Rector in Godomychi: Who remains faithful to Church will attain salvation

The rector of the persecuted Holy Protection community of the UOC in the Volyn village of Godomychi believes that everything that is given in our life is for the best. Those who remain faithful to the Church will attain salvation,... Read more

Moscow: Monuments to two Patriarchs to be erected at Serbian Church Mission

In front of the Church of Peter and Paul of the SOC near the Kremlin, a monument to the Serbian Patriarch Pavel and Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow will be erected. Monuments to two Patriarchs – Paul of Serbia and... Read more

Rector of Godomychi community: Phanar head should remember Last Judgment

Fr Ioann (Shkabura), rector of the UOC church in Volyn village of Godomychi seized in 2019, gave his assessment of the activities of the Patriarch of Constantinople. Patriarch Bartholomew must remember that at the Last Judgment it will be very difficult for... Read more

Police open case against Ternopil region resident for posts about OCU

The materials indicating the incitement of religious hatred on social networks were received by the Zbarazh police by mail from the SBU Office in the Ternopil region. The police opened a criminal case against a resident of the Ternopil region, who published... Read more

Spillikins # 631. Hunting for words and images, we will destroy the “bad” words

Hey. My short vacation in Altai lasted exactly a week, but every day was eventful and I managed to switch from routine to new impressions. On Instagram, I talked in sufficient detail about the places I visited, so I will... Read more

External enclosure for 2.5 inch SSD / HDD – Transcend StoreJet 25CK3

Contents of delivery External drive enclosure Rubber boot Screwdriver 3 screws Additional retainer Instructions USB 3.0 cable TECH SPECS SATA III interface 2.5 in Case – gray or black, plastic Powered USB 3.0 connector Maximum data transfer rate up to... Read more

Sofa Analytics No. 245. Restaurant versus restaurant – customer service by example

Hey. Spent a wonderful week in Altai. Mountains and rivers, snowmobiling on mountain slopes and untouched virgin snow, many new places and experiences. This is not the first time in Altai, and I hope it will not be the last.... Read more

Mazda CX-30 test. Urban samurai

On January 15, 2021, sales of the new Mazda CX-30 started in Russia. This is the most compact crossover of the brand and today, taking into account the departure from our market Mazda 3, the smallest car in the company’s... Read more

Saturday coffee №142

The week has been rich in news, so CD Projekt Red announced that the next big patch for the game Cyberpunk 2077 has been postponed until the second half of March due to a studio hack. The Chinese company Meizu... Read more

Review ASUS ZenBook Duo 14 (UX482E) notebook

Content Contents of delivery TECH SPECS Positioning Appearance, ergonomics Screens, multimedia Keyboard and touchpad Performance, autonomy, cooling Results Contents of delivery A laptop 65W USB Type-C Power Supply Stand for a laptop Stylus Soft case Documentation TECH SPECS Operating system... Read more

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T review: an outstanding 5G smartphone in a country without 5G

Content Positioning TECH SPECS Appearance Screen Battery Performance Camera Communication capabilities Shell MIUI 12 Impression and competitors Positioning Formally, the Redmi Note 9T is an affordable 5G smartphone that aims to give users access to the latest generation of mobile... Read more

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 138

Tomorrow will be the last weekend of the calendar winter, which means that very soon the holiday of March 8, so it’s time to think about gifts. And it would not be superfluous to save money. Let’s take a look... Read more

The subscriptions we collect

And those that collect us, by the way. In the salons, many ask the employee to turn off all content nonsense immediately when buying a sim card. The employee usually agrees out of politeness, but technically it is not feasible,... Read more

The Xiaomi killer. Infinix Note 8 – a smartphone for 11 rubles, which is not afraid of photo flags

Content Short and to the point (for those with little time) Introduction Positioning Appearance Screen Camera Performance Battery life Conclusion and impressions Short and to the point (for those with little time) Infinix Note 8 was with me during my... Read more

Amazfit Bip U review – legacy of the legendary Bip, only with IPS screen

Content Positioning TECH SPECS Contents of delivery Graphic Design Elements on the body Screen Working hours Operation speed and system Settings Impressions Positioning In order to understand the positioning, I propose to describe in a nutshell the series of devices... Read more

Wireless Digest

Since the appearance of the first adequately working TWS headphones on the market, my attitude towards them has been quite skeptical. At that time, I used overhead wireless “noise reduction devices” on an ongoing basis and, I confess, was very... Read more

ZEPP Z Review – “” do-do “on style”

Content TECH SPECS Contents of delivery Positioning Design, buttons, bracelet Display Working hours System and speed Notifications Impressions TECH SPECS Size 45.9 x 45.9 x 10.75mm, 22mm interchangeable straps The weight 50 grams including strap Battery 340mAh, magnetic wireless charging... Read more

Why do I choose Samsung, what is it about this brand and products?

I have an unassuming taste: the very best is enough for me.Oscar Wilde Hey. “Corrupt journalist” is the most neutral epithet that is hung on me from year to year. After all, no one in their right mind would choose... Read more

New smartphones: 6 main smartphones of the month

Content Current rating option Premium Middle- Economy Conclusion Current rating option Бестселлер – a model with outstanding performance (it could be the price, not just the technical characteristics). Models marked with the word “Bestseller” are worth paying close attention to.... Read more

# Echo110: how Apple became the market leader for the first time since 2016

Content Xiaomi Mi 65W Fast Charger GaN Tech Compact Charger Samsung Galaxy S21 sales Figures from Gartner Conclusion. About travel and reviews on the Internet Xiaomi Mi 65W Fast Charger GaN Tech Compact Charger As a working laptop, I collected... Read more

Spillikins # 630. Facebook vs. Australia, Company vs. State

Hey. More and more often we have to talk about the climate, about how it changes everyday life. Sudden cold weather in Texas led to catastrophic consequences, many people were left without light and heat, the prices of any goods... Read more

Saturday coffee №141

The week turned out to be interesting, but with a big bias towards the news of the auto industry. This week Yandex announced that its own security service had disclosed the fact of an internal information leak during a regular... Read more

Operators, news about the strange. Yes again

The Duma ordered to block the phones of prisoners in the colonies, oh! Suddenly. “Life cycle contracts”: strictly speaking, not a novelty, but have not yet been encountered in IT projects in Russia. Test laptop of Beeline employees: an almost... Read more

Logitech MX Master 3: mouse for programmers and designers + COMPETITION

Content Introduction What’s so great about the Logitech MX Master 3? Conclusion COMPETITION Introduction Making material about the Logitech MX Master 3 is a somewhat ungrateful task, since, firstly, it is one of the best-selling mice among professionals. Secondly, the... Read more

ONYX BOOX Viking e-book review

Content TECH SPECS Positioning Equipment Design, dimensions, controls Screen Software features, platform, speed of work Interfaces, sync, audio player Battery, running time Impressions TECH SPECS Screen 6 inches, E Ink Carta Plus, 1024 × 758 dots, touch, ASAHI glass, 16... Read more