Supreme Court reverses return of UOC church seized by Kyiv Patriarchate

The court satisfied the claim of the OCU, which demanded that the transfer of the UOC Sretensky church in Konstantynivka to the UOC-KP be recognized as legal. On February 24, 2021, the Supreme Court, as part of the panel of judges... Read more

Rivne official, who seized UOC temples, promises to further “assist” OCU

Sergei Kondrachuk, who received the church order “for services to the Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church” from the OCU, implied to the UOC clergyman about meeting him soon. The head of the Rivne Regional Council, Sergei Kondrachuk, who was involved in... Read more

Hierarch of UOC: Renaming UOC is similar to renaming Ukraine

Archbishop Nikolai (Pochtovy) spoke about what awaits the believers if the government passes a law on renaming the UOC. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church appeared earlier than the state, and depriving the UOC of its name is like depriving Ukraine of... Read more

UOC hierarch: Anti-church laws are adopted to legalize raiding

The whole point about anti-church laws is to legitimize lawlessness against the believers of the UOC, emphasized Archbishop Nikolai (Pochtovy). New anti-church laws are being adopted to deprive the UOC of the opportunity to defend its rights and to legalize the... Read more

Dumenko calls OCU “apostolic by the foundation time”

Sergei Dumenko thanked the head of Phanar for not abandoning the “long-standing and apostolic foundation” of the OCU. Sergei (Epiphany) Dumenko called the OCU “ancient and apostolic in terms of its foundation,” and also thanked Patriarch Bartholomew for “sacrificing ministry... Read more