review of the book perfectionists how engineers created the modern

Review of the book “Perfectionists. How engineers created the modern world”

We read an interesting non-fiction book by the famous English journalist and writer Simon Winchester. The book is called “Perfectionists. How engineers created the modern world.” This…

the orion spacecraft photographed the earth and the moon together

The Orion spacecraft photographed the Earth and the Moon together from a distance of 432,210 km, breaking the record of Apollo 13

The record distance from the Orion spacecraft to the Earth allows you to capture wonderful views. NASA has shared a photo taken by the Artemis I mission…

a new mrna vaccine against 20 influenza strains is designed

A new mRNA vaccine against 20 influenza strains is designed to prevent future pandemics

The new mRNA vaccine, which has so far been tested in humans, includes several influenza strains with pandemic potential that can be transferred to humans from animals….

1669287605 ex president of neuralink elon musk is working on a brain computer

Ex-president of Neuralink Elon Musk is working on a brain-computer interface that does not require implants and works through the optic nerve

Max Khodak, who previously served as president of Elon Musk’s Neuralink, has launched his own competing startup. His new company, Science Corp. is working on a brain-computer…

laser weapons of the russian federation can it change the course of the war 628b3eb1c5088

Laser weapons of the Russian Federation. Can it change the course of the war?

Tom Spender BBC News May 20, 2022 Photo by Getty Images Caption to the photo, Ukrainian soldier demonstrates weapons to combat drones The Russian Federation has announced…