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Sign up to the Telegraph’s Questor WhatsApp group for share tips, advice and recommendations

You can now receive the very latest share tips, advice and recommendations from The Daily Telegraph’s renowned Questor column direct to your phone via our all new WhatsApp group.

Richard Evans, editor of Questor, will provide you with a daily dose of news and analysis, as well as exclusive audio updates on the stocks to watch and what’s going on in the markets. 

Signing up is easy – just follow the steps below.

Important note: your phone number will only be used to receive Questor alerts from The Daily Telegraph. Your phone number will not be exposed to people who use the service and will not be used for marketing purposes of any kind.

I have WhatsApp installed on my mobile

  1. Tap here from your mobile.
  2. You will see a service message asking if you want to open WhatsApp – tap “Open”.
  3. You will be taken through to WhatsApp and will see “Receive Telegraph Questor updates and exclusive analysis” in the message field – tap “send”.
  4. You will receive a welcome message asking you to add our WhatsApp phone number to the contacts on your mobile. You will need to do this in order to continue receiving updates from us.

The process is now complete and we hope that you enjoy our Questor updates.

I don’t have WhatsApp installed on my mobile

Download WhatsApp for free through the Apple App Store, Google Play or another mobile app store.

Follow steps 1-5, noted above.

I’m not receiving updates 

We add every single person who signs up to Questor WhatsApp to the group, which means we will always send you the next available text or audio update. 

Sometimes, however, the messages aren’t received at the user’s end.

If you’re not receiving updates, the most likely reason is that the Questor WhatsApp Group phone number has not been added to your phone’s contacts book (this is a key part of being able to receive the updates we send out).

To add, simply tap the “Add” button at the top of the WhatsApp chat window (see below), or add it manually via your Contacts app.

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