Make do and mend? It’s nothing new to the war generation

But we are beginning to see the stirrings of a revolution from Gen Z – the very people most wedded to throwaway fashion. Of course, when a new generation picks up on something people have been doing for centuries, it... Read more

Here’s the proof that tie dye can be for grown ups

What’s not to adore about tie-dye? You choose your favourite colour and it hands it back to you with options galore. Take the cardigan I’m wearing here. I love mauve, but even I concede that in one unbroken slab it’s... Read more

I found the one item that makes me more French than the French

Then blow me down, I came across a real-life version of it in the newly refurbished, unbelievably shiny, unfeasibly huge Dior store in Paris. Not this exact jacket, you understand, but one that’s about £3,000 more expensive, albeit with the... Read more

The best spring roll necks and how to wear them

I’m not a vain person and have always taken the low maintenance/big picture approach to beauty. This could be because we only had one tiny mirror in our house when I was growing up and so I’ve never really spent a great... Read more

The £22.50 viral M&S trousers that women of all ages are desperate to get hold of

Linen Rich Wide Leg Trousers, £22.50, Marks & Spencer They’re comfortable too, with an adjustable drawstring waist, because, like the rest of us, who have endured lockdowns over the past two years, there are members of Gen-Z who no longer... Read more

How midlife women can wear sleeveless dresses with confidence – and not a bingo wing in sight

Paula Rowan, an Irish based glove obsessive who makes them traditionally, in Italy, says demand has never been higher. Working with the softest leathers, Rowan’s turning gloves into an art form, or at the very least, the new bag –... Read more

My Annie Hall chinos are the most hard working piece in my wardrobe

Gant, £125,; Joseph, £285,; Toast, £185, Of course today you don’t have to resort to the men’s department for wide-leg trousers or chinos. These items can be found at Cos, Boden, Toast and Gant. For everyday, preppy... Read more

I’ve tried hundreds of trench coats – here’s how to find the right one for you

So apart from the colour issues, the looking best when you’re naked beneath it, and the fact that its major selling point (keeping you dry) isn’t always a given, what is good about the trench? The fact that in the... Read more

The simple style formula that complements grey hair

Cobalt blue shirt, Arket (now sold out); burnt orange Rivelli trousers, £225, the Fold; velvet Venetian slippers, £315, Le Monde Beryl; 18ct gold chain Axiom necklace, £179, and 18ct gold chain Aegis necklace, £165, both Missoma. Blazer, £59.99,; Ganni cords,... Read more

How to pull off double denim when you’re over 40

Cotton denim shirt, £95, Damson Madder; Cotton straight leg jean, £255, E.L.V Denim at Fenwick; Upcycled trainers, £176, Aspect Climate Projects Now for the gentle reminder of quite how damaging denim is to the environment. A single pair of jeans... Read more

The simple trick to help midlife men up their workwear game

A man’s sense of style changes as he grows older. I know mine certainly has, and what I value now are clothes that make me feel good. I focus on fabrication more, and on ease and comfort. I don’t think... Read more

At 72, Twiggy is proof that older models are the most relatable campaign stars

When it comes to advertising campaigns, the fashion and beauty industries don’t exactly have clean copybooks. Blighted by lack of race and age diversity, in recent years brands have tried to do better, but only after being shamed into doing... Read more

Three cosy outfit formulas now that it’s cold again

The clocks have gone forward but with temperatures plunging to mid-January levels, it feels as if our wardrobes have gone backwards. As April begins, there is snow on the ground in parts of Britain – and I can’t be the... Read more

I’ve never found the perfect shirt dress – until now

I love the idea of a shirt dress – the crisp polish of a shirt, the one-and-done ease of a dress – but, despite my years as a fashion editor, I’ve never found anything with which I’ve fallen so in... Read more

The grown-up guide to shopping secondhand

Alyson wears: Vintage Burberry raincoat, £400, Menage Modern Vintage; striped wool jumper, £220, Paul Smith from Fenwick; cotton trousers, £165, Me+Em; suede ankle boots, £149, Hobbs; vintage Prada handbag, from a selection at Sign of the Times; hoop earrings, £140,... Read more

Warmer weather is here, but is your wardrobe ready?

Acetate sunglasses, £110,; Aerolite umbrella, £24, What are they? A good pair of sunglasses will make anyone feel instantly cooler, and it’s worth taking some time to find a signature pair that suits your features and you’ll be excited... Read more

The 6 best tote bags – and ones your pedigree pup can fit in

Resisting can be as much of an art as acquiring, especially when it comes to tote bags, which are the crack of fashion shopping. They don’t require a changing room and harsh lighting to seal the deal, they can be... Read more

Why a trophy knit is the new jacket for spring

Everything about this jumper comes together to make it a clever wardrobe investment. It’s the right length (on anyone 5ft 6in or under) to wear over dresses (I’ve tried wearing baggy long jumpers over dresses and I can’t do it;... Read more

The transformative power of a trophy jumper – and without breaking the bank

Everything about this jumper comes together to make it a clever wardrobe investment. It’s the right length (on anyone 5ft 6in or under) to wear over dresses (I’ve tried wearing baggy long jumpers over dresses and I can’t do it;... Read more

A flamboyant coat of many colours is your next style must-buy

There are more people in black overcoats and puffers in London right now than Russian oligarchs. And that’s saying something. On my way to a meeting the other day it was almost a relief to see a Deliveroo rider flash... Read more

I haven’t used my iron in over three years – here’s what I do instead

“I have one white shirt that I reserve for a particular ensemble, which I may or may not iron depending on my mood,” she adds. “My favourites are pre-loved cashmere, velvet and leather, all of which can be worn well... Read more

Blouses can look twee on 50-something women…until you find the right one

Blouses are quite hard done by. I think it’s the word and its associations. Blowsy (problematic). Big girl’s blouse (v v problematic ). Some people try to get around this by calling their blouses shirts. But the two are quite... Read more

Yes, pencil skirts can be worn by all women in 2022 – here’s how to style yours

Black tweed pencil skirt, £179, LK Bennett Whether you have an hourglass figure, or a straight up/straight done column shape, or are more of an ‘inverted triangle’ then this is a look to consider. If you worry about a tummy,... Read more

Prince Edward proves men can still have fun with their wardrobes at 57

If eight years as Men’s Style Editor at the Telegraph has taught me anything, it’s that men tend to settle into a style rut as they grow older. Perhaps ‘rut’ is a little harsh; men stop taking chances with their... Read more

The colour update that will make you look 10 years younger

Until recently, the only people who wore head-to-toe white were nurses, gurus and ghosts. Presumably that’s why it acquired a reputation for being something of a spiritual colour. And a high-maintenance one. The two can’t be compatible, surely? Er, yes.... Read more