How Israel can attack Iran: an invisible “bird” of the IDF has been revealed

In the event of an attack, Israel immediately deploys a series of F-35s to hit Iran’s military infrastructure from different directions.

Israel has not yet lost a single F-35 in operations in Syria / US Air Force

The F-35 bomber of the Israeli army is quite suitable for the task of striking military targets in Iran and Syria, writes Politico.

These aircraft can fool enemy air defenses due to their small size, making them a good weapon for stealthy surprise attacks.

It is this secrecy, as Israeli experts hope, that will “surprise” and destroy the Iranian S-300 air defense system. In general, the F-35 has the ability to fight forward and air threats.

For refueling in the air, the IDF can use its Boeing 707, or the plane will land for this purpose in the Persian Gulf, according to experts.

According to experts, some of the planes that Israel has can also launch long-range missiles to defeat targets in Iran beyond the range of air defenses.

Israel has yet to lose a single F-35 in operations in Syria.

Politico writes that in the event of an attack, Israel immediately deploys a series of F-35s to hit Iran’s military infrastructure from different directions. However, there is also a danger here: accumulating a signal can attract the attention of the enemy.

It is assumed that the F-35 will have to fly up to 1,200 km, moving through Saudi Arabian airspace or the Syria-Turkey or Syria-Iraq corridor.

Strikes on Iran – what is known

On the night of January 29, explosions rocked a number of Iran’s military facilities, including a military warehouse in the central province of Isfahan and an ammunition production center. It was also reported that the target of the attack was a warehouse with ballistic missiles.

The attack comes amid tensions between Iran and the West over Tehran’s nuclear activities and its supply of weapons, including long-range “kamikaze drones,” for Russia’s war against Ukraine, as well as months of anti-government demonstrations.

Data on the damage caused in Tehran are not disclosed. However, it is already known that the factory for the production of drones, with which Russia terrorizes Ukraine, was not damaged.

The mass media began to spread rumors about the involvement of the US and Israel, then “another country”, in the attack on Iranian military facilities. The Pentagon denied involvement in the task of strikes.

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