VIDEO: OnePlus Ace and Dimensity 8100 review – Snapdragon 870 to rest?

It’s time for a review of the new OnePlus Ace! This time we did not bother with checking the camera and all that, but completely focused on the main thing – the hit MediaTek Dimensity 8100 chipset, which has become a serious force in the pre-flagship segment. Surprise “iron” began already at the stage of testing in synthetics, and in real proposals, the effect only strengthened. Strong heating and poor optimization in some projects became a fly in the ointment, however, Dimensity 8100 remains a chip that can displace the popular Snapdragon 870. In general, see for yourself and do not forget to subscribe to the channel , where there will be many more interesting things soon.

ВИДЕО: обзор OnePlus Ace и Dimensity 8100 - Snapdragon 870 на покой?

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