Samsung will release an affordable 52G smartphone Galaxy F5

Internet sources report that Samsung is preparing to release a mysterious smartphone, which may enter the family of relatively inexpensive Galaxy F devices. The device appears under the designation SM-E5260. The novelty has already passed certification in the organization 3C... Read more

Microsoft Word for the web now has a document-to-PowerPoint presentation feature

It became known that users of the web version of the Microsoft Word text editor can now literally convert documents into a PowerPoint presentation in just a few mouse clicks. This feature was first announced last month and is now... Read more

Panasonic and McAfee promise to protect smart cars from hackers

Panasonic and McAfee have agreed to jointly develop tools to protect against hacker attacks on connected vehicles. To this end, the partners will create a specialized Security Operation Center (SOC) that will help eliminate the threat of an intruder entering... Read more

GLaDOS was added to Portal to prevent the game from being perceived as a training set

TechRadar spoke with Valve’s game designer and Half-Life: Alyx Development Lead Robin Walker. During the interview, the journalists managed to find out an interesting detail about Portal. It turns out that in the early stages of development, GLaDOS was not... Read more

Serious Sam 2 surprised with a major update 15 years after the release: new weapons, maps and more

The first-person shooter series Serious Sam, created by the Croteam team, turned 20 this week (Serious Sam: The First Encounter was released on March 21, 2001). On this occasion, the developers surprised fans with a major free update 2.90 for... Read more

Ikumi Nakamura explains leaving Tango Gameworks and announces the establishment of her own studio

Former creative director of GhostWire: Tokyo, Ikumi Nakamura, in a documentary on the YouTube channel Cutscenes, explained her departure from Tango Gameworks and outlined her plans. Recall that Nakamura gained widespread fame after introducing GhostWire: Tokyo from the stage of... Read more

Irish online store Samsung to start delivering purchases by drones

Samsung Electronics has entered into a partnership with drone company Manna, which will enable it to deliver goods in Ireland as quickly as possible. Initially, residents of Oranmore will be able to take advantage of this opportunity, who bought Samsung... Read more

Head of Japanese studio declares Monster Hunter Rise release day a day off for all of his employees

The head of the Japanese studio Mark-On, Masaki Hiyama, in his microblog announced March 26 this year as a day off for all employees of his company in connection with the release of Monster Hunter Rise. “Monster Hunter Rise (Capcom)... Read more

Lenovo will present a new generation gaming smartphone on April 8

Lenovo, following its competitors, is announcing a new generation of gaming smartphone: the published teaser suggests that the powerful device will debut on April 8. This is the Legion 2 Pro model with premium features. The developer declares the preparation... Read more

NASA has chosen the location of the flight zone for the Martian helicopter “Ingenuity”

NASA is now preparing for the first ever launch of a rotorcraft in the atmosphere of another planet and has already selected the location of the flight zone for the Martian helicopter Ingenuity. It is located near the landing site... Read more

LG vows to roll out commercial 6G network before decade ends

LG Electronics, together with a number of partners, conducts active research in the field of sixth generation (6G) mobile communications. Compared to 5G services, such networks will provide further increases in bandwidth and lower latency. LG is reported to be... Read more

Oclean will present the Oclean X Pro Elite smart toothbrush next week

The electric toothbrush market can currently be divided into two segments: traditional electric toothbrushes and smart ones. The popularity of smart brushes is growing every day, so they not only allow you to clean the oral cavity with high quality,... Read more

IBM will help Intel to master new technological processes

The IDM 2.0 strategy, which Intel’s new CEO Patrick Gelsinger announced at today’s event, implies a closer partnership with IBM on fundamental development. Mutual assistance should extend to technical processes and layout solutions. Actually, the Intel head during his speech... Read more

Toyota will continue to develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles – China will launch components for it

Toyota Motor has invested heavily in the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, but has not yet been able to justify the investment. In part, this will be facilitated by the production of profile components in China, which will be... Read more

Magic: Legends PC Cinematic Open Beta Trailer

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic have announced that the shareware multiplayer action RPG Magic: Legends has become available as part of an open beta for everyone on PC via Arc Games and the Epic Games Store. On this occasion, a... Read more

Buran developers will create a reusable orbital plane

The Molniya Research and Production Association (NPO) is implementing a project for a new civil aerospace complex with a reusable apparatus. The initiative, as reported by “RIA Novosti”, said the general director of the enterprise Olga Sokolova. NPO Molniya was... Read more

Rumors: detective action Judgment from the creators of Yakuza will receive a sequel

Portal The Tojo Dojo, citing an anonymous informant, said that the detective action Judgment from Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku developer studio will receive a sequel. It all started when Gematsu reporters drew attention to the registration of several trademarks... Read more

Outriders won’t face the same challenges on PS4 and Xbox One as Cyberpunk 2077

Outriders director Bartek Kmita and lead game designer Piotr Nowakowski in an interview with GamingBolt assured that the game will not face the same difficulties on PS4 and Xbox One as Cyberpunk 2077. Recall that at the launch of Cyberpunk... Read more

Nexon Confirms & Explains Final Fantasy XI Mobile Restart Cancellation

Portal Gematsu, citing Japanese edition, announced the cancellation of the mobile restart of the online role-playing game Final Fantasy XI, which Nexon and Square Enix worked on. The Korean edition of MTN reported back in December 2020 that Nexon... Read more

Introduced Eaton 3SG2 redundant UPS – protecting home and office equipment from overload and sudden shutdown

Eaton’s portfolio of new second generation Eaton 3S Uninterruptible Power Supplies (3SG2) is now available. The new items are made according to a backup topology (off-line UPS) and are designed to protect computers and other equipment from power outages and... Read more

Video: Features of the Four Starter Villainous Geniuses in Evil Genius 2: World Domination

British studio Rebellion has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for its villainous strategy Evil Genius 2: World Domination, coming to PC (Steam) in less than a week. The two-minute video is dedicated to the four villainous geniuses available at the... Read more

Aerocool CS-104 case allows you to create a compact office computer

Aerocool has unveiled the low-cost CS-104 case, designed for building desktop computers for everyday tasks. In this case, the system can be equipped with liquid cooling. The solution has dimensions of 199 × 353 × 340,6 mm. It is possible... Read more

Fully wireless Master & Dynamic MW08 headphones with active noise canceling

Master & Dynamic will begin selling the MW08 fully wireless submersible headphones on March 300th, with a premium model priced at approximately $ XNUMX. The in-ear modules for the left and right ear are endowed with high quality 11mm beryllium... Read more

Intel’s new management plans inspire investors, shares rose 6,6%

At the end of July, Intel’s stock price dropped significantly after the then head of the company admitted the need to more actively use the services of contract manufacturers. Only the appointment of Patrick Gelsinger as new CEO was able... Read more

Lenovo ThinkVision T24t monitor can be used in tablet mode

Lenovo has announced an interesting novelty: the ThinkVision T24t monitor, suitable for organizing distance learning or remote teamwork on certain projects. The panel is made on an IPS matrix with a diagonal of 23,8 inches and a resolution of 1920... Read more