Calls for sea eagle cull as lambs being ‘torn limb from limb’

Sea eagles should be culled because a reintroduction of the predators to the UK has led to them terrorising rural communities and killing lambs, an MP has claimed.   Angus MacNeil, who represents the Western Isles, claimed numbers of the... Read more

Prince Charles: Britain must restore its lost hedgerows that form a ‘vital part of the landscape’

The One Show will on Monday night see the Prince of Wales share his thoughts on the importance of hedgerows with viewers, in an attempt to win over those who may not have considered the benefits. It was filmed on... Read more

Taxpayers face £40m bill for HS2 bat ‘tunnel’

Taxpayers face a £40m bill for a mesh shield to prevent endangered bats living in ancient woodland on the path of HS2 being hit by trains travelling at up to 225 miles per hour. French engineering firm Eiffage is working... Read more

In pictures: Endangered elephants forced to scavenge on a filthy landfill site

Elephants are revered in Sri Lanka but are also endangered. Their numbers have dwindled from about 14,000 in the 19th century to 6,000 in 2011, according to the country’s first elephant census. They are increasingly vulnerable because of the loss... Read more

Steve Backshall: ‘I’ve never been more out of my depth than doing the cha cha cha on Strictly’

Where do I start? I don’t think I’ve ever admired anyone like I admire Helen. She is so mentally tough. What she achieved over the year and half in the run up to Tokyo completely blew my mind [Glover became... Read more

In pictures: The touching bond between a rescued elephant and his handler

These heartwarming images show the bond between a rescued elephant and his handler.  The pictures show Makhavusi, a hand-reared elephant, and Marupia, an elephant handler, at the wildlife conservancy in Zimbabwe, Africa.  Makhavusi was destined to be sold to a... Read more

Cheetahs return to Indian jungle 70 years after the British helped hunt them to extinction

The animals will be monitored with GPS collars and local residents will be employed to protect against poachers. “The cheetah that became extinct in independent India is all set to return. In the next five years, we are looking at... Read more

‘Psycho’ squirrel that went nuts biting residents is caught

Mrs Reynolds had been feeding the animal since the summer and it had made regular trips to her garden ever since, looking for food and shelter. But after being bitten on the hand herself, she read multiple reports of squirrel... Read more

Parliament repairs could force MPs out of the building for 20 years

A refurbishment of the Houses of Parliament could force MPs out of the Palace of Westminster for two decades. Under the restoration plan the cost of repairs to the Commons and the Lords could reach £14 billion, exceeding the original... Read more

Rare vultures once feared for snatching small children stage comeback across Europe

“The fact that it is a scavenger, not a predator, means that we can engage with farmers and foresters and hunters without finding the entrenched opposition that you have when you deal with animals like lynx and bears, wolves and golden... Read more