Decision on Covid vaccines for children aged five to 11 expected in days

Other countries including France, Spain, Italy and the United States have been vaccinating children aged five to 11 with the Pfizer/BioNTech jab.

Some parents have complained that attempts to plan holidays abroad have been made more difficult because Britain is out of line with other nations. While most will accept under-12s who are unvaccinated, some holiday and ski resorts will either not or will insist on tests, leaving parents facing logistical difficulties.

Justine Roberts, the chief executive of Mumsnet, said the problem had cropped up on the parenting website a number of times.

She added: “There is certainly a view that people are keen to get away, especially if they have had two years of staying at home, and they are finding a whole new set of logistical problems.”

Ms Roberts said the majority of the site’s users backed the vaccination programme in general and would be likely to want to see jabs rolled out for younger children.

“I think, broadly, our users are very supportive of the vaccination programme, not just for themselves but for the safety of others, such as older people and grandparents, and I think they would be broadly supportive of vaccines for younger children,” she added.

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