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From primer to powder, here are 8 steps to mastering winter make-up

Clockwise from left: Clarins Double Serum, £78; Vitamin Enrich Face Base by Bobbi Brown, £46.50; It Cosmetics CC Base, £26;  Terry Hylauronic Setting Powder, £33.60

Skincare prep is key 

Skincare is so key to a good make-up look. If your foundation isn’t performing or your looks dehydrated, it is often down to your skincare prep. I really like Clarins Double Serum, £78, which gives the skin a healthy mix of water and oil. I also like the Double Serum Eye by Clarins, too (£56). The key in the morning is to just use an eye cream under the eyes, and not on the lids, as otherwise your eyeshadow is likely to crease. 

The perfect primer 

One of my favourite primers for all skin types is the Vitamin Enrich Face Base by Bobbi Brown, £46.50. This is a beautiful moisturiser that has a velvety feel, and it makes your make-up sit on the skin beautifully. Many primers on the market contain too much silicone, which I feel doesn’t look as nice on the skin – it sits as a film on the face rather than working in harmony with your skincare. 

Finding a foundation

I always get asked how to cancel redness and give the skin a bit of coverage without it looking cakey, and the It Cosmetics CC Base, £26, is one of my favourites. I just use my fingers to apply it as the warmth of your fingers helps your product to melt into the skin. When it comes to finding your perfect shade, always test it on the centre of your cheek. You can’t test on your wrist or your neck, you just won’t get the perfect colour. 

Correct and conceal

If there are any areas of high colour still present after applying foundation, this is when you can use concealer. Don’t get fixated on concealer gathering under the eyes; it’s all about the technique. Dab the concealer and then tap it under your eyes with your ring finger. By using the flat pad of your finger, you will get the most natural finish. I love the Shiseido Synchro Skin Concealer, £30, which is particularly hydrating. Go for a shade that is a touch lighter than your foundation. 

To powder or not?

Powder will definitely keep your make-up in place all day – you need something to dry the wet products on your face. The By Terry Hylauronic Setting Powder, £33.60, is really finely milled. By tapping the powder on your face with a small flurry brush, it takes away the shine without your skin looking flat. 

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