Western Digital Starts Compensating WD Red Drive Owners for Covert Use of SMR Recordings

Western Digital has begun paying cash compensation to participants in a class-action lawsuit related to the covert use of SMR tiled recording technology in WD Red hard drives intended for installation in networked storage systems. The latter provides a higher... Read more

Apple and Samsung continue to certify equipment in Russia, despite leaving the country

Despite earlier decisions to suspend operations in Russia, Apple and Samsung continued to apply for product certification. These certificates make it possible to sell equipment throughout the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), but experts are sure that manufacturers are interested in... Read more

The Hubble Space Telescope helped clarify the rate of expansion of the Universe and added work to scientists

Three decades of work of the orbital observatory “Hubble” (Hubble Space Telescope) made it possible to estimate with high accuracy the rate of expansion of our Universe. This has led to new theories in astronomy and physics, including the notion... Read more

Vampire Survival V Rising surpasses 1M copies in a week in Early Access

The independent Swedish studio Stunlock (Battlerite) in the official microblog of its vampire action game with elements of MMO and survival V Risingspoke about the game taking a new peak in sales. Image Source: Stunlock Studios Recall that last week... Read more

Looks like Dino Crisis is adding to the PlayStation Plus catalog of classic games

Several Twitter users at once, subscribed to the updated PlayStation Plus service in Asia, reported seeing a banner with operative Regina from the Dino Crisis action horror series in the service. Image Source: Capcom Regina can be seen on the... Read more

The authors of Bus Simulator will release a gardening sandbox Garden Life

The French publishing house Nacon and the developers from the Austrian stillalive studios (Bus Simulator series) in a fresh press release announced a joint project – the gardening sandbox Garden Life. Image Source: Nacon Garden Life will offer users to... Read more

Major music labels and online cinemas opposed special ruble accounts to pay for content in Russia

Representatives of major music labels and online movie theaters have approached the Russian authorities. In their opinion, if a decree is signed on the forced opening of ruble accounts, right holders will not be able to get timely access to... Read more

Russian telecom operators are trying to establish contact with manufacturers of cellular equipment – among other things, they even threaten lawsuits

Russian telecom operators, with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development, are trying to establish contacts with manufacturers of telecommunications equipment that have suspended the supply of products to the country. They are trying to influence, including threats of... Read more

Russian retailers have begun to buy electronics through parallel imports, but so far eschew Apple technology

Russian retailers have begun to purchase equipment and gadgets through parallel imports. It is reported that test purchases and sales of goods without the consent of the copyright holders began “M.Video”. Izvestia writes about this with reference to its own... Read more

Romania closes in on construction of Europe's first NuScale Small Modular Reactor

For about three years, Romania has been moving towards the start of construction of the first nuclear power plant in the country and in Europe based on small modular reactors. The other day NuScale (USA) and Romanian Nuclearelectrica and E-INFRA... Read more

Kingston Introduces FURY Beast DDR5 RGB Memory Modules up to 6000MHz, 32GB

Kingston Technology introduced FURY Beast DDR5 RGB RAM modules. The novelties will be produced both in the form of single modules with a volume of 8 to 32 GB, as well as in the form of two-channel sets of two... Read more

Japanese astronauts will take part in the American lunar program Artemis

Japanese astronauts will be directly involved in the Artemis lunar program, which is being implemented by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with partners. This was agreed upon by US President Joseph Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio... Read more

The Russian Android app store RuStore has launched. True, while in beta

VK announced the launch of a beta version of the RuStore app store for users of mobile devices running the Android operating system. The service was created with the support of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development and is intended... Read more

PayPal is committed to integrating all available crypto and blockchain services

PayPal Vice President Richard Nash said that the payment service is doing everything possible to ensure the integration of all available blockchain services and cryptocurrencies on its platform. He announced the intention of the company in an exclusive interview with... Read more

Many PSOne games for PS4 and PS5 turned out to be PAL versions and run at 25 fps

Sony Interactive Entertainment has launched an updated PlayStation Plus subscription in Asia that also brings classic PlayStation games to the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, it turned out that many of them work at 50 Hz,... Read more

Zotac Unveils VR GO 4.0 Backpack Computer Based on Intel Tiger Lake and NVIDIA RTX A4500

Zotac has announced the release of VR GO 4.0, its fourth-generation backpack gaming computer. The manufacturer positions the unusual device as a gaming system for virtual reality. Externally, VR GO 4.0 has not changed compared to the previous version ,... Read more

The upcoming Motorola RAZR 3 clamshell showed up in a video with a large external screen

Motorola has already officially confirmed the preparation of a new smartphone with a flexible screen – the RAZR 3 clamshell model, codenamed Maven. It is expected that the smartphone will be one of the first to be built on the... Read more

Xiaomi introduced 14 and 15.6-inch RedmiBook Pro 2022 Ryzen Edition on Ryzen 6000H processors

Xiaomi introduced the RedmiBook Pro 2022 Ryzen Edition laptop in China, which, as you might guess, will be based on AMD Ryzen processors. The novelty will be released in two versions with different screen sizes – 14 and 15.6 inches.... Read more

LG UltraGear 27GP950 and 27GP850 become first VESA AdaptiveSync Display certified monitors

The Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA), a display standards organization, certified the first monitors to the criteria of the VESA AdaptiveSync Display standard. They were 27-inch models UltraGear 27GP950 and UltraGear 27GP850 from LG. Both have support for dynamic refresh... Read more

Scientists taught robots to navigate indoors using Wi-Fi access points

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have found a way to enable more precise indoor navigation for robots. A new system will help in this, using existing access points to determine their location with wheeled or walking vehicles.... Read more

LG introduces 32-inch UltraGear gaming monitors with up to 4K resolution and up to 260Hz refresh rate

LG Electronics has unveiled two 32-inch UltraGear gaming monitors, the UltraGear 32GQ950 and UltraGear 32GQ850. Both new products are built on IPS Nano matrices with an ATW polarizer to improve color reproduction. The UltraGear 32GQ950 supports 4K UHD (3840 ×... Read more

Micron Unveils Crucial P3 and P3 Plus NVMe Drives with Read Speeds Up to 5000MB/s

Micron introduced the Crucial P3 Plus and Crucial P3 NVMe consumer SSDs, which can be classified as mid-range solutions. The first supports the PCIe 4.0 standard, the second works with PCIe 3.0. Both series offer storage models up to 4TB.... Read more

Dyson to launch robots to help around the house by 2030

Dyson has shown off several prototype robots that will eventually evolve into everyday household help machines, and has announced plans to hire several hundred engineers over the next five years to work on the project. Image source: dyson.co.uk According to... Read more

Russian scientists have proposed a new version of artificial neurons – the electronic brain on them will be orders of magnitude better than existing ones

Modern neuromorphic processors, produced on the basis of classical CMOS processes, are severely limited in their ability to imitate the brain of biological creatures. The problem is that each artificial neuron needs about 20 transistors to operate, which leads to... Read more

Tencent's first handheld console in high-quality photos

The Chinese company Tencent, which is one of the largest modern game publishers ( partial list of games ) and, concurrently, the only distributor of Nintendo Switch in China, has long been eyeing the portable console market. Rumors about her... Read more