The surprisingly green, hypnotic Gulf State you need to visit in 2022

Schools of dolphins – hundreds at a time – frolic off the coast. Beneath the water, vivid corals bloom. Every year, 20,000 turtles come to lay their eggs, leaving them to hatch in the warm Omani sands. The country has... Read more

How millions were convinced to give this love-it-or-hate-it holiday destination a chance

She’s not alone in seeing appeal in that. Over 120,000 Britons currently live in Dubai and access to the city has become easier in recent weeks, with mandates on wearing masks outdoors dropped (while they’re required indoors, compliance was variable... Read more

US ‘profoundly disappointed’ as UAE welcomes Syrian dictator Assad

The visit was the latest sign of warming relations between Syria and energy-rich UAE, a key US ally. It came as Russia, which backs Damascus and also has solid ties with the Emirates, pressed its war on Ukraine. Like most... Read more

Camel crowned Qatar’s most beautiful ‘was not given Botox’

A camel had to be X-rayed to prove it had not been surgically enhanced before being crowned the winner of a beauty contest following controversy over Botoxed contenders.  With nearly £10 million in prizes at stake, the organisers of a... Read more

Israel labels Amnesty International ‘anti-Semitic’ over ‘apartheid’ report

Reports by human rights groups on Israel frequently scrutinise its settlements, the demolition of Palestinians’ homes, restrictions on Palestinians’ movement and the killing of Palestinians by armed forces. But the charge of apartheid is particularly controversial as it draws a... Read more

Man has to raid bank to get his own money

A man who held up a bank to withdraw his own money has been hailed as a hero by Lebanese furious at capital controls that are preventing them from accessing their savings amid a financial collapse. Abdallah Assaii is accused... Read more

Syrian ‘torture’ doctor on trial in Germany allegedly gave lethal injection to show ‘absolute power’

A Syrian doctor who practised medicine in Germany went on trial in Frankfurt on Wednesday on charges of torturing prisoners in his homeland. Alaa Mousa, 36, arrived in Germany on a skilled migrant visa in 2015 and was certified to... Read more

Palestinian man threatens to set himself on fire to prevent eviction from Jerusalem home

A Palestinian man has climbed on top of his house and threatened to set himself on fire as his family face eviction, prompting a tense stand-off with Israeli police. Mohammed Salhiya carried a gas canister up to the roof of... Read more

Syrian colonel who defected to Germany given life sentence after admitting to torture

Pictures taken by “Caesar”, a Syrian military police photographer who defected and secretly documented regime abuses were also used as evidence against Raslan. They included disturbing images of the bodies of 110 dead inmates removed from al-Khatib prison. A German... Read more

Bitter row over tree-planting scheme threatens to collapse Israel’s fragile government

Mansour Abbas, the leader of the Ra’am party propping up Mr Bennett’s fragile majority, has threatened to stop voting with the government unless the tree-planting stops, which risks collapsing the coalition. “I can’t continue to live with this,” Mr Abbas... Read more

British Council worker Aras Amiri returns to UK after release from Iranian prison

British Council employee Aras Amiri has returned to the United Kingdom, the organisation said on Wednesday, after being released from an Iranian prison where she was serving a 10-year sentence on dubious spying charges.  Iranian authorities did not immediately acknowledge... Read more

Israelis flock to clinics for fourth jab as hesitant UK experts say another dose is not necessary

Although UK officials have decided against a fourth dose, the Telegraph understands that Boris Johnson and Naftali Bennett, his Israeli counterpart, exchange daily Whatsapp messages on how best to defeat omicron. Sources close to the Israeli leader said the two... Read more

Kazakh despot’s daughter went on London spending spree after moving $300m out of country

In 2008, according to court documents, Mr Ishmuratov advised Ms Nazarbayeva to set up the Alsarah Foundation, in Liechtenstein, “through which her funds were held and would protect and disguise her interest”. By June 2008, Ms Nazarbayeva “agreed orally” with... Read more

Missing Afghan baby reunited with family after being found with taxi driver

Mr Razawi said he traveled two days and two nights to the capital bearing gifts – including a slaughtered sheep, several pounds of walnuts and clothing – for Safi and his family. But Mr Safi refused to release Sohail, insisting... Read more

Israelis flock to clinics for fourth jab as hesitant UK experts say another dose is ‘not necessary’

Although UK officials have decided against a fourth dose, the Telegraph understands that Boris Johnson and Naftali Bennett, his Israeli counterpart, exchange daily Whatsapp messages on how best to defeat omicron. Sources close to the Israeli leader said the two... Read more

France suggests Saudi Arabia covering up Dakar Rally ‘terrorist’ attack

France has demanded transparency from Saudi Arabia following accusations that the kingdom covered up a possible terrorist attack that seriously injured a French competitor in the Dakar car rally last month. “We told the organisers and the Saudi officials to... Read more

Statue of slain Iranian commander Qassim Soleimani set on fire hours after it is unveiled

A statue of assassinated Iranian general Qassem Soleimani was vandalised hours after its inauguration in an Iranian provincial capital on Wednesday, in a rare act of defiance undercutting official veneration of the late military leader.  The six-metre high statue was... Read more

How a novelty plane restaurant in Palestine is keeping dreams of an independent state alive

“It took us 20 years to make this dream happen,” Ara al-Sairafi told the Daily Telegraph as he smoked a shisha pipe on the tarmac next to his so-called plane to nowhere. “People love the idea, it’s an entertaining spot... Read more

‘We’re struggling to survive,’ say Lebanese being punished for drugs hidden in fruit

This struck a heavy blow to one of the few sectors of Lebanon’s import-dependent economy to remain productive. Lebanon’s beleaguered farmers – who grow citrus, bananas, pomegranates and other produce for export to the Gulf – fear last week’s drug... Read more

The inside story of Dubai’s latest obsession

In winter, the heat is bearable, but it’s still more comfortable to cycle at night. As hazy wisps of sunset fade like glowing embers, monstrous dunes loom larger, and the sky erupts with stars. Once the yellow jerseys have whizzed... Read more

Saudi suffers first civilian losses in Yemen conflict in years after Houthi rocket hits shop

Saudi Arabia has launched a “large-scale” offensive on Yemen after a Houthi missile attack killed two civilians in the south of the kingdom over the weekend in what is thought to be the first fatalities inside Saudi from the conflict... Read more

Israel unveils $300m plan to double settlers in occupied Golan

Israel on Sunday announced a multi-million dollar plan to double the number of Jewish settlers in the Golan Heights, in a move to entrench their control of the territory more than 50 years after they captured it from Syria.  Israel’s... Read more

Iran fires missiles as warning to Israel

“Make the slightest mistake, we will cut off their hand.” A Foreign Office spokesperson condemned the missile tests.  “We condemn Iran’s use of ballistic missiles in a test launch confirmed to have been conducted today. The launch is a clear... Read more

Israel to become first country to offer fourth vaccine in battle against omicron

Speaking earlier on Tuesday, Mr Bennett warned there was no way to prevent a new wave of Covid infections despite those travel restrictions. “We cannot prevent the [new] wave. It’s just not a possibility,” Mr Bennett told members of his... Read more

Outraged Iranian pet owners kick back against new proposal to ban all pets

The legislation would prevent “importing, raising, assisting in the breeding of, breeding, buying or selling, transporting, driving or walking, and keeping in the home wild, exotic, harmful and dangerous animals” – but it does not strictly cover animals typically considered... Read more