Ex MP: Court orders SBI to reopen case against Poroshenko for incitement

It goes about a criminal case against a number of senior officials on inciting ethnic hatred during the creation of the OCU. Former MP Igor Mosiychuk reported that the Shevchenko District Court of Kyiv ordered the SBI to resume and fully... Read more

“Met.” Anthony Makhota of Khmelnytsky and Kamyanets-Podilsky of OCU reposes

At the age of 55, “Metropolitan” Anthony Makhota of Khmelnytsky Kamyanets-Podilsky of the OCU died. The cause of death is complications caused by coronavirus infection. On March 23, 2021, “Metropolitan” Anthony Makhota of Khmelnytsky Kamyanets-Podilsky of the OCU reposed, reports... Read more

Scientist calculates when the earth will run out of minerals

So, according to the calculations of a specialist, minerals on the planet will disappear in 50 years. Among other things, he said that over the past 250 years, there has been a rapid growth in mining as a source of... Read more

Met Athanasios: I took position on OCU that my conscience dictated

Архиерей Кипрской Православной Церкви напомнил о своем отношении к «украинскому вопросу» во время онлайн-беседы с духовенством Тверской митрополии РПЦ. The hierarch of the Cypriot Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol, said during an online pastoral seminar for the clergy of... Read more

Test Audi A5 Sportback 2020. New, but not quite

The Audi A5 Sportback model was released in 2016, and in 2019 a restyled version was presented, which reached our market in the fall of 2020. This vehicle is a compromise between a classic coupe and a sedan / liftback.... Read more

Saturday coffee №145

The week was not the best for news, but there was still something interesting. So, Elon Musk will now be listed in Tesla in the position of “Techno-king”, and Zak Kirkhorn, the company’s chief financial officer, is now officially called... Read more

Attackers disguise the Trojan as a non-existent Android version of Clubhouse

Researcher Lukas Stefanko of information security company ESET discovered that attackers are using the popularity of the Clubhouse voice chat service to steal user data. To do this, they distribute malware posing as the official Android Clubhouse client. However, no... Read more

New Article: Gamesblender # 510: New Life is Strange, Project Athia Details and Meaty Necromunda: Hired Gun

Read more

Shadow of the Colossus-inspired Action Praey for the Gods Delayed Until April

No Matter’s action-adventure Praey for the Gods was slated to hit PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One in Q2021 XNUMX (the game is now in Early Access on Steam). However, the first quarter ends, and therefore the developers... Read more

Free access to a quantum computer based on ion traps opened in the USA

Most of the quantum computers created today operate on cryogenic qubits. Some of these systems are freely available so that researchers can learn new tools. Recently, the pool of available quantum systems has been supplemented with a unique ion trap... Read more

Lenovo to release Android tablet with Snapdragon 870 processor

Lenovo laptop division manager Lin Lin posted an image on Weibo, hinting at the preparation of a performance tablet on the Qualcomm hardware platform. The image shows a screenshot of the operating system settings section of the gadget. It reveals... Read more

Musk personally responds to allegations of spying Tesla cars for the Chinese military

On Friday, Western media reported that the Chinese authorities are banning the military, scientists and defense sector employees from using Tesla electric vehicles to travel to work and to the places of compact residence of families of workers in the... Read more

The retailer completely declassified the smart watch Amazfit T-Rex Pro shortly before the announcement

On March 23, Huami, backed by Chinese Xiaomi, announces the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatch. However, one of the Polish retailers has already fully disclosed the characteristics of this gadget and named its price. The device is equipped with a 1,3-inch... Read more

Several Clubhouse analogues are being developed in China.

The rapid growth in popularity of the social network Clubhouse has not gone unnoticed by tech giants, many of which have already presented or are developing their own counterparts. Chinese venture capital funds, which are behind the country’s social media,... Read more

Japan expects to “green” the energy sector through the production of methane hydrate

Deep in the ocean floor and under the permafrost lie abundant deposits of high-energy fossils that no one has gotten around to extracting and using. It is a methane hydrate that looks like compressed snow. One cubic meter of this... Read more

The announcement of the Moto G60 smartphone with a huge Full HD + screen is coming

Resource XDA Developers reports that Motorola will add a new mid-range model codenamed hanoip to its range of smartphones: it will debut in the commercial market under the name Moto G60. It is known that the device will be offered... Read more

Chips with PCIe 6.0 can already be designed: Synopsys presented a complete solution

The final PCI Express 6.0 specifications are a few months away, but the final draft, released about 5 months ago, allows chip designers and other companies to start introducing cutting-edge technology into their products: new features will no longer be... Read more

Huawei will release advanced smartphones Nova 9 on the Kirin 990E platform

Internet sources report that the Chinese company Huawei is preparing a new series of advanced smartphones – Nova 9. The announcement of these devices is expected this year. In December 2020, the Nova 8 and Nova 8 Pro smartphones debuted.... Read more

Intel to showcase the capabilities of the Ice Lake-SP Xeon processors on April XNUMX

According to unofficial reports, the announcement of 10nm Ice Lake-SP processors was postponed several times, and at the beginning of this year Intel admitted that it will introduce them in the coming months. The partners of the company have already... Read more

Youth smartphone ZTE S30 Pro will receive 55-W fast charging

ZTE has unveiled new teasers revealing some of the technical characteristics of the youth smartphone S30 Pro, the official presentation of which will take place on March 30. Earlier it was reported that the device will be equipped with a... Read more

Shin Megami Tensei III Remaster: Nocturne Released On May 25th – PC Including, But No Regional Pricing

Publisher Atlus has officially announced a specific release date and a complete list of target platforms for the upcoming remaster of the Japanese RPG Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. As expected, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster (as the... Read more

Fully declassified advanced smartphone POCO X3 Pro with Snapdragon 860 chip and 120-Hz screen

Internet sources report that detailed specifications of the advanced POCO X3 Pro smartphone have been unveiled in the Xiaomi store on the Vietnamese e-commerce platform Shopee. The device is equipped with a 6,67 inches FHD + format screen diagonally. A... Read more

Sapphire doesn’t want miners to buy its graphics cards. But she doesn’t know how to fix it

Yesterday AMD started selling the Radeon RX 6700 XT video card, and its stock almost instantly ran out. The growth of cryptocurrency mining and the global shortage of chips have made it very difficult for gamers to acquire a productive... Read more

Foxconn started making products in the USA, but not at all what it promised

Former US President Donald Trump actively promoted the idea of ​​returning production to his home country. With his suggestion, the Taiwanese company Foxconn pledged to build the world’s most advanced display plant in the state of Wisconsin at a cost... Read more

Gamescom Live Show 2021: Opening Night Live On Aug 24

Host Geoff Keighley has announced that gamescom 2021: Opening Night Live will air on August 24th. As in previous years, the event will be “Game announcements, news and surprises”… Kayleigh promises to share the details of the event this summer.... Read more