What losing 40lbs did for my mind and body

My diet has, alongside the 10 to 15 hours a week I cycle or paddleboard, brought about the weight loss and change in my physical shape. Previously, I was an emotional eater, an anxiety eater – largely triggered by work... Read more

How to trick yourself into eating better – and less

If that all sounds a little futuristic, however, there are other ways to fool yourself into eating better, and less. For example, placing meals on smaller plates and bowls; various studies have found that halving the plate size leads to... Read more

‘Running and lifting weights helped me lose three stone – and find my self-worth again’

Helen Thorn, 43, is a comedian and podcaster as one half of the Scummy Mummies and an author who lives in London   People naturally assume that because I’m a comedian I have a rock-solid sense of self-esteem, but when... Read more

The science of male middle-age spread and how to get rid of it

And while they’re often the butt of jokes, moobs can also lead to lack of body confidence, low self-esteem and even trouble in forming relationships. “Man boobs in middle-aged men are not uncommon,” says Dr Velusamy. “An unhealthy diet, a... Read more

What your waist is saying about your health

To measure one’s waist, governmental guidelines tell me, you wrap the tape around the midway point between the lower rib cage and the top of the hips, then breathe out naturally before reading the bad news.  Oh dear. My svelte... Read more

How to lose weight – according to science

Having spent two years “following the science”, Dr Saira Hameed is hoping we can redirect that skill to another area: our weight. The endocrinologist at Imperial College London’s Weight Centre had for some time felt as though she was “leading... Read more

How to eat cake and lose weight – yes, really

The hacks are not a diet. You don’t change what you eat, only how. “Keto and low-carb diets rely on the same concept – they flatten glucose and insulin spikes – but with my hacks, you don’t have to cut... Read more

11 lazy ways to lose weight for a heatwave

Over the next week the forecasters predict temperatures will climb to an unseasonal 28 degrees. News of a surprise spring heatwave might have reached you as you feel unready to let go of your winter coveralls. For many of us,... Read more

We’re eating more protein than ever, but do we actually need so much?

If there’s one piece of nutritional advice that seems to be set in stone, it’s that we need to eat more protein. According to a report, more than 60 per cent of us are actively trying to eat more. As... Read more

How to make intermittent fasting work for you

It’s one of the most popular forms of dieting in the UK, widely seen as a magic bullet that makes the whole dieting process easier for those who’ve struggled to lose weight, but what is intermittent fasting and how does... Read more

Verschlimmbesserung – the new German word you need in your life

Of all the German terms for which we don’t have equivalents in English, Verschlimbesserrung, the act of making something worse by trying to make it better, may be the most poetic. (Although kustomerseparationprism, their term for the little triangular divider... Read more

Why sipping water could help you lose weight

“It’s a short term fix to improve the optics. They’re basically dehydrating to increase definition, which can be pretty dangerous,” says Mullan. That’s not to say water can’t work as a weight loss aid. Fortunately, as the science shows, drinking... Read more

Dieting? How to lose the final ‘stubborn seven’ pounds

So what can I do to get over this seven-pound slump? Dicey suggests that when people whose weight loss has plateaued find themselves eating more refined sugar or processed food, they should try “retraining” their mindset. He says: “It’s important... Read more

‘After I couldn’t fit on a rollercoaster, I went on to lose almost 10 stone’

The first year I lost 40kg (6st 4lbs), the second I lost another 20kg; I’m still on this journey, I don’t want to slip back into old ways. It’s really the little things that I’ve noticed the most, like not... Read more

How you can sleep your way to a slimmer body

You can also try moving your food intake earlier in the day. Our metabolism works differently depending on the time. When we’re awake, our body burns calories. But when we sleep, it moves into calorie saving-mode – a hibernation strategy.... Read more

The truth behind ‘fantastic’ diet shakes

For many dieters, the “fantastic results” of a new NHS diet focused on soups and shakes won’t come as a surprise.  More than 2,000 people with type 2 diabetes were put on a very low calorie diet restricting them to... Read more

Already failing your New Year’s diet? Here’s what to do instead

She wants to decouple nutrition advice from weight loss, to focus on the health benefits that a sensible, long-term eating plan can deliver. But admits that some weight loss – even if it is a “quick fix” – can be... Read more

Potato milk and dream therapy – the health trends to watch in 2022

It’s not just potatoes – sunflower seeds are set for a revival next year. In the US, Ben & Jerry’s recently released sunflower seed ice cream, while Whole Foods has sunflower butter, and brands including Biona have leapt on the... Read more

Forget booze – can you really be addicted to food?

“There hasn’t been a day of my life where I haven’t thought about problems with food,” said broadcaster Richard Osman this week, of his world since the age of nine. “As soon as you have an addictive behaviour you know…... Read more

‘I stopped trying to be skinny – and life is so much richer for it’

As a marketing tactic aimed at those who are seduced by the idea of losing a bit of weight, it is hard to resist. So-called transformational photos – the “before and after” shots of people as they lose weight –... Read more