Meta launches Facebook Reels short videos in Ukraine

Facebook ‘s parent company, Meta Platforms , is launching the Facebook Reels short video service in Ukraine and 150+ other countries. Like Instagram Reels, which have recently appeared in Ukraine , Facebook Reels will feature music, various audio effects, and... Read more

YouTube tries to 'destroy' TikTok: video platform offers 45% of ad revenue to short video creators

Video platform YouTube on Tuesday, September 20, introduced new monetization tools for Shorts creators in an attempt to counter TikTok – now short video creators will be able to receive a hefty percentage of the income for selling ads. Help... Read more

TikTok hacked – data of 2 billion users stolen (or not?)

On specialized forums and social networks over the weekend, a message appeared about a large-scale hacking of the American division of TikTok. The hacker claims to have extracted 2 billion records from the database. However, an analysis of the published... Read more

TikTok introduces AI text-to-image conversion feature

Artificial intelligence systems that convert text to images are now booming in both capabilities and popularity. And now such a system has appeared in the social application TikTok. Help The video platform has recently added a new effect called AI... Read more

Suddenly: TikTok owners intend to create their own chipsets

Recently, major global electronics manufacturers have become eager to produce their own, independent chipsets. Most notable recent ones have been Google’s Tensor chips and Apple’s M-series. This issue is even more acute for Chinese companies, which, using the example of... Read more

TikTok sued over the death of two girls who participated in the Blackout Challenge

Last Friday, a lawsuit was filed against TikTok in Los Angeles County Superior Court accusing the service and its parent company of negligence and distributing a substandard product. He allegedly promotes dangerous trends and did not offer children and parents... Read more

TikTok has suspended work in Russia (nuances)

March 07, 2022, 07:32 Russia continues to leave the world’s largest brands and hosting. This time, TikTok, a super-popular Chinese short video service that has become a kind of competitor to YouTube, has joined them. According to an official statement... Read more

TikTok left Russia? Understanding

April 20, 2022, 06:23 This night, the news spread across the Web that Apple has removed the TikTok app from the App Store for Russia. At first glance, this decision might seem strange, because hosting is not affected by any... Read more

The rise of the TikTok toddler

As with everyone, pre-schoolers are susceptible to the surge in dopamine – the feel-good chemical produced in the brain – that smartphone apps produce. “The body seeks to recreate more of these good feelings, and this is one reason why... Read more

Bafta’s first deaf nominee Millicent Simmonds: ‘Directors need to get out of their comfort zones’

It’s one of the most tense scenes in recent cinema. Regan, the teenage hero of A Quiet Place Part II, is alone and scavenging for supplies in an abandoned train station. She climbs into a rusted carriage and works her way... Read more

How Tom Odell’s Another Love became an unlikely anthem for Ukraine

When Sussex-born singer Tom Odell wrote the song Another Love a decade ago, he couldn’t have known it would play a role in boosting morale during a devastating war in Europe 10 years hence. But Odell’s song has, somewhat surprisingly,... Read more

What makes a ‘good’ war photograph?

I’m not suggesting that only professional photographers, or those with elite equipment, can take a “good” picture of war. Some of the most affecting photographs of the First World War that I have ever seen were taken by soldiers with... Read more

How the world fell back in love with romantic fiction

“It’s vitally important that stories of love depict a wide range of characters,” says author Sareeta Domingo, who has published a collection of love stories by British women of colour, called Who’s Loving You. “Love is a universal human experience.... Read more

Experts warn of ‘nicotine time-bomb’ as children turn to TikTok to illegally buy vapes

Beneath a video on one now-deleted TikTok account, an underage user commented: “If I get more money, would [you] hide the vape… my parents are strict.” Another user replied: “I’ll discreetly wrap one for anyone and not ID for £10.”... Read more

Facebook suffers biggest one-day fall in history as shares plunge over 26pc

Facebook suffered the biggest one-day drop in value of any company in Wall Street history as a dismal set of financial results prompted a brutal sell-off. Shares in Meta, the recently rebranded parent company, fell by 26.4pc, knocking over $230bn... Read more

TikTok’s curious combination of ‘blue hair and tears’ is sending book sales through the roof

The rise of “BookTok” is driving teenagers and young adults into bookshops in numbers not seen since the Harry Potter years, according to the head of Waterstones. Sales of new books are booming after being recommended by influencers on TikTok,... Read more

M&S launches TikTok-inspired ‘live shopping’ to win younger customers

It was once a popular way for older shoppers to buy clothing from the comfort of their sofa, but now Marks & Spencer is launching a new generation of teleshopping in an effort to modernise its image. The retailer has... Read more

The man behind the Spice Girls has a TikTok ‘supergroup’ – and it’s doomed

Drew Venegas has a background in choreography, and was a former member of The Lab, a dance group Steezy referred to in 2016 as one of the best high school dance groups in the country. Sasha Marie, an obviously talented... Read more

‘Dark academia’ is Gen Z’s favourite look – but can a grown-up wear the collegiate trend?

“It sounds silly but there’s a whole trend at the moment for the preppy, ‘private school aesthetic’,” explains Connie, 16, from Hertfordshire, who has agreed to be my youth interpreter. “It’s romanticising that lifestyle, romanticising reading and learning, wearing Oxbridge... Read more

MI5’s intervention on China marks a watershed moment

An MI5 warning that a Chinese Communist Party agent has been operating in Westminster sent ripples of alarm across the country. But it is also notable for another reason. The Lee case represents a crucial shift in the UK’s China... Read more

Teen utopia or capitalist commune? Netflix’s Hype House is the most depressing show on TV

Jake Paul, one of the internet’s most famous social media stars, has inspired plenty of controversy, and no less for Team 10, his own collaborator house. Last year, members of the house alleged that they were “exploited” by Paul, who... Read more

Institute of Physics experiments with TikTok stars to win over new generation of scientists

The original Victorian institute was open to women from its establishment, but has since struggled to attract equal numbers of girls and boys to take up the subject. Earlier this year, it appointed Prof Helen Gleeson from the University of... Read more

David Baddiel: Social Media, Anger and Us, review – this documentary became a self-indulgent gripe 

Remember when Friends Reunited was the limit of our social networking? Where the biggest pitfall was the temptation to rekindle an affair with the person you snogged at the sixth form disco? Now we’re living “in an age of anger”,... Read more

Meet the Insta therapist who deleted her social media accounts

“In those angst-ridden teenage years, teenagers are programmed to want to belong and they naturally compare themselves with others,” she says. “When they see an image on Instagram, their reaction is to think that person is happier than them because... Read more