The Pillswood station on Tesla Megapack batteries with a capacity of 196 MWh has become the largest battery in Europe.

The Pillswood station on Tesla Megapack batteries with a capacity of 196 MWh has become the largest battery in Europe.

The new Tesla Megapack project has become the largest battery system in Europe, which is able to provide power to about 300,000 British homes for two hours.

The Tesla Megapack has quickly become the leading utility-scale energy storage system. This has helped Tesla’s energy division accelerate the deployment of electricity storage systems and accumulate a significant order book.

Tesla is building huge batteries faster than ever, with 42 Megapack batteries per week being produced at the Gigafactory in Nevada, in addition to a new Megafactory in California that recently went live and is trying to increase output to 40 GWh per year. New battery stations are popping up in Europe, such as the 196 MWh Pillswood Project near Hull in the UK.

Harmony Energy Limited, the developer of the project, has announced that they have completed the installation of the Tesla Megapacks and brought the project online, making it what they believe to be the largest battery system in Europe. The project will provide critical balancing services to the UK’s electricity grid, as well as allowing for the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy. Tesla was actively involved in the project and managed the installation.

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The project will be managed through Autobidder, Tesla’s trading platform, which has been used for the past two years to manage the Holes Bay and Contego projects – two other Harmony Energy Limited and FRV battery stations. This real-time electricity sales and distribution platform is optimized with machine learning for more efficient utilization and improved asset monetization. As of last year, Tesla Autobidder operated an array of battery stations with 1.2 GWh of energy storage and the capacity was growing rapidly.

Tesla Energy, the company’s energy division that implements stationary batteries and solar power, is breaking quarterly profit records after another. In the last quarter, the company deployed 2.1 GWh of batteries – mainly due to the growth of the Megapack network. It is expected that this record will be broken again soon.

Tesla presented a large Megapack energy storage with a capacity of 360 MW ยท h – it will help provide electricity to 60 thousand homes in the USA

Source: Electrek

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