Samsung Pay stopped working on smartphones and smartwatches

Samsung produces not only hit devices, but also many ecosystem Android applications, often making them available on third-party devices. Vivid examples of these are the Samsung Internet browser, the Samsung Health fitness app and, of course, the Samsung Pay payment system, which is necessary for the Galaxy Watch to work with non-Samsung smartphones. With the latter, there are numerous user complaints that have flooded the Samsung and Reddit forums in recent days. When trying to log in, users receive an error “identifier is invalid”, due to which purchases in stores and, in general, access to the application were blocked.

Samsung Pay перестал работать смартфонах и умных часах

And, even more surprisingly, not only owners of smartphones of other brands faced the problem: there is at least one case with the Galaxy S20 FE. Samsung support told one user that Samsung Pay would no longer work on third-party devices, but this is more like a mistake: the company hardly wants to antagonize millions of Galaxy Watch owners, and Samsung has not yet received official statements. Presumably, the problem may be related to the recent news about the absorption of Samsung Pay and Pass into Samsung Wallet – perhaps there were some errors during the transfer stage. We are waiting for the official comment of Samsung.

Samsung Pay перестал работать смартфонах и умных часах Samsung Pay перестал работать смартфонах и умных часах

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