Sexism row erupts as men-only farmers group bars women from being one of the Lads

Lisa Edwards wanted to be one of the Lads. That is, a member of the Liverpool Agricultural Discussion Society (Lads), an all-male group for farmers that meets monthly for dinner and to listen to a talk. Last week, she complained... Read more

Is this the final straw for the family farm?

Richard Fisher’s family has run a dairy farm near Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, for the past 64 years. It has weathered the financial crash, resisted rewilding and avoided every crisis that has beset British farming: foot and mouth, mad cow disease, drought... Read more

Farmers reject ‘reckless’ study which likens red meat sector to tobacco and fossil fuels

British farmers and scientists are embroiled in a row after a group of academics accused the meat industry of using the same tactics as alcohol, tobacco and fossil fuel companies to play down the harms of meat.   Such comparisons “make... Read more

Farmers reject ‘reckless’ study which likens harm of red meat sector to tobacco and fossil fuels

British farmers and scientists are embroiled in a row after a group of academics said the harms of the meat industry are comparable to those from alcohol, tobacco and fossil fuels. Such comparisons “make no sense” and are “reckless and... Read more

Muck-spreading ban lifted in victory for farmers

A ban on muck-spreading this autumn has been lifted by the Government in a victory for farmers.  Food producers have been grappling with rising costs for fertilisers, fuel and animal feed due to the war in Ukraine.  Farmers have argued... Read more

Sewage has left my river devoid of fish, says lord

Last December, officers from the Environment Agency visited the river but found no evidence of sewage pollution, it told Mr Lewthwaite’s MP Tim Farron in an email. The river has “good status” for fish, the email said. But a combination... Read more

Would you pay £52 for a ‘slow-grown’ chicken?

Labour shortages have also had a catastrophic impact on the poultry industry. One farmer, Rod Adlington, told the BBC in October he’d had to raise the price of his chickens by eight per cent as a result of staff shortages... Read more

We’re in the midst of a global food crisis – so how bad will it get for Britain?

Farm employees like Sirko, who works in a small administrative office, might not be told the final destination of their crop, but the image of it going to feed the world and being shipped to the four corners of the... Read more

Autumn ban on muck-spreading under review amid fertiliser shortage

A ban on autumn muck-spreading is being reviewed by ministers as part of efforts to prevent a slump in food production sparked by a global shortage of fertiliser. Farmers have called on the Government to change the rules over fears... Read more

Ukraine crisis risks ‘famine’ in Africa, warns Emmanuel Macron

Mr Macron echoed the body’s concerns at a conference in Versailles. He said: “Europe and also Africa will be very deeply destabilised as regards food because of what can’t be planted right now in Ukraine. “We will have to prepare... Read more

War shows the folly of ignoring farmers’ role as food producers

Britain has been blindsided by the threat to our food security as a result of the war. For years, Defra has been incapacitated by food and environmental wokeism. When it has not been obsessing over exaggerated fears about methane, it... Read more

Shop for victory! Now is the time to buy British food

We must face that it’s crunch time for British food shoppers – and not just because of Russia. According to market research specialists Kantar, grocery price inflation hit 4.3% in February.  Apart from the start of the pandemic, that’s the... Read more

Thinking of becoming a farmer? Read this book first

The road to Lynbreck Croft winds through some of the worst farming country in Britain. It is in a very beautiful part of the Cairngorms but, to my lowland farmer’s eye, anyone would have to be certifiably mad to attempt... Read more

Why the modern urbanite will never understand the countryside

“One of the older farmers marched right up to me, physically trembling with rage, and held his index finger inches away from my face: ‘Chris Packham,’ he growled.” That, for many country people, pretty much sums up the relationship crisis between... Read more

Marcus Wareing: ‘People ask if I’ve mellowed…but put a chef’s jacket on me and I am totally different’

We’re back in the family kitchen, and I wonder if Wareing regrets missing so many dinners with his kids when they were growing up. ‘Are you serious? No. I had a job to do, I was on a train track... Read more

Alcarràs, review: the single best film of the Berlin Festival

Five years ago, Carla Simón announced herself as a major filmmaker with Summer 1993, a supremely tender film about childhood that dealt obliquely with the Aids-related death of both this Catalan director’s parents. It won the award for Best Debut... Read more

Alcarràs, review: this must surely win the top prize at Berlin

Five years ago, Carla Simón announced herself as a major filmmaker with Summer 1993, a supremely tender film about childhood that dealt obliquely with the Aids-related death of both this Catalan director’s parents. It won the award for Best Debut... Read more

Seizing land to make way for solar farms could worsen ‘deep and troubling’ farming crisis

Campaigners have warned that Britain faces a worsening agricultural crisis if it presses ahead with turning thousands of acres of land into solar farms to meet net zero carbon targets. An analysis of data from the solar farm industry has... Read more

The Fast and the Farmer-ish, review: BBC Three’s Top Gear with tractors gets stuck in the mud

After five years in the digital desert, BBC Three has returned to the fuddy-duddy universe of television. And while the youth-oriented channel’s 2022 line-up contains plenty of what you would expect – a forthcoming Sally Rooney adaptation, a new Stacey Dooley... Read more

Hadrian’s Wall under threat as Brexit delays heritage payments

Delays to a new heritage payments scheme for farmers risk “erasing and damaging history”, with monuments including Hadrian’s Wall under threat, the National Trust has warned. Payments to reward farmers for looking after the environment on their land are also... Read more

Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure, review: Clarkson’s Farm wannabe leaves actor looking sheepish

A television personality with no farming experience buys a farm and attempts to run it, with often comical results. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. It’s impossible to describe Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure (BBC One) as anything other... Read more

Cow, review: Who’d have thought a Kent-based cow could seem so alien?

Would it be fair to describe Andrea Arnold’s new film as a mooed piece? The director of Fish Tank and American Honey has spent the past four years in the field, and the barn, shooting and compiling this poetic documentary... Read more

Green payments for farmers could lead to ‘big increase’ in food prices

Separate figures compiled by the Liberal Democrats show that the proportion of households in fuel poverty is higher than the national average in the constituencies of eight Cabinet ministers, including Mr Johnson, Mr Sunak, and Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary.... Read more

It’s healthy and good for the planet, so why aren’t we eating more game?

Moore also champions game shooting as being positive for the environment, when groups, usually comprising friends, gather to socialise and shoot driven birds. “If you consider the meat that comes from that pursuit, it is reared over land where flora... Read more

Gamekeepers allowed to shoot wild birds to protect grouse and pheasants

Grouse and pheasants are livestock, the Government has ruled, in new guidance which allows certain wild birds to be legally shot in order to protect them.  Carrion crows, Jackdaw, Feral pigeon, Rooks and wood pigeons can all now be killed... Read more