a £52m JPEG: the year the art world went mad

Of course, the art world’s decadence has long amused outsiders, and, despite the generally sombre mood generated by the pandemic, 2021, in this respect, didn’t disappoint. A semi-shredded painting by Banksy, returning to auction having partially self-destructed three years earlier... Read more

Lubaina Himid, review: long-hidden stories brought stirringly into the light

Over the past five years, Lubaina Himid, who was born in Zanzibar in 1954 and won the Turner Prize in 2017, has enjoyed a great deal of eye-catching success. Before that, though? I don’t recall many awards, mid-career retrospectives, or... Read more