Russia turns hospitals in Crimea into military hospitals, and sends staff to mainland Ukraine

Some medical institutions, especially in the north of the peninsula, have been turned into military field hospitals for the wounded and injured Russian military. Over the past two months, an acute problem has arisen in the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula... Read more

Russia turns Crimean hospitals into military hospitals, sends staff to mainland Ukraine

Some medical institutions, especially in the north of the peninsula, have been turned into military field hospitals for the wounded and injured Russian military. Over the past two months, an acute problem has arisen in the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula... Read more

Zelensky called how many Russian Federation has completely destroyed hospitals since the beginning of the war

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the military of the aggressor country has destroyed 570 healthcare facilities, completely destroyed 101 hospitals. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that work on the construction of... Read more

During the war, the enemy destroyed 101 Ukrainian hospitals

The shells and rockets of the invaders hit 600 Ukrainian medical institutions. For 78 days Russian terrorists have been shelling residential areas and civilian facilities. 101 hospitals have been destroyed beyond repair. Also, 450 pharmacies were destroyed by Russian terrorists,... Read more

The Russian Defense Ministry "announced" attacks on hospitals in four regions of Ukraine

On Thursday evening, May 5, the Russian Ministry of Defense named four hospitals in Ukraine in which military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was allegedly hidden. As you know, this is how Russia justifies its fire attacks on... Read more

Russians deploy military hospitals in occupied territories – General Staff

The occupiers are constantly losing combat personnel. In order to treat the wounded, the enemy began to use hospitals in the temporarily occupied territories. In particular, the Russian military equips military hospitals. This was reported in the General Staff of... Read more

In the occupied territories, enemies steal medical equipment, drive out the sick and force them to treat their wounded – intelligence

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russian military commit arbitrariness: they do not allow civilians to use medical services. In general, the occupiers prevent the import of medicines from the territories controlled by Ukraine, expel locals from hospitals to treat... Read more

The occupiers in Chernihiv destroyed all the hospitals: most of them can no longer be restored

There is not a single hospital left in Chernihiv that has not been damaged by the occupiers. The Russian invaders in Chernihiv destroyed all the medical institutions in the city, three of them cannot be restored. This was stated by... Read more

It is time for the NHS to recover the lost art of convalescence

In his new book, Recovery: The Lost Art of Convalescence, Edinburgh GP and writer Gavin Francis recalls local hospitals, sanatoriums and asylums where patients were once admitted for rest and recuperation, that have now been closed or redeveloped for other... Read more

‘Holby City was special – it’s an unnecessary victim of the new BBC dogma’

His co-creator McHale points out that Holby’s shoestring budget meant no location scenes, which, counterintuitively worked very much in its favour. “Casualty is a series of guest accidents, with the team responding to the fallout,” he says. “Holby is about... Read more

It’s ‘nonsense’ to suggest hospital staff speak only English at work, NHS director says

An NHS director has said hospital staff should not be required to speak only in English to colleagues while at work. Partha Kar, NHS England’s director of equality, medical workforce, said it was “utter nonsense” to tell staff they cannot... Read more

Urgency needed on rollout of fourth Covid vaccine as hospitalisations soar, NHS warned

Almost half of hospital patients with Covid are “incidental” cases, which means they are more likely to reflect infection rates in the community without the time lag associated with severe illness. But there is also concern that the patterns could reflect... Read more

Allow visitors for an hour a day under ‘living with Covid’ plan, hospitals told

The policies varied across the country, with around a quarter of hospital trusts banning all routine visits. In some cases, visitors were only allowed to see loved ones for 30 minutes per visit every other day. Charities, MPs and relatives’... Read more

Emergency, episode 1, review: turning real-life trauma into a queasy TV cliffhanger

The decision to broadcast Emergency (Channel 4) across four consecutive nights leaves an uneasy feeling. Like similar shows of this type, such as 24 Hours in A&E, it follows cases of real-life trauma. We meet patients in great distress, whose... Read more

Alcohol causes one in 20 hospital admissions, with rising figures ‘compounded’ by Covid pandemic

More than one in 20 hospital admissions are now fuelled by alcohol, new figures show, with almost a million cases a year. The statistics from NHS Digital show 976,429 admissions in 2019/20 which were linked to alcohol – a 16... Read more

Hospital patients to be moved into hotel to free up beds amid ‘enormous pressure’ on NHS

Hospital patients are to be moved into a hotel in a bid to free up beds amid “enormous pressure” on NHS services. Up to 15 patients will receive care at a city centre hotel in Norwich in a pilot scheme... Read more

It’s puppy love as Prince William and Kate make friends with cockapoo Alfie on hospital visit

The Duke and Duchess are joint royal patrons of NHS Charities Together and heard about how the area was one of the country’s worst affected by Covid-19. A £30,000 grant from NHS Charities Together allowed the hospital charity ELHT&Me to... Read more

Covid cases nearly lower than when ‘Plan B’ was triggered as figures suggest worst is over

England’s “Plan B” restrictions are due to expire on Jan 26, and ministers hope they will not need to be renewed. Prof Mike Tildesley, of the University of Warwick and a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Modelling group (SPI-M),... Read more

Patients with terminal illnesses ‘dying in pain’ because of NHS Covid delays

Nearly nine in 10 hospices have revealed that patients are being referred to them with terminal illnesses as a result of Covid-related NHS delays in diagnosis and treatment. Marie Curie, one of the UK’s biggest providers of hospices, warned it... Read more

More than half of Londoners in hospital with Covid are being treated for other illnesses

The number of people having to wait more than a year to start treatment stood at 306,996, down from 312,665 in the previous month but up 60 per cent from the number waiting in November 2020, which was 192,169. A... Read more

Boris Johnson: Number of people catching Covid in hospital is ‘unacceptable’

On Monday, Prof Graham Medley, the chairman of the Spi-M modelling group, which advises the Government on the virus, said ministers would reach a stage where mass vaccination is no longer cost effective. “The decisions that the Government makes about... Read more

NHS can take over private hospitals under new deal

But the Health Service Journal (HSJ) reported that about two-thirds of the private sector capacity block-purchased by the NHS went unused by the service between June and the end of September 2020. Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, said: “NHS staff... Read more

Almost half of all Covid hospital patients in some areas are ‘incidental’ cases

Critics have warned that it is impossible to gauge the true impact that the virus is having on the NHS when the numbers are so skewed by “incidental Covid” cases. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)... Read more

Nicola Sturgeon’s deputy ‘twisting data’ to justify Scotland’s strict Covid rules

The ONS study reported that one in 25 people in England had the virus, compared to one in 40 in Scotland. However, during the period it covered rules were broadly the same on both sides of the border, with Scottish... Read more

London’s Covid cases and admissions peak without overwhelming NHS, figures suggest

Crucially, despite the rise in hospitalisation there has been almost no change in the number of people requiring mechanical ventilation in London and daily deaths have not risen higher than the 24 recorded on Dec 22. The number of people... Read more