Announcement of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Maison Margiela Edition: luxury from France

November 09, 2022, 08:05

Samsung, known for its special versions of flagships from famous designers, has introduced a new brainchild. This time the choice fell on the Galaxy Z Flip 4, which was designed by the Parisian fashion house Maison Margiela. The collaboration resulted in the limited edition Galaxy Z Flip 4 Maison Margiela Edition. Elements of the iconic design philosophy of the fashion house are literally woven into it – from the smartphone itself to its interface, cases and packaging.

Анонс Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Maison Margiela Edition: люкс из Франции
Анонс Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Maison Margiela Edition: люкс из Франции

The smartphone is painted in Maison Margiela’s signature matte white color, which is complemented by translucent decorative lines that emphasize the internal structure of the device, as well as a matte silver frame.

Анонс Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Maison Margiela Edition: люкс из Франции Анонс Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Maison Margiela Edition: люкс из Франции

In a stylized box, the user will be greeted by a pair of special covers: one of them is made of leather, hand-dyed using the unique Maison bianchetto technology. The second has a unique canvas-like texture and features the iconic Maison Margiela numbered ring, which has been reimagined as a handy smartphone holder. There are four stitches on the covers of the cases – Maison Margiela branding.

Samsung has also worked to ensure that the user interface matches the overall style of the device. For this, special stylized wallpapers and icons have been created.

The exclusive Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Maison Margiela Edition will go on sale starting December 1 in select markets including France, Korea and China (Hong Kong). The price tag has not yet been announced.

Анонс Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Maison Margiela Edition: люкс из Франции

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