The countries most likely to mandate boosters for entry

Booster jabs have been offered to all over-18s in the UK and are now showing on the NHS Covid Pass for travel. Britons are not required to have a booster dose to avoid quarantine when arriving in the UK –... Read more

Two thirds of Covid vaccine side effects are imagined, study suggests

Two thirds of side effects associated with the Covid-19 vaccine are likely to be caused by the “nocebo effect” – where people become ill because they expect to, scientists believe. US researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (BIDMC) in... Read more

People previously infected with Covid at ‘significantly’ less risk if also double-jabbed

Two vaccines and a previous infection provides 20 per cent more protection compared to recovering from the virus alone, a government study suggests. The SIREN study, led by researchers at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and funded by the... Read more

Covid pill could also treat future variants and other viruses, scientists claim

The antiviral pill that reduces the risk of dying from Covid by 30 per cent will work against future variants and may also be able to treat flu, according to the drug’s creators. Dr Dilruwan Chaminda Herath is the UK... Read more

Babies four times more likely to die if mother has recently had Covid, study finds

The research also found that 98 per cent of all pregnant women with Covid-19 who were admitted to critical care were unvaccinated. Preterm births, stillbirths and newborn deaths were also more common among women who had the virus 28 days... Read more

Novak Djokovic admits to attending photoshoot after testing positive for Covid

However, photographs emerged on social media of him presenting prizes to dozens of children as part of a Serbian Tennis Association ceremony on Dec 17, while L’Equipe also revealed details of their interview. Djokovic said that he wanted to put... Read more

Novak Djokovic may have won more than just a court case

When Novak Djokovic landed in Melbourne for this year’s Australian Open, he had no idea he was about to become the ultimate political tennis ball – slammed backwards and forwards across the court of public opinion by Australian politicians eager... Read more

Novak Djokovic investigated over claim he lied on Australian Travel Declaration

Djokovic, 34, told immigration officers that his agent had completed the ATD for him, before submitting it to Tennis Australia in order to gain a medical exemption. However, the immigration officer who on Jan 6 filed the notice of intention... Read more

Covid vaccines ‘pushed UK mortality rate lower’ than start of pandemic

Deaths above the five-year average were considerably lower in 2021 than in the first year of the pandemic, demonstrating the huge impact of vaccines, figures suggest. Annual data from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) due to be released... Read more

From porn to pepper spray: How Novak Djokovic’s case in Australia descended into chaos

It marked a suitably chaotic climax to a day of high farce. Even Mr Djokovic’s hearing at the Federal Circuit Court in Melbourne, intended as an earnest examination of his rights to remain in Australia, unravelled quickly into the theatre... Read more

The twists and turns in Novak Djokovic’s farcical court hearing

After 3½ hours’ debate at the Federal Circuit Court in Melbourne, interrupted by several adjournments, the end came quickly. At 5.16pm local time, long after courts usually sit in this city, the judge quashed the initial visa ruling by Australian... Read more

Novak Djokovic wins deportation appeal but Australian government warns it could still veto visa

Novak Djokovic is for the moment allowed to play in the Australian Open after a judge on Monday quashed the decision to cancel his visa. The 20-time grand slam champion will be released within the hour and have his passport... Read more

The sports Covid chaos brewing from the athletes who refuse to get vaccinated

Plans were being drawn up on Friday night to exclude Premier League footballers – and other UK-based sportspeople – who refuse to be vaccinated against coronavirus from the Government’s “elite sport exemption”. The dramatic crackdown on anti-vaxx athletes would prevent... Read more

How sport has been gripped by chaos after failing to control vaccine issue

But a number of British sportsmen and women could face similar issues in the coming weeks and months as European countries tighten their borders to combat the rapid spread of the omicron variant. Football and rugby are likely to be... Read more

Novak Djokovic: Boris Johnson praises Australia’s tough stance on Covid vaccines

Asked about the controversy, Mr Johnson said on Thursday: “It’s a matter for Australia and their friendly government. That’s a matter for them, but clearly I share very strongly their view of the Australian authorities that it’s a very good... Read more

Why some people keep getting Covid – and others never at all

As a result, we shouldn’t be surprised that some are more prone to catching viruses than others. We can see this happening in real-time in the laboratory. Researchers at Oxford University and Imperial College London are currently carrying out “challenge... Read more

Novak Djokovic refused entry to Australia: World No 1 faces weekend in Melbourne detention hotel

In a statement titled “Australia’s border rules apply to everyone”, Andrews said: “Any individual seeking to enter Australia must comply with our strict border requirements. “While the Victorian Government and Tennis Australia may permit a non-vaccinated player to compete in... Read more

Novak Djokovic: Boris Johnson backs decision to refuse tennis star’s entry to Australia

Asked about the controversy, Mr Johnson said on Thursday: “It’s a matter for Australia and their friendly government. “That’s a matter for them but clearly I share very strongly their view of the Australian authorities that it’s a very good... Read more

Novak Djokovic is no victim but it’s hard to stomach Scott Morrison’s cynical opportunism

Mr Morrison, after all, is in the grip of a crisis. From being the land the pandemic forgot, Australia is now Covid-central, with 34,994 cases in New South Wales on Thursday and 21,997 in Victoria.  As the omicron variant rages... Read more

Novak Djokovic refused entry to Australia: World No 1 appeals after visa cancelled in Covid vaccine row

Djokovic’s detention and the deportation order followed outrage over the decision to grant him an exemption to enter a nation with some of the strictest rules anywhere when it comes to combating Covid-19, one in which an unprecedented regime of... Read more

Boris Johnson says UK ‘incomparably better’ placed this New Year as he celebrates hitting booster jab target

Initiatives have included setting up vaccine centres in mosques, to make the jab more attractive for hard-to-reach groups, as well as enhanced television advertising. Efforts have come up against a potent “anti-vaxx” movement, which has seen misinformation spread on social... Read more

Police investigate after anti-vaccine protesters invade Test and Trace centre

Priti Patel has confirmed that there will be a police investigation after anti-vaccine protesters invaded a Test and Trace centre. The Home Secretary condemned the incident, in which dozens of protesters entered the facility in Milton Keynes on Wednesday and... Read more

Huge rise in unvaccinated people getting first jabs

It is possible that rules which require people to provide their vaccination status before entering large events, or a negative lateral flow test, may have triggered an uptick in people finally getting the vaccination.  But increasing concern about the omicron... Read more

Will anyone ever be fully vaccinated?

While some sort of annual Covid booster for the vulnerable – similar to the flu jab – appears inevitable, Professor Adam Finn, a member of the JCVI, hopes that the wider population will in time be spared. “While it is... Read more

Pregnancy and Covid vaccine hesitancy: How the government failed to win expectant mothers’ trust

The pandemic has been a particularly anxious time for expectant mothers, especially when it comes to the health and the health of their unborn babies. When the first Covid-19 cases spiked in 2020, it was a new virus, and little... Read more