Fourth Covid jabs to be rolled out to about five million vulnerable people starting from next week

It has been around six months since the oldest and most vulnerable members of society last received a jab, as the booster campaign started in mid-September 2021. But waning protection is one of the reasons thought to be behind the... Read more

Why the ‘nocebo’ effect may be making us ill

Over the past year, the nocebo effect and its impact on our responses to medical interventions has been highlighted by the wave of publicity surrounding the Covid-19 vaccines, particularly the intensity of media attention surrounding cases of adverse reactions. Last... Read more

Where to have a family holiday this year with unvaccinated children

Egypt Fully vaccinated arrivals face no further rules for entry to Egypt while unvaccinated over-12s can enter with a proof of a negative PCR test taken within the 72 hours before arrival (if you are flying from London Heathrow, this... Read more

Where can I take my children on holiday this year?

Turkey Fully vaccinated travellers do not need to take a test for entry to Turkey, with children aged 11 and under exempt from entry rules. However, arrivals need to complete this online form no more than 72 hours before entering... Read more

Unused taxpayer-backed vaccine factory to be sold to US bidder

An unused vaccine factory which received £200m of taxpayer funding is to be sold to a US pharma giant, after Catalent was picked as the preferred bidder.  The Telegraph understands that New Jersey-headquartered Catalent is on course to complete a... Read more

Boris Johnson’s plan to end free Covid tests a ‘mistake’, says Keir Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer has said the government’s plan to end free Covid tests is a “mistake” and will make the pandemic worse, as he opened a new policy divide between Labour and ministers over the pandemic. The Opposition leader backed... Read more

Covid vaccine for children: Who is eligible and what are the side effects?

Covid jabs will be offered to children aged five to 11 in England, Scotland and Wales, following advice from scientists. Here are the answers to some of the key questions about vaccines for younger children. What is the latest? The... Read more

Rule changes have created Covid chaos in our theatres

As for measures like Covid passes, some venues have been stringent in their requirements. Moulin Rouge! The Musical was at the forefront of shows wanting to see proof of vaccination; Cabaret went further, wanting a negative test result as a... Read more

AstraZeneca ready to tweak Covid vaccine as it finally draws a profit

AstraZeneca has revealed it is poised to tweak its Covid-19 jab to tackle new concerning variants after it said it had finally started making profit from the vaccine. The FTSE 100 drugmaker said it was working with Oxford University to... Read more

Decision on Covid vaccines for children aged five to 11 expected in days

Other countries including France, Spain, Italy and the United States have been vaccinating children aged five to 11 with the Pfizer/BioNTech jab. Some parents have complained that attempts to plan holidays abroad have been made more difficult because Britain is... Read more

Ottawa to arrest anyone bringing fuel to Covid ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers after state of emergency declared

In Vancouver, five people were arrested on Saturday for allegedly adding to the general havoc as police received reports of “rocks and eggs being thrown, cars being kicked, and nails being strewn on roadways,” police said. Several hundred vehicles traveled... Read more

Israel’s rise in Covid deaths: why it’s happening, and the lessons for the UK

So what is happening? Why should a country that is so well vaccinated still be suffering like this? According to experts, there are a number of answers. First, although Israel’s headline vaccination rate once sat at the top of all... Read more

Question Time, review: ‘Anti-vaxx’ special was mercifully short on microchips and nutjobs

This was not the Question Time “anti-vaxxer” special that some people feared. Where were all the nutjobs convinced that Bill Gates was trying to implant microchips in their bloodstream? Why was no-one yelling about 5G masts? Instead, it was a... Read more

Question Time, review: ‘Anti-vaxx’ special was mercifully short on microchips and nutjobs

This was not the Question Time “anti-vaxxer” special that some people feared. Where were all the nutjobs convinced that Bill Gates was trying to implant microchips in their bloodstream? Why was no-one yelling about 5G masts? Instead, it was a... Read more

I congratulated the BBC for inviting the unvaccinated to Question Time. That might make you cringe, but I meant it

Two audience members stood out: a man with a philosophy degree who came armed with a list of reputed side-effects, to which it was pointed out that side-effects exist with any medication, even an aspirin, and that the risks of... Read more

Spotify bust-up shows companies cannot stay neutral on Covid jabs

Compulsory vaccination, as in much of Europe, is a step too far. It will create too much division, create martyrs among a small group of anti-vaccination extremists, and will be impossible to police (presumably the unvaccinated will simply be fined... Read more

Justin Trudeau tests positive for Covid as anti-vaccine truckers bring chaos to Ottawa

Justin Trudeau has tested positive for coronavirus as truckers opposed to vaccine mandates protested in the Canadian capital. Canada’s prime minister is vaccinated and boosted, and had announced last week he was isolating after being exposed to the virus. Mr... Read more

We’ll fight mandatory Covid vaccines in the courts, say NHS staff facing sack

The Government is facing a legal challenge over mandatory coronavirus vaccines for NHS workers, The Telegraph has learned. The Health Secretary has been warned that the policy is unlawful, irrational and disproportionate – and that it goes against the “fundamental... Read more

Unvaccinated NHS staff could be spared the sack as compulsory jabs plan ‘under review’

When plans for the rule were first revealed by The Telegraph last May, about 155,000 NHS workers had yet to have their first jab. NHS guidance to employers says all frontline staff who have not been vaccinated should start being... Read more

Self-isolation for unvaccinated travellers to be scrapped in time for half-term

Unvaccinated travellers are to be spared self-isolation in the biggest easing of travel restrictions by ministers for more than a year. Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, is expected to announce that travellers who have not been jabbed – including children... Read more

How to get a Covid pass for travel

The NHS app or a letter from the NHS are the two ways in which Britons can show proof of vaccination for travel abroad. Travellers who have received the booster dose can now use the app to demonstrate this. Those who have previously tested... Read more

Covid vaccine deadline for NHS staff set to be pushed back

Compulsory Covid vaccines for NHS workers would be delayed for six months, under eleventh-hour plans being considered by Boris Johnson to help quell a seismic revolt among Tory MPs. On Saturday night, just two weeks before the NHS is due... Read more

Should we be vaccinating babies against Covid?

Sarah wasn’t too worried when her two-year-old son contracted Covid in October last year. “I was completely naive. Everyone says children are not that affected by it, so I just thought he was going to have a bad sort of... Read more

The NHS doctors picking ‘no jab’ over a job

James remains insistent that pushing ahead with the policy in the face of a mass exodus is a blinkered reaction to a climate of fear. “We’ve been through cycles of fear through these lockdowns,” he says. “And I think that’s... Read more

We can stop the cycle of new variants continuing indefinitely with a pandemic vaccine pool

If the first year of the pandemic was characterised by panic and fear, then the second year was marked by hope and division; the hope that vaccines would bring an end to the suffering and the division between those with... Read more