The tragedy in Brovary: the little girl is still in a state of burn shock (video)

Alisa’s mother is already being treated in Vienna, she was also injured as a result of the helicopter crash.

Six victims of the plane crash were taken abroad / photo , Vyacheslav Ratynskyi

The most seriously injured during the plane crash in Brovary were sent to Austria for further treatment. It is about 6 wounded. In particular, 3 children were initially transported from the Kyiv burn center to Lviv. And when their condition stabilized, they took them further to Vienna.

According to the story of TSN, Lviv doctors were the first to meet 6-year-old Alisa, her mother was also in another Lviv hospital with burns. On the day of the plane crash, the mother took her daughter to kindergarten, and the father stayed at home with his son.

“After 10 minutes from the window, we live near the garden, you could see and hear how the helicopter was flying. And there it fell near the garden… Then the wife picked up the phone and said that everything was on fire, everything was burnt. She said that they were alive “, – says Alisa’s father.

The Lviv hospital spoke about the condition of the children brought to them:

“Now the condition of the children is serious, but stable. They have burns on their faces, necks and upper limbs.”

In Vienna, all treatment is promised free of charge at the expense of EU aid. The mother of the girl Alisa, like the rest of the heavy ones in Brovary, is already in Vienna. She was evacuated a day earlier.

Alice is the last to be taken away. Even a few hours of flight is a real test for the girl, she is still in a state of burn shock, but she is holding on.

Tragedy in Brovary 18.01.2023

On January 18, 2023, a helicopter fell on the territory of a kindergarten in the city of Brovary, Kyiv region. At the place of the fall, 14 dead people were found, including a child.

The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was on board the helicopter, it died. In Brovary, mourning was announced for three days due to the tragedy.

On January 21, the Ukrainian House in Kyiv said goodbye to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Denys Monastyrskyi, and other employees of the ministry, who died in the plane crash in Brovary.

On the same day, in Brovary, they said goodbye to little Milana and her mother Olena Ponomarenko, who died in a plane crash on January 18.

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