Housebuilders will pay £5bn to fix faults with new-build homes

Housebuilders will pay £5bn to free leaseholders trapped by the cladding scandal that emerged in the wake of the 2017 Grenfell fire. Under a new agreement drawn up by housing secretary Michael Gove, housebuilders will collectively pay a minimum of... Read more

Michael Gove takes a wrecking ball to builders’ bottom line in cladding clash

Research from the Home Builders’ Federation (HBF) suggests the number of affordable houses built is set to drop, as big builders pause projects and weather the storm by buying up land banks for future development. Chief executive Stewart Bazeley, who... Read more

‘How I escaped a £50,000 repair bill on my buy-to-lets’

Mike Fox, 60, is a small-scale landlord who will just miss the cut-off because he owns five properties in total, although he will now be protected from costs on his main residence. He warned that safety works on blocks of... Read more

Michael Gove to scrap tower block ‘safety managers’ rule in cladding U-turn

Michael Gove is poised to abandon a rule forcing apartment blocks more than seven storeys high to have a safety manager after campaigners warned it would impose thousands of pounds of additional costs on property owners. The administrative role, which... Read more

Cladding talks hit a wall as developers attack ‘Marxist’ demands

The blaze ripping through a London tower block last week forced Britons to reacquaint themselves with what has become a more familiar sight in recent years.  Crawford Building in Whitechapel was evacuated and more than 100 firefighters called out to... Read more

Turmoil for trapped flat owners as energy crisis makes contractors go bust

Adrienne Pettitt, 32, owns a flat in a building in Salford that has major cladding problems. Works were due to start in June 2021, but this was pushed back to January 2022. Then the contractor pulled out because it was... Read more

‘Watered down’ Michael Gove proposals will see leaseholders covering cost of property fixes

The scheme mirrors a similar one for social housing, which caps the amount social housing tenants have to pay for repairs work through service charges at £15,000 within London and £10,000 outside. Peter Hardy, Partner and Co-Head of Housing at... Read more

Michael Gove accused of making ‘quasi-Marxist’ demands on housebuilders

Michael Gove has been accused of making “quasi-Marxist” demands after housing developers were told they could be shut out of the property market unless they paid into a new building safety fund. In a letter that triggered a backlash from... Read more

Cladding compensation scheme could be extended to cover defects in other homes

Michael Gove is seeking to dramatically widen a proposed cladding compensation scheme to encompass other defects on homes built in the past 30 years as he steps up action against major developers. The Levelling Up Secretary has threatened in meetings... Read more

Housebuilders prepare legal battle after Government demands billions for repairs

Housing developers are preparing to fight a government demand to spend billions of pounds on cladding repair costs after Michael Gove threatened to block the industry from building new properties. Major housebuilders plan to hire a Big Four accounting firm to... Read more

Michael Gove threatens developers with planning veto unless they create £4bn cladding fund

Michael Gove has threatened to block major housing developers from securing planning permission if they fail to come up with a £4bn compensation scheme for victims of the cladding crisis. In a call with industry executives, the Levelling Up Secretary... Read more

Disappearing developers leave flat owners facing huge bills

Developers responsible for dangerous defects in high-rise buildings have escaped their liabilities by liquidating themselves into nonexis­tence – and left thousands of innocent flat owners to pick up the bill. Companies have been wound down after selling blocks of flats... Read more

Michael Gove’s promise to free cladding victims falls flat

Surveyors and lenders have rejected the Government’s move to free hundreds of thousands of flat owners from cladding turmoil by refusing to change their fire safety policy. Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove changed a bureaucratic technicality which should make it... Read more

Building firms must take responsibility

The principle of “polluter pays” is a long established means of recouping costs and ensuring that the taxpayer does not pick up the bill for the shortcomings of others. It also helps protect those who face serious financial difficulties to... Read more

Developers risk Help to Buy ban without cladding compensation scheme

Michael Gove has threatened to lock major housing developers out of the Help to Buy scheme or hit them with a fresh tax raid unless they come up with a compensation scheme for victims of the cladding scandal. Housebuilders were... Read more

What the Government’s cladding reforms means for flat owners

On the face of it, this is a huge win for flat owners in mid-rise blocks who now do not need such a form to sell or remortgage. Flat owners in blocks of all heights also face having to fix... Read more

What the Government’s cladding ‘reset’ means for flat owners

Homeowners trapped in flats in high-rise buildings covered in cladding could soon be spared from huge bills by an impending Government “reset”. But campaigners have warned the plans will fail to protect leaseholders from hefty costs.  Levelling Up Secretary Michael... Read more

Ministers warned cladding reforms are ‘not enough’ to end anxiety for homeowners

The letter from Simon Clarke, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, to Mr Gove said loans for smaller buildings would be replaced by a “limited grant scheme”. “You may use a high-level ‘threat’ of tax or legal solutions in discussions... Read more

Leaseholders to be spared huge cladding bills

It marks the latest attempt by ministers to draw a line under what has blown up into a significant scandal, partly due to blunders that critics say were avoidable.  Tory MPs had complained of “shocking incompetence” after former housing secretary... Read more

Government’s landmark fix to free homeowners from cladding scandal proved pointless

A spokesman for End Our Cladding Scandal, a campaign group for affected leaseholders, said: “There remains insufficient independent evidence that buildings under 18m are inherently safe… the Government must stop hiding from the true scale of this crisis.” The Government’s... Read more