Oil theft on the rise in rural areas as energy costs soar

With thefts on the rise, police forces have urged households to improve security by installing alarms or by surrounding their tank with prickly bushes. Police security tips Suffolk Police, which has dealt with a string of incidents in recent weeks,... Read more

Pictured: Diesel hits £2 a litre after Putin’s war causes turmoil in oil market

Drivers are facing prices of more than £2 for a litre of diesel at some forecourts as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine wreaks havoc on the oil market.  At one site in Canterbury, diesel was on sale for 206.9p a litre... Read more

Petrol nudges 150p a litre as wheat soars to 14-year high

Petrol and diesel prices have hit a fresh record, while the cost of wheat surged to the highest level since 2008. Road fuel costs reached a new record for the fourth time in a week, according to RAC data, with... Read more

British shares are making a comeback – it’s time to buy

Keith Balmer of BMO Global Asset Management now has more invested in British stocks than at any time in the past five years. His mixed investment strategy has 22pc in UK shares, twice its lowest level. “The UK market is... Read more

Utilising the UK’s oil and gas reserves is not inconsistent with net zero

Last week we heard the welcome news that all Covid restrictions are being lifted. Thanks to our world-leading vaccine rollout we are among the first countries in which Covid is moving from pandemic to endemic status. But just as the... Read more

Are we heading for $300 for a barrel of oil?

Not that you’ll feel the effects in your pocket for a long time to come, at least here in Britain. The UK price cap is a lag restraint, which allows suppliers to continue charging high retail prices even after the... Read more

Oil stocks poised for super returns as demand for ‘black gold’ recovers

He said: “Despite rising markets last year, energy share prices remain subdued.” He added that demand for oil would continue to rise until 2030. “Demand will be stronger for longer and oil companies can use their profits to invest in... Read more

Energy chaos sparks its first national crisis as protests rock Kazakhstan

A wave of strikes last year showed rising dissatisfaction when this steady growth faltered, with the surge in fuel prices tipping protestors over the edge. “What is of greater concern to the authorities is that they will evolve to into... Read more

Rip-off at the petrol pump is fuelling the cost of living crisis

Its argument that December’s price data is less reliable because it is taken from fuel card transactions and there have been “far fewer of these” because the roads are less busy between Christmas and New Year isn’t particularly convincing. There... Read more

British stock market enjoys new year boom – here’s what you should buy

Ms Foll said consumer-facing businesses would also do well in 2022 because households had built up their savings during the pandemic. “Recent trading updates from Marks & Spencer and Halfords suggested that households would be willing to spend their extra... Read more

The investments that will make the most money in 2022

The Lowland Investment Company, which she co-manages, has HSBC, Shell and BP among its top 10 holdings. Alternatively, investors could buy a spread of oil companies via the Xtrackers MSCI World Energy ETF, and banks via the Xtrackers MSCI World... Read more

Four ‘outrageous’ stock market predictions for 2022

Facebook shares crash on young user exodus Saxo Bank’s research shows the proportion of teens in the developed world using Facebook plummeted in the last decade. The social media site, once famed for poking, has gone from being a vibrant... Read more

Buy these stocks to protect yourself from omicron market falls

Move over inflation, the pandemic is once again top of investors’ worries.  The omicron variant is now setting the investment agenda as governments meet to discuss what measures they should take to control it. There are fears this variant could... Read more

Britain joins global challenge to Opec’s oil stranglehold

The Opec-plus coalition, comprising Opec members Saudi Arabia and Iran and other major oil producers such as Russia, agreed to steep production cuts in the teeth of the pandemic to try to shore up prices in freefall.  They have since... Read more