How to import or export bookmarks in Edge

The built-in Edge browser in Windows 10 gets more and more features with each update, and so recently they added the ability to install extensions, and in the next update they will add the ability to import and export bookmarks... Read more

Remove email address from Windows 10 login screen

When you turn on the computer in Windows 10, the login screen shows the account under which you last logged in and the email address of this user. Many users asked the question – how to remove the email address... Read more

Remove folders from This PC Windows 10

Starting with Windows 8.1, a group of folders was added to This computer: Videos, Downloads, Music, Documents, Pictures, Desktop. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to remove them without editing the registry. Earlier, we described how to delete folders... Read more

Open This PC by default Windows 10

You have noticed that by clicking on the explorer shortcut – “Quick Access” opens in front of you, and not this computer (or my computer in the old fashioned way). Not everyone likes it, and today we will tell you... Read more

Microsoft Edge freezes on Windows 10

The built-in browser in Windows 10 Edge sometimes freezes, which makes many users nervous. I also came across that he disappeared altogether and helped a friend to return him. In today’s article, we will save Edge from freezing, as well... Read more

How to turn off notification sounds in Windows 10

In Windows 10, various actions are accompanied by notifications that not only write what is needed or what happened, but also make sounds. Not everyone likes these sounds, and in today’s article we will look at how to turn them... Read more

How to install WordPress on a Windows 7,8,10 PC

In today’s article, we will describe a quick way to install WordPress locally on a Windows system. WordPress is a popular blogging content management system. More than half of the world uses WordPress to build their websites. We have previously... Read more

How to disable the Windows 10 lock screen

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at different ways to turn off the lock screen in Windows 8 and 10. Disable Windows 10 & 8 Lock Screen in Group Policies This method works in Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or... Read more

Lock computer after inactivity in Windows 10

In Windows 10, as well as in other versions of Windows, you can set the screen saver to turn on after a certain time of inactivity. You can also make sure that after a certain time of inactivity, the screen... Read more

How to set the default operating system when dual booting.

If you have two operating systems installed on your computer, or you have added different boot options for your system, then when you turn on the computer, it offers a menu with the choice of the desired OS to start.... Read more

How to set your notification sound in Windows 10

Many actions in Windows 10 are accompanied by sound notifications. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at how to set notification sound in Windows 10. Set notification sound in sound settings You need any sound file... Read more

Sleep, Hibernation, or Shutdown?

The computer can be hibernated, hibernated, or shut down. Sleep allows you to temporarily turn off some functions to save energy and quickly resume work if necessary. Hibernation shuts down your computer, but allows you to completely restore your session... Read more

How to share files between Windows, Mac and Linux

Today, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems can talk to each other and exchange files on the same network without third-party software. To configure file exchange between these systems, we will use the SMB protocol. Windows uses SMB for file... Read more

How to install, uninstall and manage fonts on Windows, Mac and Linux

To use a new font in Word or simply change the system font of the operating system – first you must install the font on your operating system. After installation, it will become available for all programs in this operating... Read more

How to run old programs in Windows 10

Most of the apps that worked on Windows 7 will almost certainly work on Windows 10. But there are exceptions, and in today’s article we’ll look at ways to run older apps on Windows 10 if they won’t start. Run... Read more

How to search on Google: ways to search that are good to know.

Google is an excellent search engine that allows you to find what you want, no matter how you make a request. It also has some additions that allow you to search for what you need faster and more accurately! Converter... Read more

What apps and sites have access to your Google account

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What is VPN and why you might want to use it

VPN or virtual private network technology allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. For example, there is a corporation with its own secure network, and you are an employee of this corporation working from... Read more

How to password protect documents and pdfs with Office

Microsoft Office allows you to encrypt your documents and PDf files, which makes it possible to protect your document with a password. In other words, if you set a password on a document, no one will open it without it.... Read more

How to remotely access files on your PC using OneDrive

Usually, in order for the files to be available from any device, they first need to be synchronized with the cloud storage, only after that you will be able to access them on any device via the Internet. But this... Read more

Several ways to outsmart sites that ask you to register

Many sites ask to register to download something or read information. After registration, a lot of spam starts pouring into your mailbox, it’s good if it contains the necessary information. If you use some site all the time, then perhaps... Read more

Speed ​​up your computer, phone or tablet by disabling animations

Animations bring beauty to your desktop, they make all movements more attractive. But when your device reacts for a very long time to any action, you can turn off this beauty by slightly speeding up the computer, or further watch... Read more

Google Photos Guide

Most users on their phones use the usual gallery to work with photos, they are not even aware of the existence of a rather powerful tool for working with photos from Google. If you use Google Photos, you always have... Read more

How to keep all current tabs in Chrome for reading later

Very often, when analyzing a topic, you need to open many resources and draw information from them, but not everything can be done in half an hour, sometimes you have to sit for hours or days and various resources are... Read more

How to disable Command Prompt and Run in Windows

Command Prompt and Run are both powerful tools in Windows, and in some cases dangerous in the wrong hands. If the computer is used not only by you, and other users have been created on it, they can be prohibited... Read more