Naming a park after Diane Abbott may delight the Left…but there’s one small problem

It isn’t enough to remove all memorials to those involved in the slave trade. We must remove all memorials to those related to those involved in the slave trade, too. A Labour council in London is considering new names for... Read more

A Tory peer wants to ban cyclists from using their phones. I’ve got a better idea

Baroness McIntosh of Pickering, a Conservative peer, says we should ban cyclists from using mobile phones. It’s a sensible suggestion. Admittedly, drivers might prefer it if we banned cyclists from using bicycles, but possibly this is too much to ask.... Read more

JK Rowling is right. Woke men are ruining beards for the rest of us

Gillette says that sales of its razors have shot up 30 per cent in the past year. You may think the reason is obvious. After letting themselves go during lockdown, men decided to smarten up for their return to the... Read more

Young people’s ignorance grows more mind-boggling by the year

According to a survey published this week, over a quarter of young people in this country have never heard of the Falklands War. Older readers were no doubt shocked. But they really shouldn’t have been. After all, surveys have been... Read more

Why Britain shouldn’t pay reparations for slavery

Should Britain pay reparations for slavery? This was one of the hottest topics in Jamaica last week during the Royal visit. Local politicians and activists seemed to believe very strongly that Britain should stump up. Personally, however, I think we... Read more

Why we should teach our children to speak proper English… just like the Geordies

To traditionalists, it may sound bizarre. In the world of education, however, the following question is causing debate to rage. Is it snobbish to expect our children to speak “proper” English? In one camp, as we reported this week, there... Read more

These PC rules for writers aren’t just chilling… they’re wildly hypocritical

In this hyper-sensitive age, we are all desperate to avoid giving offence, in case it gets us in trouble. But it isn’t easy. There seem to be so many rules to follow. Not only are these rules ferociously strict, but,... Read more

These ‘low-tax’ Tories are fooling no one but themselves

Are they lying to us, or to themselves? This is the question I find myself idly pondering, every time a senior member of the Government proclaims to the media that he or she believes passionately in low taxes. They’ve been... Read more

Are all of Keir Starmer’s team this clueless?

On International Women’s Day, the shadow minister for women, who is a woman, revealed on Woman’s Hour that she doesn’t know what the word “woman” means. Anneliese Dodds has been widely mocked for this, but personally I feel sorry for... Read more

In defence of useless politicians

Perhaps I am alone in this, but I feel sorry for Gavin Williamson. An awful lot of people seem to think that the poor man doesn’t deserve his knighthood, because, in their opinion, he’s a clueless, blundering imbecile. Personally, I... Read more

Deluded Putin needs a history lesson

Obviously it would be naive to take anything Vladimir Putin says at face value. But it’s possible that he actually does believe Russia has a valid historical claim on Ukrainian territory. Since Ukraine was once ruled by Russians, he seems... Read more

Why my house will one day be a famous tourist attraction

These days all public institutions are anxious to be inclusive and diverse. The latest example is Historic England. Yesterday we learned that, as well as castles and stately homes, it’s now planning to protect council houses, in an effort to... Read more

Canada used to be the friendliest place in the world. Where did it all go wrong?

The news from Canada seems to grow more startling by the day. The government invoking emergency powers to crack down on mass protests against Covid restrictions. Police arresting leaders of the “freedom convoy” of truckers. Justin Trudeau dismissing protesters as... Read more

Are you a murderer? Please tick yes or no

The Metropolitan Police’s approach to investigating the Downing Street parties has prompted considerable puzzlement. Instead of interrogating the suspects in person, they’ve sent each one a written questionnaire, to be completed and returned within a week. It does seem a... Read more

Why the Left would live to regret punishing private schools

If Labour wins the next election, private schools could be in trouble. But then, so could state schools, too. Nadhim Zahawi, the Education Secretary, has warned parents that Labour’s plan to strip private schools of their charitable status would put... Read more

The SNP should stop talking Scotland down

The Scottish National Party was founded in 1934. Which means that its members have been campaigning in support of Scottish independence for 88 years. Enough time, you might imagine, to have figured out how it would actually work in practice.... Read more

The real problem with Spotify and Joe Rogan… and it’s got nothing to do with Covid

Neil Young is half right. Spotify does indeed have questions to answer over Joe Rogan. But forget this dreary row about Covid misinformation and free speech. What I’d like Spotify to explain is this. Why is a music service paying... Read more

Have Scotland’s bobbies got nothing better to do than police a woman’s tweets?

According to Ms Murray, the police officers acknowledged that she had not committed any crime – but said, “We need to speak to you to ascertain what your thinking was” behind the statement she’d tweeted. Ms Murray said she was... Read more

Is Boris Johnson the victim of an ingenious Left-wing plot?

The “partygate” scandal is clearly taking its toll on Boris Johnson. Lately he’s been looking tired and worn. In the circumstances, of course, that’s entirely understandable. It can’t be easy to get a decent night’s sleep, when you live directly... Read more

A special edition of Question Time for vaccine sceptics. Has the BBC lost its mind?

The BBC believes that it has a vital role to play in promoting well-informed public debate. And I for one wholeheartedly agree. Which is why, as soon as possible, it should abolish Question Time. At some distant point in its... Read more

America’s climate alarmists have been made to look like fools

Gravesend is typically among the warmest towns in Britain, but even here it’s been a chilly week. Still, I suppose I shouldn’t grumble. It could be worse. After all, according to experts in the US, I should have been struggling... Read more

Saluting Asterix: the last bastion against woke children’s books

More and more it feels as if the world of children’s publishing has been conquered by a legion of Left-wing culture warriors. As you may have read in the Telegraph yesterday, even the Beano has gone woke. Gnasher, Dennis the... Read more

Jeremy Clarkson needs to face the truth: Britain is a nation of Nimbys

Jeremy Clarkson may be angry – but he shouldn’t be surprised. It’s hardly a shock that planning officers have rejected his application to build a 60-seat cafe and 70-space car park at his Cotswolds farm. The reason is simple. Britain... Read more

Why the woke are on the wrong side of history

Amid all the coverage of the “Colston Four” trial, one small detail leapt out. A barrister representing Sage Willoughby – a member of the group who brought down the statue – argued that a verdict of not guilty would ensure... Read more

What will the woke cancel mob accuse JK Rowling of next?

They’ve also tried accusing her of antisemitism, but that doesn’t seem to have convinced anyone, either. According to them, the goblin bankers in Harry Potter are physical caricatures of Jews. But, as hundreds of millions of readers will be aware,... Read more