Xiaomi says Redmi K50 Extreme Edition is better than Xiaomi 12S Ultra

August 10, 2022, 07:29 When advertising their devices, companies often go astray by contradicting their own claims. This was the case with OnePlus, which ridiculed screens with holes , as well as Samsung, whose smartphones did not live up to... Read more

Sample speed: OnePlus 10T smashes Xiaomi 12S Pro and Red Magic 7S Pro

Exactly one week later, the international premiere of OnePlus 10T will take place – the new flagship of the brand, which has lost the remnants of its original branded chips . Particularly diligent in revealing the chips of the device... Read more

Xiaomi 12S and 12S Ultra wallpapers are available to everyone [download]

For the third day now, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra camera phone has not left the agenda, which died down at the beginning of the week with a loud announcement. During this time, we managed to take a look at it... Read more

Will there be Xiaomi 12S Ultra globals and other new products of the day? There's an answer!

Unlike past Xiaomi presentations, yesterday’s launch of the Xiaomi 12S family was broadcast not only on China’s social networks, but also within global divisions. The company published many English-language posters, which could give the impression of the company’s plans to... Read more

All the details on the screen and charging Xiaomi 12S Pro firsthand

Xiaomi is holding a “soft” presentation of Xiaomi 12S Pro – an intermediate model within the series, which will take place between Xiaomi 12S and Xiaomi 12S Ultra. Previously, details on the camera were revealed, and now let’s talk about... Read more

The announcement of Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro is a small but very important upgrade

04 July 2022, 16:21 Xiaomi has introduced the updated flagship Xiaomi 12S family, which is an updated and revised edition of the Xiaomi 12 line from the end of last year. The most important changes are that TSMC’s Snapdragon 8+... Read more

The announcement of Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition is an explosive mixture of flagships in 2022

04 July 2022, 17:11 Xiaomi introduced another flagship smartphone of the Xiaomi 12 series in One More Thing mode. It was Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition, where the naming speaks for itself. Before us is the first gadget with the... Read more

Xiaomi 12S Ultra first appeared in all its glory on promotional posters

Tomorrow, July 4, there will be a presentation of new Xiaomi products, where there will be a lot of interesting things. However, the most tidbit is the flagship Xiaomi 12S Ultra with an advanced Leica camera. Despite a series of... Read more

Three by 50: key details on Xiaomi 12S Pro cameras

Xiaomi completes preparations for the announcement of the Xiaomi 12S series, and does not forget to pay attention not only to Xiaomi 12S Ultra, but also to Xiaomi 12S Pro, which is noticeably simpler. Today, for example, the Chinese shared... Read more

Xiaomi touts Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 for Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Next week will be extremely interesting due to the abundance of high-level new products. And let’s start right from Monday, when the presentation of the first devices on Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 – the Xiaomi 12S series will take place.... Read more

You won't have to wait! Xiaomi 12S series global launch date

We are accustomed to the fact that global releases of Chinese smartphones usually occur with a significant shift in time – for a month, two, and sometimes more. Xiaomi 12 was no exception, leaving China only three months later. However,... Read more

A bottle of wine and a newspaper: a symbolic invitation to the launch of Xiaomi 12S

The presentation of the Xiaomi 12S family, the date of which was announced a little earlier , is a major event for the company. To emphasize this, Xiaomi sent special invitations to journalists, full of symbolism. They are a wooden... Read more

Now on an equal footing: Xiaomi 12S will get a cool camera from 12/12S Pro

After talking about the mighty 1″ sensor of the main camera of Xiaomi 12S Ultra, the company switched to the base model Xiaomi 12S, which also has something to please the fans. And it’s not about Leica’s developments at all!... Read more

The power of Leica: first sample photos from Xiaomi 12S and 12S Ultra cameras

A stormy promo campaign for the new flagship Xiaomi 12S family continues. Having told the day before about the impressive main cameras of new products, today the manufacturer decided to show them in action. The official Weibo page published a... Read more

Xiaomi 12S Pro with Leica camera showed close-up

Today is a big day for Xiaomi – the company has set the date for the upcoming announcement of the Xiaomi 12S Fahman series, which will be the starting point for cooperation with the German photo brand Leica. The surprise... Read more

Along the way BBK: Xiaomi 12S Pro could get two different editions

Xiaomi is hatching grandiose plans for the second half of the year in the segment of flagship devices. According to data from a variety of sources, the Chinese have three high-level models in stock at once. In the near future... Read more

List of upcoming Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 flagships revealed

The top Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 has already been presented , and in the very near future, manufacturers will begin to tease the first smartphones based on it. An informant from Digital Chat Station decided to announce their approximate list.... Read more

Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro on the way: first details

Already this week, Qualcomm will present the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ chipset, which will launch a new wave of top smartphones in the second half of the year. According to Digital Chat Station, it will not do without compact flagships:... Read more

Xiaomi is preparing an update of the flagship 12 Pro on two processors at once

Recently, there have been rumors about the upgrade of Xiaomi 12 series with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ chip. Now, Xiaomi 12S Pro with a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor has been spotted in the MIUI firmware code. It will become the... Read more

List of future Xiaomi smartphones on Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ spotted in MIUI

Towards the end of the summer, Qualcomm will introduce the world to the world with an improved Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ chipset from TSMC, which will form the basis of many flagship smartphones in the second half of the year.... Read more

First on Snapdragon 8 Gen 2? Xiaomi 12S Pro passed certification

February 21, 2022, 09:02 About a month ago , it became known about the mysterious representative of the Xiaomi 12 series, which will become a “derivative” model from Xiaomi 12 Pro. The device was referred to as “L2s”, which is... Read more