The Ministry of Health called on international pharmaceutical companies to exit the Russian market

Viktor Lyashko met with the Director General of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations. Pharmaceutical companies that continue to produce and sell non-essential drugs in the Russian Federation should understand that in this way they are supporting an... Read more

Tetanus: what is this disease and how to protect yourself from it

Tetanus affects the central nervous system. Without timely medical care, it leads to death or disability. During the war, the risk of getting tetanus increases significantly, because it can occur due to dirt getting into the wound or due to... Read more

The lowest incidence rate: Komarovsky commented on the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine and the world

The reason why the incidence of coronavirus has dropped so sharply is the Delta variant. To date, WHO states the lowest level of coronavirus incidence in the United States and Canada over the past year and a half. Europe. This... Read more

Water disinfectants: Komarovsky called on WHO to influence the sanitary situation in the occupied territories of Ukraine

Due to unsanitary conditions in the occupied Mariupol and Kherson, an epidemic of intestinal infections may break out there. Ukrainians need to worry about the diseases that could flare up as a result of the war. The southerners of the... Read more

Komarovsky told whether the monkeypox pandemic threatens us

Monkeypox is not a coronavirus when all you have to do is sit in the same room or in a subway car and get infected. The main thing that characterizes monkeypox is prolonged close contact for infection. This was told... Read more

Isolated cases of botulism and intestinal infections: sanitary doctor about infectious diseases in Ukraine

The Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine spoke about the priority areas of work on vaccination and the spread of infectious diseases. While there is no unusual epidemiological situation in Ukraine, those outbreaks that are registered are quickly localized, but... Read more

Ukraine will limit the circulation of medicines, the production of which is located in the Russian Federation or Belarus

The law also establishes a period for suspension of drug registration at 3 months. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has supported amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Medicines”, which allow limiting the circulation of medicines manufactured in the Russian... Read more

Alcohol does not relieve stress: doctors told about the change in the habitual functioning of the brain when consumed

Drinking alcohol can be a good way to relieve stress. This is a common belief and misconception. Drinking alcohol poses an additional threat to both your life and health, and life nearby. Experts from the Ministry of Health spoke about... Read more

Hepatitis of unknown origin: what to do for parents of minors

A disease has been registered in the world, the causes of which are not fully understood – hepatitis of unknown origin. How many cases have been reported? This and other key questions were answered by specialists from the Ministry of... Read more

What you need to know about routine vaccinations abroad – a memo from the Ministry of Health

The war changed the plans of every Ukrainian, but even at this time we must remember about our own health. This is especially true for those people who have gone abroad and are now safe. An important component of maintaining... Read more

Doctors of the capital's "Okhmatdet" examine children in the regions under Russian occupation

Last week alone, 138 children underwent in-depth medical examinations at field trips. Doctors of the NSCL “Okhmatdet” conduct on-site consultations for children in the regions that were under Russian occupation. Children and teenagers in the villages of Sinyak and Babintsy,... Read more

Lviv doctors successfully removed an extra thumb to an eight-month-old girl

According to doctors, polydactyly is a fairly common problem that patients treat with. Little Angelina was born with an extra thumb. Parents 7 months after the birth of the girl turned to the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center. The... Read more

"Protect patients": NSZU urged Ukrainian doctors to enter medical data into the electronic system

The electronic card will remain secure and intact, regardless of the impact of external factors. due to the war, some Ukrainians lost their medical data. These are records in medical records that were kept in paper form and were not... Read more

The court found guilty doctors in the death of a 12-year-old boy who did not recognize intestinal volvulus by all the symptoms

The conclusion for both physicians is imprisonment. The Nikolaev district court found the doctors guilty of the death of 12-year-old resident of Ternopil Roman Kulak. The boy died almost five years ago. Galina Yanko, chairman of the Public Council under... Read more

During the war, the enemy destroyed 101 Ukrainian hospitals

The shells and rockets of the invaders hit 600 Ukrainian medical institutions. For 78 days Russian terrorists have been shelling residential areas and civilian facilities. 101 hospitals have been destroyed beyond repair. Also, 450 pharmacies were destroyed by Russian terrorists,... Read more

First kidney transplant performed in Kyiv during the war

The patient’s mother became the family donor. The first kidney transplant was performed in Kyiv during the war. This was announced by the Kiev City Center for Nephrology and Dialysis . The organ was received by 33-year-old Yevgeny, who has... Read more

How to apply for sick leave for Ukrainians abroad

Algorithm of actions for migrants abroad. The Ministry of Health has simplified the issuance of sick leave for migrants abroad who have become temporarily disabled. Explanations for which categories sick leave is issued, as well as the algorithm of actions... Read more

Top 5 substitute products: the expert named useful analogues of expensive ingredients

The benefits for the body are just as high, and the price is lower. You can replace expensive products with more affordable analogues with the same set of vitamins and minerals. The founder of the School of Health, nutritionist Ekaterina... Read more

Evacuation of wounded Ukrainians and children with cancer abroad is free of charge – Ministry of Health

Medical fees are a personal initiative of individuals and organizations to which the ministry has nothing to do. Evacuation flights of Ukrainians to safer regions of Ukraine, organized by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the European Commission, and... Read more

WHO Director General arrives in Kyiv

Gebreisus visited healthcare institutions in the Kyiv region and met with Ukrainian medical workers Health Minister Viktor Lyashko and WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus met in Kiev. This is reported by the Ministry of Health. “During the meeting, important issues... Read more

When and how can I get a re-examination to extend the disability

The Ministry of Health publishes answers to the most common questions that Ukrainians turn to the contact center. A re-examination for the extension of disability can be done after the end of martial law. People whose disability has expired during... Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers resumed the sale of albumin abroad for national producers

Permission to sell blood products abroad will help the pharmaceutical industry fulfill international contracts. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allowed national manufacturers to sell blood products abroad, but subject to mandatory conditions. This is reported by the Ministry of... Read more

How to get medical care in Hungary

due to the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, many citizens were forced to go abroad, including to Hungary. The Ministry of Health informs how to get medical care in Hungary. As noted in the department, you first need... Read more

How to prepare for a planned operation: an explanation of the NHSU

In Ukraine, the ban on planned hospitalizations and transactions has been lifted. We tell you how to get on a planned operation during the war and how to prepare for it. Get a referral from your doctor The rules for... Read more

How to prepare for a planned operation: an explanation of the NSZU

In Ukraine, the ban on planned hospitalizations and transactions has been lifted. We tell you how to get on a planned operation during the war and how to prepare for it. Get a referral from your doctor The rules for... Read more