The signs of the Zodiac for which December will be happy have been named

Astrologer Valentyna Wittrock listed the signs that will make success smile. They will also have order and harmony in all endeavors.

Named signs of the Zodiac for which December will be happy.

Astrologer Valentyna Wittrock spoke about the signs of the Zodiac, which will have harmony in all matters in December. Read more in the material.


Retrograde Mars in Gemini brings Aries back to dealing with documents, large contacts, and family matters. Mercury makes it possible to show eloquence in professional activities.

Until December 22, they may have joyful meetings with distant relatives, career advancement and new financial opportunities.


For Lviv, December is a time for creativity and love. Despite the fact that there will be many routine tasks, representatives of this Zodiac sign will find time for themselves.

The astrologer added that the transit of Jupiter into Aries from December 21 can make travel dreams come true.


The whole of December will be pleasant and joyful for Sagittarius. They will be the center of attention. The transit of Mercury and Venus to Capricorn suggests promising financial matters, and from the 22nd you can even count on gifts.

Also, Sagittarius are predicted by the stars to have a lot of communication with friends and relatives, which will have a positive effect on their psycho-emotional state.

We will remind you that three signs of the Zodiac are waiting for trouble during December.

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