Covid booster vaccines rolled out to all adults three months after second dose

However, health officials said that people would be prioritised in age order, with invitations continuing to be issued by age, as they ramp up capacity.   NHS told to ‘prepare for much greater capacity’ in vaccine programme Vaccines were rolled out... Read more

Protecting our NHS and economy means ending the pandemic globally – the UK can make this happen

We have so much to be proud of in our nation’s response to the pandemic. It is with urgency, and in the face of the new variant announced this week, that we must consider how best we can protect this... Read more

Why aren’t people shocked by the wearing of yellow stars?

We live in an age of such hyperbole and drama that words like ‘trauma’ and ‘survivor’ are sprinkled liberally, while rooms that contain people making arguments you don’t like are deemed ‘unsafe’ – as are the people making them. Everyone... Read more

Why the omicron Covid variant is the most concerning so far

The first UK cases of the omicron Covid variant were also confirmed on Saturday, with two people, in Essex and Nottinghamshire, testing positive for the variant. Officials have since started carrying out mass testing in affected areas to identify further... Read more

Government ask to quicken rollout of Covid booster jabs to under-40s in battle against omicron

He said the emergence of the new variant meant the JCVI was now also reassessing its recommendations on whether under-18s should be jabbed. The committee has decided that 16 and 17-year-olds should now have a second jab and Mr Whitty... Read more

‘SpiDex’ – the drug cocktail that could defeat the new Covid variant

The success of the drugs also give clues about why young and healthy people are largely immune from the devastating impact of Covid-19.  Younger people have fewer receptors in the lining of the blood vessels meaning the virus cannot cause... Read more

Covid a more likely cause of surge in footballers collapsing with heart problems than vaccines, scientists believe

Scientists have countered claims linking the Covid-19 vaccine with an increase in the number of footballers developing heart problems. On-field emergencies involving Wigan’s Charlie Wyke, John Fleck, of Sheffield United, and Sheriff Tiraspol’s Adama Traore prompted wild speculation. However, experts... Read more

Other Covid variants have failed to take hold – but nu could be different

“These two additional mutations may interfere more with vaccine effectiveness in the South African variant than in the UK variant,” Dr Julian W Tang, honorary associate professor and clinical virologist at the University of Leicester, told The Telegraph in January.... Read more

Why the ‘nu’ Covid variant is the most concerning so far

These changes are likely to enhance the virus’s ability to enter cells, increasing viral load and making it more transmissible. There are also two mutations in an area called the nucleocapsid, R203K and G204R, which were present in the alpha,... Read more

Surge in lockdown household mixing after ‘all vulnerable groups were vaccinated’

Household mixing rose rapidly after the Government announced that the four groups most at risk from Covid had been vaccinated, a study has suggested. Research from the University of Leeds showed that in early February, mixing was about 30 per... Read more

Vaccines were never a route to eliminating Covid entirely

To understand the effects of vaccines, it is critical to distinguish between three things: their ability to block infection, to prevent clinical symptoms (which may require hospitalisation) and to protect against life-threatening illness. Different immune responses, such as antibodies and... Read more

Vaccine success rates must be revealed

Pascal Soriot, the chief executive of AstraZeneca, says the vaccine produced by his company could be the reason why Britain is faring better than Europe when it comes to Covid. Although cases have been higher in the UK than on... Read more

Covid vaccine that creates T-cells ‘gives better immune response than current jabs’

A new vaccine designed to specifically create T-cells against Covid produces a better immune response than the alternatives already in use, according to trial data. The CoVac-1 jab has been developed and made by academics at the University of Tubingen,... Read more

AstraZeneca jab could be the reason Britain is faring better than Europe, says vaccine boss

Mr Soriot said: “What remains and is very important is this T-cell response.  “And as soon as the virus attacks you, they wake up and they come to the rescue and the defend you and but it takes them a... Read more

Covid passports failed to persuade Scots to get vaccinated, says Nicola Sturgeon’s adviser

Her government is also examining allowing affected premises to accept evidence of a negative test result instead of a vaccine passport from customers who had not been double vaccinated. However, a 70-page Scottish Government evidence paper published late on Friday... Read more