"The child will broaden his horizons": toy cars with Nazi symbols "Z" are being sold in Russia

In the Russian Federation, military toys appeared on sale, which depict the letter “Z” – a symbol of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In Russia, children continue to instill a love of war, Nazism and conquest. Pictures of toy military... Read more

Dear Richard Madeley: ‘I’ve accidentally destroyed my wife’s cherished childhood toy’

Dear Richard,  I think I’ve destroyed my wife’s soft stuffed seal, a cherished childhood toy and a much-loved companion that she still brings out of retirement if I’m away. We have hand-washed it several times, following rigid protocols, but it... Read more

The truth about grown adults and their teddies

Finally some good news about Prince Andrew. It appears that I am not the only adult in Britain who runs around with a teddy, although I have just the one, Wilson (now 12 years old) whereas his former Royal Highness... Read more

Why premium toys for adults are the key to Lego’s astonishingly profitable year

Nostalgia is a key ingredient. While the first plastic bricks were moulded in 1958, Lego sets were quite rudimentary until 20 years later, when themes still recognisable today – like the classic Space Explorer sets I grew up building myself... Read more

Barbie is the most diverse doll you can buy, says Mattel boss

Before Kreiz joined in 2018, Mattel cycled through three chief executives in four years. Now, three years after taking the helm and returning the company to profitability, his focus is shifting to a new challenge: turning the toy maker into... Read more