Resident Evil 4 remake, Horizon for VR2 and other new PlayStation

Sony held a summer edition of the PlayStation State Of Play, where, in addition to the announcement of the release of Spider-Man on PC , revealed many more interesting projects. In particular, the remake of the fourth part, long-awaited by many fans of the Resident Evil series, is presented, which is being prepared for release in March next year. In parallel with it, The Village for PlayStation VR2 was also shown. It is the theme of virtual reality that has become the key to today’s mini-show. In particular, an adaptation for this technology Horizon, the game of the Walking Dead universe, No Man Sky, was announced. They showed Street Fighter 6 (by the way, now you can play the fifth part for free on PS4 and PS5, the trial is active until June 9), Final Fantasy 16 and some other smaller projects. The icing on the cake was Calisto Protocol from one and the creators of the cult Dead Space. All trailers are in front of you below. What did you like?

Ремейк Resident Evil 4, Horizon для VR2 и другие новинки PlayStation

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According to Sony

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