‘I’ve been parking on my neighbour’s land for 20 years. Can I keep doing it?’

Dear Property Doctors, We have used an area which we don’t own for the last 21 years to park our cars. It has been used as a car park for over 40 years, and we can obtain sworn statements to... Read more

‘My neighbours are renting out their garage as a home without permission. Can I stop them?’

Dear Property Doctors, Our next door neighbour’s garage is attached to ours, and our drives are side by side. They have converted their garage (without planning permission) into self-contained accommodation, and the up and over to their garage has been... Read more

‘Bailiffs are threatening me because of my neighbours’ bills. Do I have to pay?’

Dear Property Doctors, When purchasing our property, as with others on the development, we agreed to estimated management fees as part of the deal. It was confirmed that all properties would pay equal fees. Five years on, we have finally... Read more

‘My neighbour is threatening legal action over my wall. What do I do?’

Dear Property Doctors, Our neighbours greeted the news of a proposed kitchen extension well on the basis that they were going to do one themselves. But then they opposed us every step of the way. A few months into the... Read more

‘We bought a house with neighbours from hell. Can we sue our seller?’

Dear Property Doctors, My wife and I moved into our new home in December 2020. Since then, we have had to call the police out on numerous occasions because our male neighbour verbally abuses his wife at all hours of... Read more

‘Absent landlords are ruining my home. How do I force them into action’

Dear Property Doctors,  We live on an estate of freehold houses and leasehold flats. The owners of the latter applied a few years ago for a share of the freehold in their building and, at the same time, the freehold... Read more

‘Is my neighbour encroaching onto my property?’

Dear Property Doctors,  I have a question about a boundary definition relating to my property. My deeds document shows the side in question as a straight line, which I take to be the actual boundary. Fence posts at either end... Read more

‘My new-build has snagging problems but the developer refuses to fix them. What are my rights?’

Dear Property Doctors,  We would very much appreciate your advice on a sticky issue that has arisen with a developer refusing to rectify snagging issues (some quite minor) at our new flat.   The developer is seeking to hide behind a... Read more

‘My neighbour may be damaging our wall with building works – do I have any rights?’

Dear Property Doctors,  We live in a lower ground floor flat within a semi-detached Victorian house in London. On the exterior wall side of the house is a narrow strip of land that separates our building and the next-door house... Read more

‘My tenants started a cannabis farm, but my insurer tells me I am not covered – what can I do?’

Dear Property Doctors,  I have been happily renting out three properties in Coventry for almost 20 years with no major problems until now. Two weeks ago I was asked by the police to attend at one of my properties to... Read more

‘My neighbours turned their home into a holiday let against the rules – can I stop them?’

Dear Property Doctors,  I live on a small development of freehold houses which, when they were built 10 years ago, had a covenant on the deeds to the effect that they could not be let out as holiday homes.  As... Read more

‘My daughter’s freeholder wants to stop her parking in her space. How can we fight back?’

Dear Property Doctors,  My daughter bought a property with off-street parking, and the Land Registry form confirms this. The conveyancing solicitor, recently asked to review it, said the lease does not prevent you parking on your own land, unless it... Read more

‘Do we have to keep paying for an accountant just because we own our flat’s freehold?’

Dear Property Doctors,  Two years ago, along with four other flat owners, we formed a private limited company and bought the freehold of our flats. We each pay a monthly amount into a maintenance fund which is held separately from... Read more

‘My neighbours want to get rid of my hedge – what are my rights?’

Dear Property Doctors,  I am a recently single parent with no experience of handling property matters. My next-door neighbours, with whom I have never engaged with before, have learned of my situation and unexpectedly came around to offer their support. ... Read more

‘How do I take ownership of the lane that leads to my house?’

Dear Property Doctors Three neighbours and I own houses that are on an unadopted, gravel-surfaced lane that was once a used by the farm at the top of the lane (it still uses it occasionally). Three of the four houses... Read more

‘Am I responsible if my neighbour’s extension floods?’

Dear Property Doctors We own a converted watermill, and the water wheel is served by a 250m mill race [a current of water]. There are a number of cottages whose gardens back onto it. Recently, due to some discussions with... Read more

‘How do we maximise the amount we leave to our only son?’

Every week, The Telegraph’s Property Doctors bring expertise on renovations and DIY, planning, buying and selling, lettings, legal issues and taxes. In this Q&A, Stefanie Tremain, a UK tax specialist, tackles the legal issues surrounding passing on property and assets... Read more