Anish Kapoor leaves art rivals seeing red over ‘world’s blackest black’

It is not a paint, but a material made of carbon nanotubes – Kapoor’s particular version is sprayable – that allows for no shadows or demarcations. According to its creators, if a watch were coated in Vantablack, it would appear... Read more

The Turner Prize has remembered why it exists

In announcing their shortlist today, jury chairs Helen Legg and Alex Farquharson both used the word “enjoy”, as if the Turner were giving its pulpit a rest, and joining the public lust for life regained. Phillipson, best known for the Fourth... Read more

The problem with prizes: are arts awards broken?

Are prizes in crisis? Forget the distraction of that Oscars slap; something bigger is amiss. In recent years, the same complaints have been growing louder: that prizes in the arts are given by the wrong people, to the wrong people,... Read more

Robot artists, group-think and a £52m JPEG: the year the art world went mad

Of course, the art world’s decadence has long amused outsiders, and, despite the generally sombre mood generated by the pandemic, 2021, in this respect, didn’t disappoint. A semi-shredded painting by Banksy, returning to auction having partially self-destructed three years earlier... Read more

Be grateful for small mercies: at least this year’s Turner Prize winners are artists

Still, the exceptional circumstances meant that, when it came to selecting a winner, there was greater emphasis than usual upon the exhibition. In the words of its lead curator, Hammad Nasar, how would the collectives, some of whom had never... Read more

Lubaina Himid, review: long-hidden stories brought stirringly into the light

Over the past five years, Lubaina Himid, who was born in Zanzibar in 1954 and won the Turner Prize in 2017, has enjoyed a great deal of eye-catching success. Before that, though? I don’t recall many awards, mid-career retrospectives, or... Read more