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Monday, November 29, 2021

Isle of Man seeks young professionals with ‘Shoreditch’ makeover

Walls in Douglas and Port St Mary have been daubed with brightly coloured murals, shelters on the promenade in Ramsey have been newly decorated, and the town’s public toilets have been earmarked for an artistic makeover as part of a raft of comissons on the island.

Planning rules stipulate that design must be in keeping with the local area, with murals containing nods to TT racing and fishing, and officials have said while the arts scene is about reframing the island’s image, it must also show off what is unique about Man.

Mr Cain said: “We have people going off island, perhaps thinking there is nothing for them here, but industries are changing, digital skills are becoming very important here.

“I think everyone in Government is really looking at attracting people to come, and making it attractive to retain people.

“The Isle of Man has always been the sort of downplayed island, with maybe Guernsey and Jersey being a bit more vocal about advertising what they were about.

“We’ve been a bit more underrated here, which is a very Manx thing, but I think we need to be doing more of that, and telling people about what’s on offer here.”

Alongside top-down funding, officials have said that the Isle of Man is becoming like an offshore St Ives, the Cornish town which became a hub for artists like Barbara Hepworth.

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