Facebook reportedly is aware of the level of ‘problematic use’ among its users

Facebook’s own internal research found 1 in 8 of its users reported compulsive social media use that interfered with their sleep, work, and relationships— what the social media platform calls “problematic use” but is more commonly known as “internet addiction,”... Read more

Pfizer says its antiviral pill reduces hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19

Pfizer’s antiviral pill is highly effective at preventing people who catch COVID-19 from becoming seriously ill, the company said today in a press release. A clinical trial showed that the pill, which has the brand name Paxlovid, cut the risk... Read more

Animal Crossing’s big update has sucked me back in

It’s been a long time since I’ve been surprised by Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I played the Nintendo Switch game regularly for the first year it was out, checking in virtually every day to see how my village was progressing.... Read more

Google Pixel 6 appears to fall short of expected 30W charging speeds

When Google released the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, it boasted about the devices’ fast-charging capabilities. Plugging a Pixel 6 series device into its $25 30W Fast Charger — which isn’t even included in the box — is supposed... Read more

Stranger Things 4 will have a summer 2022 release date

Netflix tweeted Saturday that Stranger Things 4 will premiere in the summer of 2022. While not a precise release date, it’s at least something for fans of Netflix’s flagship supernatural series, who have waited through months of delays and a... Read more

Someone stole an entire shipment of EVGA RTX graphics cards

As if the chip shortage didn’t make it hard enough to get our hands on graphics cards, criminals are making it a heck of a lot worse. According to a forum post by EVGA product manager Jacob Freeman, thieves made... Read more

Federal appeals court temporarily halts new Biden vaccine rule for companies

A federal appeals court on Saturday issued a stay against the Biden administration’s vaccine rules for US companies. The new rule announced Thursday requires workers at businesses with 100 or more employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, or submit to... Read more

Steam trains’ slavery links to be investigated in £9,000 project

Internal documents show that staff found “little interpretation that addresses the railways’ role in empire” in its collection of almost 300 locomotives and rolling stock. Objects highlighted by staff which “speak to this theme” include an 1896 Cape Government Railway... Read more

SolarWinds investors allege board knew about cyber risks

Nov 5 (Reuters) – SolarWinds Corp (SWI.N) investors have sued the software company’s directors, alleging they knew about and failed to monitor cybersecurity risks to the company ahead of a breach that created a vulnerability in thousands of its customers’... Read more

Woman arrested after fourth person dies in paddleboarding tragedy

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter after a paddleboarding incident on a river in Wales last weekend in which four people died. The suspect, who police said comes from South Wales, has been released under... Read more

Sainsbury’s boss reveals concerns over fatty vegan food products

A Sainsbury’s boss has admitted concerns over selling fatty vegan food products. Mark Given, the chief marketing officer at the supermarket chain, said it was trying to make sure new plant-based alternatives were not less healthy than the meats they... Read more

Forget immigration, the French are most concerned about red tape – and it’s hitting women hardest

Gripes about French bureaucracy are hardly new. Indeed, they were even in a register of grievances drawn up during the French Revolution and every French leader promises to tackle the issue. However, it was during his travels that Mr Koenig... Read more

Ghislaine Maxwell sex-trafficking trial screens 600 jurors for bias against ‘wealthy’

For comparison, 400 people completed juror questionnaires in the case against disgraced Wall Street banker Bernie Madoff. In a video address played to candidates before they filled out the questionnaire, US District Judge Alison Nathan this week said there would... Read more

Fiona Hill: Biden’s shock Virginia defeat shows Americans are ready to embrace Trump again

Dr Hill said the result showed the “populist style has legs”. Mr Trump would “certainly bank that [the Virginia result] as a victory for himself and run with it. He will certainly lay claim to anyone who wins, and denounce... Read more

She’s been Vice President for a year – so where exactly has Kamala Harris gone?

According to reports, the notoriously thin-skinned president was initially reluctant to invite her on to his ticket. Having been persuaded of the electoral sense of the move, some now see an element of revenge in the task the new president... Read more

Strictly Come Dancing 2021: Week 7, live – John Whaite and Johannes Radebe prepare to rumba

After the excitements of Hallowe’en, it’s back to relative normal in the ballroom. And, as we reach the halfway mark, the competition is getting serious: who has the versatility to make it all the way through the season, and who... Read more

This is one of the most magnificent poems of the First World War

The approach of Armistice Day reminds one not just of the hideous slaughter of more than 700,000 British men in the four years of the Great War, but also of the cultural damage done as a result. The war produced... Read more

Policymakers watch in horror as Britain’s cost of living crisis widens

The Bank of England still insists that the inflation is transitory, but how long is transitory? Certainly a lot longer than the Bank thought it would be just three months ago. The bright spot in the economy is of course... Read more

Meet the midlifers betting on Bitcoin

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu coin, Floki: a dizzying array of so-called cryptocurrency “meme coins” have proliferated this year. Some investors have gone into a frenzy over coins that are based on internet jokes and have no real-world use. But 2021 has... Read more

Sir Michael Palin: ‘It was like someone putting a warm blanket around me and giving me a cup of tea’

For the veteran explorer, the opposite is true. “When I wander in, while on my travels, immediately there is an atmosphere that shuts out the noise outside. You are often alone, in a ‘somewhere’ that is part of a history... Read more

Three people seriously injured in knife attack on German train

At least three people have been left seriously injured by a knife attack on a high-speed train in Germany, the Bavarian Red Cross has said. The train, which was one of Germany’s high-speed ICE trains, was traveling between the Bavarian... Read more

Dear Richard: ‘Must I put up with my rude, condescending in-laws?’

Dear Richard, My in-laws are returning from their second home in Italy for a couple of weeks after 18 months of self-imposed lockdown. Even though my wife and I have been very happily married for 30 years, things never really... Read more

Web of deceit: The rising threat of ransomware

“The first few cases were in 2013, but it’s gotten worse,” says Kurtis Minder, chief executive of GroupSense, based in Arlington, Virginia. His company has a “ransomware hotline” — and it’s in demand. “The past two or three years it’s... Read more

Courtney Lawes’ stunning try-saving tackle caps authoritative display from England stand-in captain

As captain, it was the ultimate in do-as-I-do industry – reminiscent of the way in which Chris Robshaw used to chase place-kicks just in case they rebounded off a post. With England still in a tricky spot, though, his work... Read more

Guinness World Records 2022 honours 9-foot gaming joystick created by Dartmouth College professor

A giant nine-foot-tall video game joystick has been honoured in the Guinness World Records. Mary Flanagan, a Dartmouth College professor, created the giant controller in 2006 after being inspired by playing Atari 2600 video games as a child. She has... Read more