In the center of Ivano-Frankivsk, a musician was beaten because of songs in Russian

The passer-by did not like that the street musicians performed the song in Russian. In the center of Ivano-Frankivsk, a passer-by beat a street musician for performing a song in Russian. The video of the incident was published by the... Read more

Church calendar for May 25 – to whom believers pray

Which saint to pray on May 25 and whom the church honors, read in the material What holiday is May 25 in the church calendar On May 25, the memory of Saints Epiphanius and Herman is honored. What do... Read more

In Kyiv, volunteers invite everyone to weave "kikimoras": they are looking for volunteers

This camouflage suit can save the life of a soldier, so it is very important to create as many of them as possible, according to the plot of the “Snіdanok z 1 + 1” program. “There is a critical need... Read more

Ukrainian people proved with blood that they deserve to be an equal member of the EU and it does not take 15 years – Shmyhal

The government will convince the allies next month to grant Ukraine the status of an EU candidate, the prime minister said. The government is actively implementing European rules in almost every sector of the economy and public relations. Ukraine’s accession... Read more

Venediktova admitted the possibility of exchanging a life-sentenced Russian soldier Shishimarin

But the scenarios for the development of events can be completely different. Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova admits that Vadim Shishimarin, convicted of violating the customs of war of the military of the Russian Federation , can later be exchanged, but... Read more

For Russia, Ukraine's accession to the EU means the final burial of their imperial ambitions – Shmyhal

Ukraine has ambitious goals and a systematic plan on how to become a member of the European family in the near future, the prime minister noted. Exactly three months ago, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. During these three... Read more

Rising prices and food shortages: what may be missing

How prices for socially important products have changed, which products can be in short supply – in the material Since the beginning of the war, most products have risen in price, but there are some whose price has decreased... Read more

The Ministry of Health called on international pharmaceutical companies to exit the Russian market

Viktor Lyashko met with the Director General of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations. Pharmaceutical companies that continue to produce and sell non-essential drugs in the Russian Federation should understand that in this way they are supporting an... Read more

In Kyiv, volunteers invite everyone to weave kikimoras: they are looking for volunteers

This camouflage suit can save a soldier’s life, so it is very important to create as many of them as possible, according to the plot of the “Snіdanok z 1 + 1” program. “There is a critical need for kikimors.... Read more

Tetanus: what is this disease and how to protect yourself from it

Tetanus affects the central nervous system. Without timely medical care, it leads to death or disability. During the war, the risk of getting tetanus increases significantly, because it can occur due to dirt getting into the wound or due to... Read more

The lowest incidence rate: Komarovsky commented on the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine and the world

The reason why the incidence of coronavirus has dropped so sharply is the Delta variant. To date, WHO states the lowest level of coronavirus incidence in the United States and Canada over the past year and a half. Europe. This... Read more

How to get compensation for lost housing: step by step instructions

To receive compensation for destroyed or damaged housing, you need to file an application in the Diya application or at the Central National Anti-corruption Agency, or on the Russia will pay website. This is stated in the plot of the... Read more

Four-legged army: stories of dogs that serve and bring the victory of Ukraine closer

In the war that Russia unleashed, Ukraine is being defended and our victory is being brought closer not only by the military, doctors, volunteers, rescuers, in a word, people, but also by four-legged friends. The most popular, of course, Patron,... Read more

Water disinfectants: Komarovsky called on WHO to influence the sanitary situation in the occupied territories of Ukraine

Due to unsanitary conditions in the occupied Mariupol and Kherson, an epidemic of intestinal infections may break out there. Ukrainians need to worry about the diseases that could flare up as a result of the war. The southerners of the... Read more

Ukraine plans to sign "customs visa-free regime" in the near future – Shmyhal

The Prime Minister stressed that the agreement will open up new opportunities for Ukrainian business. Prime Minister Denys Shmygal said that Ukraine plans to sign a “customs visa-free regime” with Europe in the near future. Now there is an active... Read more

Komarovsky told whether the monkeypox pandemic threatens us

Monkeypox is not a coronavirus when all you have to do is sit in the same room or in a subway car and get infected. The main thing that characterizes monkeypox is prolonged close contact for infection. This was told... Read more

Their goal is destruction, without principles and concepts: what is happening in the "hot" Donbass and how the war has changed

TSN has launched a new special project “Day on the Front Line”. Journalist Natalya Nagornaya asked correspondent Yuliya Kirienko, who is near the front in Konstantinovka, about the situation in the Donbass. The hottest spots in the east are Bakhmut... Read more

Promoted the ideas of the "Russian world" and discredited the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the SBU detained a collaborator in the Odessa region

The Security Service of Ukraine detained a collaborator in the village of Chernomorskoe, Odessa region. A resident of the settlement openly supported the aggressor country and carried out pro-Russian propaganda on social networks. This was reported by the SBU Department... Read more

Ukraine is negotiating the creation of an organization of grain exporting countries – Ministry of Agrarian Policy

Negotiations on the creation of an “OPEC for grain” are currently underway. Ukraine has proposed the creation of an organization of grain exporting countries, which will include the world’s key grain exporters – the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine... Read more

And in a week – already summer: what will the weather be like in June

The weather in Ukraine in the first month of summer 2022 will be warmer than usual. The beginning of June will also be warm and mostly dry. It is reported by Ukrgidromettsentr . Thus, the average monthly temperature in June... Read more

Grenade found at bus station in Dnipro (photo)

In Dnipro, at the bus station on May 24, a janitor accidentally discovered an RGD-5 grenade in a pile of rubbish. This was reported in the police of the Dnepropetrovsk region. The man turned to the police patrolling the territory... Read more

Destroyed infrastructure is being restored in Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Kyiv and Sumy regions

In the communities of the Zhytomyr region, they began to examine residential buildings damaged as a result of rocket attacks for their further restoration. This was stated at a briefing by Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo... Read more

The European Union canceled all duties and quotas on exports from Ukraine for a year

The EU will be able to significantly support the economy of Ukraine. The Council of the European Union adopted a regulation allowing temporary trade liberalization and other trade concessions on certain Ukrainian goods. This is stated in a statement on... Read more

How pensions and social payments will change in June

The mechanism of payment of pensions and social assistance in June will not change, some categories may additionally rely on funds from international organizations. How Ukrainians will be able to receive payments in June – in the material During... Read more

The city is coming to life, but the military needs help: a medical officer from the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about what is happening in Akhtyrka

Russian invaders from the territory of the aggressor state continue to fire at the Sumy region. Recently the occupiers fired 5 rockets at the city of Akhtyrka . Now the situation there is relatively stable, but the Ukrainian defenders need... Read more