"My soul, Ukraine": Anna Trincher performed at a charity concert in Cyprus

The artist performed her new song “Don’t Crush”, in which she conveys the suffering and stories of millions of Ukrainian women. Anna Trincher took part in the charity concert “My Soul, Ukraine”, which took place in Cyprus. It gathered more... Read more

Travel to Cyprus: latest Covid rules and advice as its outdoor mask mandate is finally scrapped

Cyprus has taken a firm stance when it comes to Covid-19 protocols, but those rules are slowly easing. Testing for fully vaccinated and recently recovered arrivals from the UK has been scrapped, while from April 18 unvaccinated visitors will only... Read more

Travel to Cyprus: latest Covid rules as testing scrapped for vaccinated holidaymakers

What are the rules in bars? Bars hosting 150 or more people are classed as high risk under a new Cyprus categorisation system. Those hosting 150 or less are medium risk. Both require the presentation of a SafePass, or a... Read more

Why Cyprus is a ‘Russian bank with dirty money posing as an EU state’

“Londongrad” may have become the playground of Russia’s ultra-rich, but Cyprus has long played an integral role in helping oligarchs make moves to the West. The island, dubbed “Moscow-on-the-Med”, became a major magnet for magnates – from Russia and beyond... Read more

10 best child-free holidays – perfect for empty-nesters

Occasionally, as if to punish us for forcing culture on them, someone would “accidentally” stumble against one of those wires you see around exhibits, thus triggering the alarm.  These days, no alarms are set off as Jimmy and I cram... Read more

Young British woman cleared of lying about being gang raped in Cyprus

About a week later she retracted the claim and was charged with causing public mischief. Her lawyers said she only retracted the claim because she came under extreme pressure from Cypriot police – a charge that officers denied. At a... Read more

How Covid ‘green passes’ work in Europe’s key holiday destinations

You can only obtain the super green pass with evidence of full vaccination or recent recovery, meaning a negative test result is no longer sufficient for unvaccinated people to ski in Italy. Austria has similarly tight vaccination requirements to access... Read more

What European health passes mean for your holiday – and how you get one

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Travel to Cyprus: latest Covid rules and holiday advice

Cyprus remains one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful islands, but like so many has taken a firm stance when it comes to Covid-19 protocols.  It operates what has become known as a SafePass, which is a vaccination certificate showing you... Read more