Samsung's new technology will make folding solutions cheaper and more effective

Samsung, being a pioneer and leader in the foldable smartphone segment, continues to improve their production technologies to reduce costs and, as a result, final price tags for the consumer. According to the South Korean edition of The Elec, the company has developed a new method for laminating flexible OLED panels, which will not only reduce the cost of this stage tenfold (!) but also make the panels thinner. In addition, with its help, allegedly, it will be possible to achieve “zero frames” along the contour of the screen, which will have a great effect on the visual appeal of smartphones.

Новая технология Samsung сделает складные решения дешевле и эффектнее

The technology consists in the transition to the jet application of liquid transparent glue instead of the laborious gluing of several layers of pre-cut transparent adhesive tape. The issue of material flow on curved surfaces appears to have been successfully resolved and Samsung has now reportedly placed an order for inkjet printing equipment. It is quite possible that the first solutions based on the new technology will be the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5.

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