overview of floor scales redmond skybalance rs 744s 626c9e6d78678

Overview of floor scales Redmond SkyBalance RS-744S

If there should be scales in the house, then simple, understandable, without unnecessary functions and with a convenient recording of the results are needed. Redmond SkyBalance RS-744S…

polaris pmc 5020 wi fi iq home multicooker review 626c9e5933485

Polaris PMC 5020 Wi-Fi IQ Home multicooker review

It seems that soon kitchen appliances will be able to rule the state: more and more “smart” appliances are becoming, and their skills are developing every year….

overview of the compact irrigator elari ir 600 626c9e4acc653

Overview of the compact irrigator Elari IR-600

The irrigator does not replace a toothbrush, but complements it: a jet of water cleans particles of food and plaque removed by a brush from interdental spaces,…

lex fsmo m 03iv microwave review 626c9e4487594

Lex FSMO M.03IV Microwave Review

The Lex FSMO M.03IV microwave oven from the collection with the telling name Vintage is not only decorated antique, it also has quite a retro functionality: no…

overview of the kitfort kt 144 induction hob 626c9e3a13fe8

Overview of the Kitfort KT-144 induction hob

We are testing the Kitfort KT-144 induction cooker – small, light, single-burner, we would say camping. Of course, no one will take an electric stove on an…

xiaomi mi electric kettle review 626c9e2aa6ad9

Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle review

The Mi Electric Kettle MJDSH01YM is a fairly simple device from the Xiaomi family. Here we will not find any “smart” features: the device cannot connect to…

review of the meat grinder redmond rmg 1241 6 626c9e18b9332

Review of the meat grinder Redmond RMG-1241-6

The combination of a meat grinder and a vegetable cutter in one device has long become mainstream. Indeed, why produce entities? Another such hybrid, Redmond RMG-1241-6, came…

polaris puh 4040 wifi iq home ultrasonic humidifier review 626c9e05ea4df

Polaris PUH 4040 WIFI IQ Home ultrasonic humidifier review

Dry air has an unpleasant effect on the mucous membranes, the electrification of everything around and just on the mood. Raise the humidity in the room quickly…

how to choose a drip coffee maker depending on your needs and budget 626c9df5ae2cd

How to choose a drip coffee maker depending on your needs and budget

Drip coffee makers are (mostly) fairly simple devices whose task is to quickly and easily provide a coffee lover with a large volume of drink. Drip brewing…

iboto smart l920sw aqua robot vacuum cleaner review with lidar and excellent navigation 626c9def31745

iBoto Smart L920SW Aqua robot vacuum cleaner review with lidar and excellent navigation

Robotic vacuum cleaners do not try to pass through walls and distinguish between obstacles. In this they are helped by “vision” sensors and software methods for building…

lex fsmo 20 03 wh microwave review 626c9ddff2c64

Lex FSMO 20.03 WH microwave review

This time in our laboratory the Lex brand FSMO 20.03 WH microwave oven. She has a standard set of functions – defrosting, several power levels and a…

kitfort kt 9103 steam cleaner review 626c9dcf4c165

Kitfort KT-9103 steam cleaner review

With the help of many nozzles included in the kit, Kitfort KT-9103, as stated in the description, can not only wash and disinfect floors, but also steam…

redmond rj 930s auger juicer review reverse function cold extraction juice outlet with valve 626c9dbd4e484

Redmond RJ-930S auger juicer review: reverse function, cold extraction, juice outlet with valve

Today we are testing the Redmond RJ-930S auger juicer. The device is distinguished by a small diameter of the loading opening (only 3.5 × 4.5 cm), modest…

multicooker review polaris pmc 5040 wi fi iq home 626c9dac2a000

Multicooker review Polaris PMC 5040 Wi-Fi IQ Home

We continue to enjoy exploring the Polaris IQ Home line of instruments. This time we have before us one of the samples of new generation kitchen appliances…

how to choose an inexpensive carob coffee maker and not get into a mess 626c9d9cca27a

How to choose an inexpensive carob coffee maker and not get into a mess

Carob coffee makers are devices designed to make espresso, a popular coffee drink made by passing hot water under pressure through a filter filled with ground coffee….

overview of the planetary mixer lex lxmx 4101 626c9d9229be3

Overview of the planetary mixer Lex LXMX 4101

More and more multifunctional devices fall into our hands – and it’s really convenient to buy several devices at once, and space in the kitchen is saved….

overview of the air washer kitfort kt 2821 626c9d8b96230

Overview of the air washer Kitfort KT-2821

Everything needs to be washed! And the atmosphere in the house is no exception. It’s good that we don’t have to do it manually – such a…

overview of al ko cs 4235 external battery powered chainsaw 626c9d80c3465

Overview of Al-Ko CS 4235 External Battery Powered Chainsaw

After spring-summer testing of Al-Ko’s aerator , blade shredder and lawn mower , autumn has arrived. This is the time of the instrument that is used at…

delonghi cgh1020d multigrill contact grill review with 2 sets of panels 626c9d728ece2

De'Longhi CGH1020D MultiGrill contact grill review with 2 sets of panels

De’Longhi CGH1020D is not only a contact grill, it can also be used as a broiler and grill oven for non-contact frying of thick foods. The device…

overview of the oral irrigator kitfort kt 2911 626c9d5c27fdc

Overview of the oral irrigator Kitfort KT-2911

Recently, home appliances for various manipulations in the oral cavity have become much more popular than five years ago. Irrigators, for example, began to appear from manufacturers…

review of the budget carob coffee maker lex lxcm 3502 1 626c9d4ac9400

Review of the budget carob coffee maker Lex LXCM 3502-1

It’s no secret that budget carob coffee makers, despite the sometimes significantly different appearance, usually have approximately the same filling. The reason for this is simple: there…

review of the carob coffee maker polaris pcm 2001ae adore crema 626c9d3669c57

Review of the carob coffee maker Polaris PCM 2001AE Adore Crema

When we first looked at the Polaris PCM 2001AE carob coffee maker, we had a slight feeling of deja vu. Like we’ve seen it somewhere before… An…

overview planetary mixer hyundai hym s6551 626c9d259bf6d

Overview planetary mixer Hyundai HYM-S6551

The 1300 W Hyundai HYM-S6551 planetary mixer is equipped with a capacious 4.5 l bowl and three nozzles for whipping and mixing products. The device is controlled…

how to cook pilaf in a city apartment or in the country we deal with stoves hobs and multicookers 626c9d0c16f67

How to cook pilaf in a city apartment or in the country: we deal with stoves, hobs and multicookers

Cooking pilaf is a special sacrament, on which there are many points of view and which has collected many myths (“culinary secrets”). Many chefs claim that it…

overview of the lifaair la330 air purifier 626c9d00c82c1

Overview of the LIFAair LA330 air purifier

In a large bedroom or, let’s say, in an entire medium-sized apartment, it would be good to keep the atmosphere clean without placing several appliances in the…